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give helps in doinf apa and mla project or presentations.

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CITATION STYLESAPA & MLABook with three authors and edition. (Malay Authors)

Author(s): Nik Safiah Karim, Hashim Hj. Musa, Abdul Hamid MahmoodTitle of book: Tatabahasa DewanPlace of publication: Kuala Lumpur Publisher: Dewan Bahasa Dan PustakaDate: 1993APANik Safiah Karim, Hashim Musa, & Abdul Hamid Mahmood. (1993). Tatabahasa Dewan. Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka

MLANik Safiah Karim, Hashim Musa, and Abdul Hamid Mahmood. Tatabahasa Dewan. Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, 1993. Print. Book with five authors and edition(Chinese Authors)

Author(s): Xu Jialu, Chen Fu, Wang Ruojiang, Zhu Roigong, Lou YiTitle of book: Chinese for The Global CommunityPlace of Publication: Beijing Normal UniversityPublisher: Lai DeshengDate: 2008APA Xu Jialu.,Chen Fu.,Wang Ruojiang.,Zhu Roigong.,Lou Yi

MLABook with seven authors and edition (English Authors)Author(s):Title of book:Place of publication:Publisher:Date:APA

MLAE-bookAuthor(s): Latip TalibTitle of book: Napolean BonapartePlace of publication: Kuala LumpurPublisher: PTS PublicationsYear(date): 2014Date of retrieval: 18 January 2015Retrieved from: Talib. (2014). Napolean Bonaparte. KL: PTS Publications. Retrieved from

MLALatip Talib. Napolean Bonaparte. KL: PTS Publications, 2014. Web. 18 Jan 2015Chapters in book

Author: Kevin DurkinTitle of book: Introduction to Social PsychologyTitle of chapter: Development Social PsychologyEditor(s): Wolfgang Stroebe, Miles HewstonePage(s): 47-72Place of publication: New JerseyPublisher: Blackwell Publishing

APADurkin, K. (1994). Development Social Psychology. In Stroebe, W. & Hewstone, M. (Eds.), Introduction to Social Psychology (pp. 47-72). New Jersey: Blackwell Publishing.

MLADurkin, Kevin. Development Social Psychology. Introduction to Social Psychology. Ed Stroebe, Wolfgang and Miles Hewstone. New Jersey: Blackwell Publishing. 1994. 47-72. Print.Article from a newspaper with an Indian author

Author: K.RajanTitle of article: Cheer for defenderTitle of periodical: The SunDate: 19 November 2014Pages: 53APA


Article from a newspaper without an authorAuthor(s): -Title of article:Title of periodical:Date:Pages:


MLAArticle from a periodical magazine

Author: Michael RoneyTitle of article: Innovation to reduce traffic accidents worldwideTitle of periodical: Forbes AsiaDate: December. 2014Pages: 58-59

APARoney, M. (2015, Dec). Innovation to reduce traffic accidents worldwide. Forbes Asia, 58-59

MLARoney Michael. Innovation To Reduce Traffic Accidents Worldwide. Forbes Asia Dec. 2015: 58-59. PrintArticle from the journal with volume and issue numberAuthor(s): Khudzir Ismail, Ahmad FarisTitle of article: The effect of peroxyacetic acid treatment at elevated temperature onto the Indonesian Coal MistructureTitle of periodical: Science LettersVolume: Volume 1Date: January 2004Pages: 1-2APA

MLANewspaper (online)Author(s): Shahanaaz HabibTitle of article: GST: Some items to be cheaperTitle of periodical: The StarYear: January 18, 2015Date of retrieval: 19 January 2014 Retrieved from: Habib. (2015, January 18). GST: Some items to be cheaper. The Star. Retrieved from URL

MLAShahanaaz Habib. GST: Some items to be cheaper. The Star 18 January 2015. Web. 19 January 2015Magazine (online)Author(s): Elizabeth NarinsTitle of article: The Surprising Benefit to Working With Mostly WomenTitle of periodical: CosmopolitanVolume: January 2015Year: January 16, 2015Date of retrieval: 18 January 2015Page(s): 25-27Retrieved from:, E. (2015, January 16). The surprising benefit to working with mostly women. Cosmopolitan, 25-27. Retrieved from URL

MLANarins, Elizabeth. The Surprising Benefit To Working With Mostly Women. Cosmopolitan 16 Jan. 2015: 25-27. Web. 18 Jan 2015Journal (online)Author(s): Annette CapelTitle of article: Completing the English Vocabulary ProfileTitle of periodical: English Profile JournalVolume: Volume 3Year: 2012Date of retrieval: 19 January 2015Pages(s): 12-16Retrieved from: APACapel, A. (2012). Completing the english vocabulary profile. English Profile Journal, 3(4), 12-16. Retrieved from URL.

MLACapel Annette. Completing The English Of Listening. English Profile Journal, 3:4 (2012): 12-16. Web. 19 January 2015