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    UN MDIA INVITABLENouvel arriv UB Mdia largit son rseau daffichage intrieur

    UN MDIA INVITABLENouvel arriv UB Mdia largit son rseau daffichage intrieur


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    al l iedpropert iesre i t .com 2

    BLVD ST. LAURENT, MONTREAL / - Back in 2003, AlexandreRambaud was reading something online and manually entering information into his calendar when he realized there could be an easier way for users to save and share information from Web sites. What if instead of writing information on an easily lost Post-it note,users could just click on a button that would send information by SMS, or automatically save it to their calendar, or address book?Maybe even allow them to contact a business directly.

    Thats the thought that spawned Agendize, a simple click-to-action tool any advertiser can add to a Web site to turn traffic intoonline and offline conversations.

    Its a matter of conversion, explains Rambaud, a serial innovator who held senior positions in information technology for more than 20 years. Prior to founding Agendize in 2009, with ChristopheBerge, Cdric Peyruqueou and Freddy Mini, he was executive vicepresident for international operations at Mediapps, a leadingEuropean software and portal vendor in his native France.

    You can have millions of visitors on your web site but how doyou convert that visit into a transaction, he says, eyes lit withexcitement as he details the mechanism he believes will add new rel-evance to the web, which in some ways has taken a back seat to theexcitement surrounding social media.

    If you search online for somewhere to eat, for example, a restau-rants site may invite you to click to make a reservation, click to call(where users enter a phone number and a server calls the restaurantthat then connects them to your ringing phone) and even click toshare, allowing you to send information about the restaurant toyour Twitter or Facebook accounts.

    In an industry that is careful to track its numbers, Rambaud can see that two to 10 percent of visitors on a Web site using histechnology take an action.

    Web banners for example get two percent of users just moving amouse over them. Whereas we are getting people to actually clickon an action and push the interaction to another level, saysRambaud.

    Agendize now has over 20 click-to-action buttons to convertclicks into real actions. Its white-label, self-serve platform enablesonline advertisers, interactive agencies and publishers to customizeand deploy any click-to-action button by simply pasting a short line of code into any Web site, banner ad, video player, newsletter,email, social or business profile page. And Agendizes platform provides fully detailed reporting on all actions taken.

    Since its 2009 start, with Rambaud setting up shop on Blvd St.Laurent in the Balfour building where his studio space accommodatesnine people, the Agendize platform has provided click-to-action buttons to 2 million businesses in 25 countries.

    Agendize permet une nouvelle fonctionnalit aux sites WebEn 2003, alors quil entrait manuellement dans son calendrierdes informations tout juste lues sur Internet, AlexandreRambaud ralisa lattrait que pourrait avoir un systme qui faciliterait la sauvegarde ou le partage dinformationsglanes sur Internet. Et si, au lieu dcrire sur un Post-Itquon risque de perdre, on pouvait simplement appuyer surun bouton pour envoyer des informations par SMS ou lessauvegarder automatiquement dans son calendrier ou soncarnet dadresses? Ou mme contacter une entreprisedirectement?

    Cest lide qui a fait natre Agendize, un simple outil quetout annonceur peut ajouter un site Web pour que tousceux qui se rendent sur le site puissent directement excuterles tches qui les intressent tels appel tlphonique,rendez-vous ou transfert de donnes au dossier personnel.

    Cest simplement de la conversion, explique AlexandreRambaud, un innovateur-n qui a occup diffrents postes responsabilit dans le secteur des technologies de linformation pendant plus de 20 ans.

    Vous pouvez recevoir des millions de visites sur votre site mais comment les convertir en transaction? demande-t-il.

    Si vous cherchez un restaurant sur Internet par exemple,le site du restaurant peut vous inviter cliquer pour faire unerservation, pour envoyer des informations sur le restaurant vos comptes Twitter ou Facebook, ou mme pour passer un appel tlphonique : vous entrez un numro de tlphone,un serveur appelle le restaurant qui ensuite se connectedirectement votre tlphone puis dclenche la sonnerie.

