Corrosion Resistance ( 내식성 )

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Corrosion Resistance ( 내식성 ). 2010012243 Hwang Chang Seok 2011011460 Kim Sang Hyun 2011011473 Park Young Ju. What is corrosion resistance?. CORROSION?. FORM OF CORROSION. Uniform of general Corrosion. Crevice Corrosion. Stress Corrosion. Galvanic Corrosion. Erosion Corrosion. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Corrosion Resistance()2010012243 Hwang Chang Seok2011011460 Kim Sang Hyun2011011473 Park Young Ju

What is corrosion resistance?CORROSION?

2FORM OF CORROSIONCorrosionUniform of general CorrosionGalvanic CorrosionErosion CorrosionCrevice CorrosionStress CorrosionIntergranular CorrosionPitting CorrosionEnvironment Corrosion


How to prevent corrosion (1/2) To block water and oxygen : Paint, Oil, Enamel : Passive metal film (ex. FeO, AlO)

Plating : Other metals coated on a metal surface (ex. Fe+Sn, Fe+Zn)Fe + SnFe + ZnReactivityFe > SnFe < ZnSurface scratchCorrosion FeProtect Fe(Corrosion Zn)Process

4How to prevent corrosion (2/2) Cathodic protection -Use reactivity of metal : By connecting the greater reactivity metals, a structure made of metal to prevent corrosion

Alloy -Some metal alloy have corrosion resistance. (ex. Cu,Al,Mg Alloy)

5FOR EXAMPLEBronze [Cu+Sn+Ni] (Adornment)

Stainless steel [St+Cr+Ni] (Building Supplies, Automotive)

Duralumin [Al+Cu+Mg] (Airplane)

Titanium alloys (Airplane)

Nickel and Chromium alloys

6ETCPlatinum and Gold - Stability

Plastic - Strong chemical bonding - intentionally weakened (ex : Bbtan)

Ceramic - Metal + non-metal compounds - Strong corrosion resistance At normal temperature

7Thank you.