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Layer 2 Switching and Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)


Switch VLANs interswitch

- Switch



- Switch Switch Cisco

- Switch

- Switch ( : ping, traceroute, telnet, SSH, arp, ipconfig), SHOW&DEBUG

-, Switch Switch

cisco switch layer 2 switch Switch Layer 2 lan network Layer 2 Switch

Switch Collision domains Collision domains 2 bandwidth Hub Switch Collision domains Ethernet LAN Switch HubSwitch Switch internetwork Switch

Routing protocols ( RIP , 6, IP Routing) Network layer Switch Routing protocols Data Link Layer Spanning Tree Protocol Switch Layer 2 protocol Switch

Switch Switch 9 Virtual LANs (VLANs)

Switching Layer 2

Switch Switch LAN LAN Switching 8.1

8.1 LAN mainframe

8.1 router hubs mainframe mainframe (IBM,Honeywell,Sperry,DEC,etc.) mainframe

PC mainframe Token Ring LAN Severs Severs OS/2 LAN pre-NT Router PC mainframe PC mainframe LAN PC

Novell 1980 1990s, OS/2 Severs Severs NetWare Severs Novell 3x client/server software

8.1 LAN mainframe Pc

? Router Cisco Router LANs FastEthernet

Switch Layer2 Switch Switch 100 LAN Switch 8.2

Hub Switch Hub Switch Switch

8.3 Switch

Router Router logical logical VLANs 9 Star


Switch (ASICs) Switch Layer2

Layer2 Switch Router Layer

Switch bandwidth hub 8.4 5 Switch 10Mbps Server Hub Host 10 Mbps Server

Switch Layer 2 encapsulation Switch Router

Switch Layer 2 Router

Switch Layer 2 bandwidth Switch

Switch Layer2

Switch Layer2

Layer2 2


Switch Layer2

Spanning Tree Switch Layer 2 Router ( Layer 3) internetwork

Bridging LAN Switching

Switch Layer 2

Bridge Switch ASIC

Switch Bridge

Spanning Tree bridge Switch ( Spanning Tree )

Switch bridge

Bridge Switch broadcasts Layer2

Bridge Switch MAC addresses

Bridge Switch Layer2

Switch Layer2

Switch Layer2():

Switch Layer2 bridge Mac // Switch Mac Switch Spanning Tree (STP)

Switch Mac 8.5

Mac Switch

Switch Mac address Switch Mac address Switch 2 Switch Layer2 Hub Hub 8.6 Mac

Switch Switch Mac address 8.5 Switch


1. A B A Mac address 0000.8c01.000A ; B Mac address 0000.8c01.000B

2. Switch E0/0 Mac address

3. Mac address Mac

4. B A Switch E0/1 Mac

5. A B c D

A B Switch Switch


Switch / Mac Switch bandwidth

Mac Mac

Server Broadcast Lan Switch Switch

8.7 A D Switch A

A Mac address Switch Mac address D D Mac address Switch Fa0/3

Mac address table

Switch Mac address :Mac : 0005.dccb.d74b

Mac :000a.f467.9e8c

Switch ? : Mac address Mac address Fa0/3 Mac address Switch Mac address Switch

Switch Hub Switch MAC address Mac address

Switch 4 Switch Mac address Mac-address Mac address Switch


Switch 1 Mac address Switch

Mac address

Mac address 1 Mac address

Mac address ? Pc/ VLANs

Loop Avoidance


Switch broadcast internetwork broadcast 8.8 broadcast internetwork 8.9 Server Unicast Router C Unicast Switch A Switch B broadcast Router C Unicast 2

1 : MAC address Switch Switch MAC MAC


Spanning Tree

Spanning Tree Protocol(STP)

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Compaq DEC Spanning Tree Protocol STP IEEE 802.1D Switch Cisco IEEE 802.1D STP DEC Cisco Switch 802.1w STP STP

STP Layer2 STP Spanning Tree (STA) Topology STP STP-picked

Spanning Tree Protocol

8.10 Switch Switch Layer 2 : Broadcast

Spanning Tree Term

STP Layer2 Switch :

Root bridge root bridge ID STP Switch root bridge root bridge

BPDU Switch root switch Switch Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU)