    CONVERTING WEB TRAFFIC INTO ACTION Montreals Agendize adds functionality to web sites with click-to-action buttonsthat make calls, appointments for consumers to connect directly with companies.

  • BLVD ST. LAURENT, MONTREAL / - Every organizationseeks to understand and meet the needs of its customers.And marketing, explains Domenico Farinaccio, is the science of finding what a client needs and then satisfying the shortfall between need and fulfillment.

    Sounds simple enough, but doing it on budget, on time and in scope is the hard part, and thats the shortfallFarinaccio and his long-time friend and business partnerBenot Stephenson sought to address when they formedClearGoals in 2007.

    Specializing in the implementation of interactive, on-demand and integrated marketing management solutions, the firm essentially applies marketing science to its clients projects.

    On the interactive marketing management side, for example, it helps organizations collect and leverage customerinformation (e.g., what the customer has purchased and whatare their preferences) so that they can better understand theircustomers and determine the best offer through the variousmarketing channels whether its direct mail, SMS, email or a phone call.

    From a consulting perspective, ClearGoals also assistsmarketing organizations in the management and implemen-tation of enterprise marketing management infrastructure,as well as interactive marketing solutions.

    DELIVERY-FOCUSED EXPERTISE Usingleading products from the Unica/IBMEnterprise Suite, as well as MarketingDatamarts, ClearGoals maintains a delivery-focused approach combined with expertise these two principals haveacquired from their 15-year history ofworking in IT consulting.

    The firm found its start whenStephenson moved to San Francisco in1999 and eventually joined Unica, aworldwide leader in marketing software. In 2007, Farinaccio and Stephensonformed ClearGoals, which is now a partnerof Unica, and have offices Montreal andSan Francisco.

    The marketing software developsanswers to specific marketing needs such as campaign management. From workingat the planning process and finding the right people, to tracking that processand seeing if sales increased due to themarketing implementation, this is a verytargeted process.

    And while generally companies will purchase this softwarefrom Unica, if they want a custom implementation, they turnto ClearGoals, which specializes in being able to properlyidentify customer needs, and implement and control projectsfrom start to finish.

    INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS Despite the distances betweenoffices in Montreal and San Francisco, Farinaccio andStephenson are confident working across time zones andwith companies in different parts of the world. Amongsome of the organizations they have helped, youll findSouthwest Airlines, Bell Canada, El Salvadors TACAAirlines and AXA Insurance Canada. With only a couple of organizations in Canada committed to doing the samesort of work, there is room for growth nationally, butClearGoals has its sights set much more broadly.

    If there is one piece of advice Farinaccio and Stephensoncould offer in terms of marketing it would be to focus on the end goal. Theyve found that companies tend to get caught up in the technical aspects too early. Theyshould just focus on what it is exactly that they want toaccomplish, says Farinaccio with a smile, and then letClearGoals worry about the technical details.

    APPLIED MARKETINGThe specialized world of interactive marketing management is where theory meets practice. And where you need to keep sight of CLEARGOALS.By Micayla Jacobs

    Domenico Farinaccio uses videoconferencing in his Montreal office to stay in frequentcommunication with his business partner Benot Stephenson in San Francisco.


    3 WINTER 2011

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    BLVD ST. LAURENT, MONTREAL / - Every year,Quebecois donate about four billion dollars to charity and it is Daniel Asselins job to figure out where it all goes. No, he has nothing to do with Revenue Canada, rather, the energetic 52-year-old is part of a small cadre of consultanciesspecializing in the business of fundraising.

    His company, Episode, is one of three such enterprises in Quebec and functions much like a communications or lobbying firm, working for large fundraisers such as universitiesand hospitals to create connections with corporations, foundations, government agencies, small businesses and even individual donors.

    Its solid reputation as a key fundraising partner is based on itsability to gather information and understand the marketplace,says Asselin, whose degree in physical education led him fromcommunity work with the YMCA to becoming the ArthritisSocietys chief fundraiser in Quebec before he opened his firm.