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    Weather ForecastNewsEntertainmentCommercialEvery coin has two sideswe benefit a lot from these programmesTelevision has both advantages (good points)and ___advantages (weak points)dis

  • Unit 13 TelevisionTelevision: good or bad?

  • Para. 1important dvantages advantagesSupportive sentences:1.First,2.3.Besides,

    Supportive sentences:1.On the other hand2.Another3.

    plays an ________ part in our life


  • cheapthe outside worldold peoplethe patientstakes uppoorchildrencontrolled

    Advantages of TVDisadvantages of TV First, TV is a _____ way of entertainment On the other hand, TV ________ too much of our time. TV also helps us to ` know more of ______________ Another disadvantage is that TV causes ______ concentration ,especially for ________.Besides, TV can especially benefit __________ and __________. TV has __________ our lives.

  • disadvantage a. entertainment b.() play a part in c. concentrate d. benefit e. activity f.

    Lets look at some useful words and expressions in the text. Can you match them ?[.ent'teinmnt]['knsentreit] [k'tiviti ] ['benifit]

  • Post-reading & Extending(1) Suppose you are a programme host(), you want to encourage people to watch TV, can you add some more supportive sentences ? Do you need a cheap way of entertainment ? To watch TV! Do you want to know more of the outside world? To watch TV! knowledgedaily newsmindsrelax Do you want to To watch TV! Do you want to To watch TV!

  • Every student picks two key words below and discuss advantages & disadvantages of the computer in groups. Share your opinions with your group members. Leaders in each group combine them into a passagelatest news deal with data()entertainment eyeswaste() be crazy about () Post-reading & Extending(2)

  • Homework Write and read :Suppose you are a teacher, you dont want Ss to watch TV too much. please add some more supportive sentences into the poem and read it to your class. Dont watch TV too much It takes up too much of our time! Dont watch TV too much It will cause poor concentration


  • Many people like television because it has many advantages. Firstly, television is a cheap way of ____________. Secondly, some good ___________ can help us to know more of the outside world. In addition, television _______ very old people as well as ________ in hospitals. Television has both advantages and ___________.disadvantageentertainmentprogrammesbenefitspatients

  • On the other hand, there are some disadvan-tages to television. First of all, television takes up too much of our time. We have no time for ______ and other ________. Another disadvantage is that it seems to cause poor ____________ Now, TV has almost __________ our lives.controlledhobbiesactivitiesconcentration