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  • 5 Travel magazine April 2016






    Summer Vacation Destination The best time to enjoy a perfect

    getaway is of course during the

    summer! Most of the travellers prefer

    to enjoy their summer in a warm and

    cosy vacation destination. For this

    issue, I will be suggesting the warm

    and cosy destination for summer

    vacation of my choice. Introducing the

    summer getaway destination of my

    choice, Bora Bora Island.

    Bora Bora Island is a major

    international tourist destination and it

    is famous for its aqua-centric luxury

    resorts. Produce of the island is

    mostly limited to what can be

    obtained from the sea and the

    plentiful coconut trees, which were

    historically of economic importance for

    copra. According to a 2008 census,

    Bora Bora has a permanent population

    of 8,880.

    In the ancient times, the name Bora

    Bora originates from the phrase Pora

    pora mai te pora which means

    created by the Gods in the local

    Tahitian dialect.

    By Nor Rahshanna Muhd. Shan, April 2016

    The economy of the island is merely based

    on the tourism attraction of the island.

    Over the years, several high classed resort

    were built on the island to accommodate

    the requirements of the visitors to that


    Today, Bora Bora Island has become

    one of the famous aqua-centric getaway

    destination among travellers.


  • If you crave for some adventures in Bora Bora Island, here is the list of the top

    three activities and attractions that you can do there.

    Bora Bora Glass Bottom Tour

    You can enjoy Bora Bora`s underwater world

    without getting wet. While aboard a comfortable,

    covered boat, youll cruise over the colourful coral and see numerous of beautiful tropical fish

    through the glass-bottom floor. Your guide will

    share the history and legends of Bora Bora`s famous lagoon during your cruise.

    Full Day Lagoon Cruise & Motu Tahitian Barbecue

    Youll get a chance to snorkel in the beautiful

    coral gardens, watch the graceful stingrays in

    their natural environment, and get up close and

    personal with black tipped reef sharks. This

    excursion includes a stop at motu Tapu for a

    traditional style of Tahitian barbecue.

    Bora Bora Parasailing and Kitesurfing

    Enjoy an exhilarating view of Bora Bora from

    your colourful parachute as you parasail over

    blue waters near Matira Beach. Watch for turtles,

    sharks and stingrays below, or gaze out toward

    Mount Otemanu. Another interesting way to

    enjoy the view is by kite sailing.

    For the perfect getaway at Bora Bora Island, you definitely will need to get your

    hands on these adventurous activities. In order to experience the warm and

    cosiness of Bora Bora Island, you can go online and look out for the best deal you

    can get for the perfect getaway at Bora Bora Island.

    6 Travel magazine April 2016

  • Winter Vacation Destination

    For those who craves to enjoy the flaky white

    snow and experience the chills of winter,

    heres the place that I suggest for you.

    Switzerland is a landlocked country in the

    central Europe. It has boarders with France

    to the west and Italy to the south. Also, it

    has boarders with Austria to the east and

    Germany to the north. The climate in

    Switzerland is temperate, but can varies with

    the attitude. Switzerland has cold, cloudy,

    snowy winters, humid summers with

    occasional rain.

    Switzerland is best known for the existence

    of its mountains. It has Alps in the south and

    Jura in the northwest.

    Switzerland is famous for its ski resort during the

    winter season. Over the year, the ski resorts in

    Switzerland had become a must-visit getaway

    destination for professional skiers.

    The flaky white snow on the mountains in

    Switzerland are perfect for those who loved to

    ski during winter. The terrains and slopes are

    suitable for either amateur or professional skiers.

    7 Travel magazine April 2016

  • Today, the ski resorts in Switzerland are increasing in numbers to attract more

    visitors to enjoy the pleasant view and experience the excitement of skiing. These

    resorts are also amongst Switzerlands busiest, and most expensive, a fact

    compounded by the Swiss National Bank, making a holiday to Switzerland a high

    class endeavour. But while no Swiss ski resort could exactly be considered a

    bargain, there are dozens of fantastic resorts that tick enough other boxes to

    make the country an attractive option for a ski holiday.