Bridge ID bridge ID STP Switch bridge MAC address bridge ID

Nonroot bridge bridge root bridge BPDU STP Switch

Port cost Port cost Switch 2 root port bandwidth

Root port Root port root bridge root bridge 1 root bridge bandwidth lowest port root port

Designated port Designated port

NonDesignated port NonDesignated port NonDesignated port

Forwarding port

Blocked port Blocked port

Spanning Tree Operation

STP root bridge STP Switch root bridge bridge root port Switch designated port bandwidth root bridge root

root Switch root root root port designated port nonroot nondesignated port Switch

root bridge root bridge

Selecting the Root Bridge

Bridge ID root bridge STP root port STP ID 8 bytes MAC address IEEE STP version 32,768

root bridge bridge MAC address Switch bridge MAC address 1 ID : Switch A B 32768 MAC address Switch A MAC address 0000.0c00.1111 Switch B MAC address 0000.0c00.2222 Switch A root bridge 1 Root bridge

BPDU 2 bridge/switch bridge bridge ID root bridge switch

8.11 Switch Switch switch root nonroot bridge root bridge switch

8.11 switch A root bridge 1 bridge ID Switch B 1 Switch A switch B BPDUs

STP switch B bandwidth bandwidth Switch A Switch B 100 Mbps STP 12 11 12

root bridge Switch root bridge STP

Switch B root Switch B spanning tree:

2 : Switch B IEEE 801.d root bridge switch Switch B Switch B root bridge 1 bridge ID spanning tree Switch B VLAN 1 VLAN0001 root bridge Switch B MAC address

Switch B 32,768 b Switch 32769 VLAN ID 32769 VLAN 1 VLAN2 32770

Switch root STP Switch B switch :

0 61440 0 switch root bridge bridge 4096 switch root bridge VLAN VLAN 0 switch 0

Switch B VLAN 1 4096 Switch root

Spanning Tree Port State

bridge Switch STP 5

Blocking BPDUs Switch

Listening BPDUs Mac address

Learning Switch BPDUs Switch MAC address 15 Spanning Tree

Forwarding bridge root

Disable STP

Switch 1 root bridge Switch

switch root bridge BPDUs

root port BPDUs


bridge switch : STP Switch STP

8.12 Switch STP

50 STP Timers Switch 8.12 switch STP root STP

Spanning-Tree topology Switch 50 Server Spanning Tree PortFast

Spanning Tree PortFast

server Switch Switch STP portfast 50 STP

Switch VLAN portfast Switch STP portfast

Portfast F0/1 Switch

12 Switch portfast portfast portfast

Spanning Tree Uplink Fast

Cisco STP portfast Switch Switch / root port Cisco Switch Layer

Switch root bridge 2 STP 50 802.1d STP Layer Switch Access Layer Switch / root Switch Cisco

Spanning Tree BackboneFast

Switch Cisco-proprietary STP BackboneFast Switch BackboneFast BPDU Bridge Root BPDU switch root bridge designated bridge

Switch Layer Switch 1 BackboneFast Switch BackboneFast Spanning Tree 20 50 STP

Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)802.1w

STP Switch Switch Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (SDTP)

Cisco PortFast UplinkFast BackboneFast IEEE 802.1d Cisco 802.1w (RSTP) RSTP Switch 802.1w protocol 802.1w



Cisco EtherChannel IEEE Cisco Protocol (LACP) STP

Configuring Catalyst Switches

Switch 10 Mbps 10Gbps Switch Switch

Cisco Catalyst Switch (CLI) VLANs Inter-Switch (ISL) 802.1q routing Ciscos Virtual Trunk Protocol (VTP)

IP address Subnet mask

IP default gateway

BPDUGuard BPDUFilter





STP root Switch

CAN Switch

Catalyst Switch Configuration

Router 6 7 Switch 9 Virtual LANs 8.13 Switch

Switch 3560, 2960 3550 router 9

Catalyst Switch Bootup Switch Router 4 8.14 Cisco Catalyst Switch

Catalyst Switch Switch Switch 3560 LED : Switch Power over Ethernet(POE) POE Switch Switch Ethernet

Switch HTTP 8.15 Switch HTTP Switch Subnet

CLI IP address mask Default gateway Switch VLAN HTTP

switch 8.13 crossover switch 2960 3560 2950 3550 switch

port spanning-tree 50 switch port port LED host NIC


switch IP address switch IP

IP address port IP