    Heres the list of the top three greatest choice of ski resort for those planning

    to experience skiing during this coming winter season.


    Better known as the Swiss Army training base, Andermatt

    is one of Switzerlands prettiest ski towns. Its also one of

    Europes great untapped freeriding resorts. While

    intermediates will enjoy the pits connecting Andermatt

    with Sedrun, experts would be wise take the gondola to

    the peak of the foreboding Gemsstock. With limited

    pistes, this mountain is a powder hunters dream. It is

    advised to hire a guide to take you on the backcountry

    route to the nearby village of Hospental.


    The resorts of Arosa and Lenzerheide do not offer enough

    terrain to keep an advanced skier interested for more

    than a couple of days. But the linking of the two resorts

    in late 2013 changed all that. Now, the gentler well-

    groomed slopes, swift lift systems and accessible off-piste

    of Arosa are just a gondola ride away from the steeper

    sections, magnificent views and mountain dining of

    Lenzerheide. The sledge is quite big in these parts, with

    several fun slopes in both resorts. Both resorts also

    provide half-pipes, and some lovely, tree-lined ski-outs.


    Laax and the interconnected resorts of Flims and Falera are a

    Switzerland-bound snowboarder's dream. Key to the areas appeal are its four snow parks high up on the somewhat awkwardly-named

    Crap Sogn Gion, which in total offers more than 90 kickers, boxes

    and other obstacles. The facilities act as a magnet for international

    pros, with many dropping by for the Burton European Open held

    here each season. The resort area also offers vast off-piste areas,

    some decent tree riding, and of course skiing! With lots of fast

    gondolas to whisk you to the peaks quickly, it is a great place for a school for beginner skiers.

    8 Travel magazine April 2016

  • What to wear when you go for an island vacation?

    If you planning on going to tropical, warm weather island the key to what should you wear is the

    comfort. When choosing your clothing for the island vacation, we recommend cotton-based, loose-

    fitting, breathable and moisture-wicking clothes as they will feel best against your skin. Choose cloth

    that a high polyester and nylon content at home as they will tend to feel hot and scratchy on your skin in

    the heat and humidity.

    From patterned swimwear to pretty sundresses, this stylish beach gear will have you looking your best

    during your coastal getaway.

    If youll be lounging by a hotel pool, we recommend wearing a cover-up over your swimsuit as you walk

    to and from the pool. Most resorts request that you wear swimsuit cover-ups in restaurants, lobbies and

    other common areas that are not immediately around the pool.

    10 Travel magazine April 2016

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are also daytime essentials to wear on island.

    When going to the beach, youd definitely want some shade, so dont forget to bring your beach hat.

    When it comes to beach hats, I usually prefer the big, plain, simple, woven ones. When picking a hat to

    bring to the beach, make sure pick the ones that you can afford to get wet because most probably, itll be blown by the sea breeze and most likely touch the ocean water.

    Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses. The best sunglasses individuals with rectangular or long faces

    are the ones that have large, square frames. For heart-shaped faces, go for cat-eyed frames of aviators

    with rounded upper corners.

    The dress code at most island restaurants is called resort wear. What does resort wear mean?

    For ladies, that means casual skirts, dresses and slacks as well as Capri pants and nice (dressier) shorts along with a casual blouse.

    11 Travel magazine April 2016

  • When going to the beach, youd definitely want some shade, so dont forget to bring your beach hat.

    When it comes to beach hats, I usually prefer the big, plain, simple, woven ones. When picking a hat to

    bring to the beach, make sure pick the ones that you can afford to get wet because most probably, itll be blown by the sea breeze and most likely touch the ocean water.

    For a sunset sail, we highly recommend that you dont wear a dress or skirt due to the extra breezy

    conditions on the water. Instead, we recommend something like Bermuda shorts or Capri pants, a short -sleeved shirt and a light sweater.

    While showing off all of your best accessories is tempting, try to simplify what you bring. One medium -