Creating a Green Agenda for your notes Elaine ??VP Marketing IBM Enterprise ... measuring and verifying requires your holistic approach. ... Creating a Green Agenda for your notes_Elaine

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  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 1

    Elaine LennoxVP Marketing

    IBM Enterprise Systems


    Stop Talking Green. Start Doing Green. 2008 IBM

  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 2

    Energy demand doubling, Information Technology (IT) unable to keep pace

    While IT only accounts for 2% of anthropogenic CO2 emissions, the impact is huge

    For every 100 units of energy production, on average, only 3 unitsused for productive computing

    99% of installed base of volume servers is inefficient today

    e-waste cannot be ignored 1 billioncomputers potential scrap by 2010

    Energy Demands Have Business at a Tipping Point

  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 3

    IBM to reallocate $1 billion a yearTo guarantee the research and development funding for IT energy efficiency technology. Create an 850 member worldwide IBM Green Team of energy efficiency specialists.Convert our facilities to Green Data Centers using IBM energy efficient technologies and services.Use virtualization as the technology accelerator for our Green Data Centers.

    Re-affirmed IBMs long standing commitment to environmental responsibility

    1. IBM energy conservation actions from 1990 2005 reduced or avoided CO2 emissions by an amount equal to 40% of its 1990 emissions while saving $250 million. Achieve a 12% reduction between 2005-2012.

    2. IBM will double the compute capacity of our Green Data Centers by 2010 without increasing power consumption, thus avoiding 5 billion kilowatt hours per year and CO2 emissions equivalent to taking 1M cars off the road.

    IBM Project Big GreenIBM Project Big Green

    IBM Project Big Green CommitmentsMay 10, 2007

  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 4

    More than 2,000 client projects

    1,000 IBMers trained and deployed

    Green specialization program for IBM Business Partners

    New! IBM Virtual Green Data Center

    Over 1.5 billion lbs. of IT equipment recycled since 1996

    Over 35,000 in green-community-of-interest

    New Enterprise Data Center strategy is green by design

    Progress Toward Our Goals

  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 5

    Seeking and winning awards

    Improved our rankings

    Transparent and verified results

    Enhanced IBM brand awareness

    1990-2007, avoided energy-use-CO2emissions equivalent to 45% of IBMs 1990 energy use, average saving of $18.2 million per year in utility costs.

    $97 million saved last year in travel costs from use of Web conferencing

    IBM Strategic Data Centers benefits realized since May 10,2007

    New 72,000 square foot data center designed to achieve 71% efficiency rating

    18,500 virtualized images deployed as part of 3900-to-40 consolidation

    Achieved operational savings as high as 70% Annual energy usage reduced by as much

    as 80% Reduced floor space at one location by 85%

    Dont Just Talk About it, Do it

  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 6

    Source: Data from subset of IBM engagements with over 2000 clients where savings have been quantified.

    Average achievable energy savings greater than 40%

    Data Center Energy Efficiency assessment shows average pay back < 2 years

    Average utilization rates increased 2X to 4X

    $1 energy savings drives another $6-8 operational savings on average

    Achieved data compression rates of 83%

    12 MMT assessments drove potential 13 million kWH annual savings

    Customer Results

  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 7

    Start by Finding Your Inefficiencies

    IT Resources





    20%20%In useIn use

    Data Center

    55%55%Power/ Power/ CoolingCooling



    Data Center Energy Efficiency AssessmentData Center Thermal Analysis (New! Mobile Measurement Tool)

    IT Power/Cooling Trends and Data Center Best Practice evaluation Data Center IT Health Audit

    Server Consolidation Efficiency StudyServer & Storage Optimization Services VMware virtualization services

  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 8

    IBMs Holistic Approach


    BuildDiagnose Compute Resources


    Green Agenda

    Measure and Manage

    Workloads People

  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 9

    Trusted Advisor for Building Green Data Center

    IBM Global Site and Facilities Services World-class Green Data Center planning,

    design, and construction services Assisted in the designed and building over

    30 million square feet of raised floor

    Expertise to improve efficiency of: Air flow management Transformer and uninterruptible power

    advances Efficient chillers, fans and pumps In aisle cooling Direct liquid cooling More

    New! Family of open, pre-architected, standardized data center designs. Featuring leading vendors.

    Scalable Modular

    Enterprise Modular

    High Density Zone

    Portable Modular

    100s, 1,000s, 10,000s of sq. ft.

    and beyond

  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 10

    IBM System z10 EC

    Up to 93% savings in energy costs and 46% less

    space than Sun X2100 Single Core servers

    IBM POWER Systems

    IBM Power 550 uses 91% less

    energy and 98% less space than a 64-core HP 9000


    IBM BladeCenter

    Uses up to 24% less energy than HP BladeSystem


    IBM System Storage

    New! TS7530 Tape and SAN Volume Controller and virtual disk. Can cut cost 10X

    Cuts energy costs 40% compared to

    equivalent compute power in an enterprise rack

    IBM iDataPlexIBM System x3950

    64-core scalability, now

    for x86 large scale


    Compute Resource Innovations

  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 11

    Environmentally Responsible Disposal

    IBM is largest recycler of IT equipment

    1 billion computers will potentially be scrapped between now and 201055% of US-based companies do not have an IT disposal strategy

    IDC, Gartner and the National Safety Council

    Approximately 40,000 units per week

    Less than 1% to the landfill, no hazardous materials

    Over 1.5B pounds processed since 1996

    Re-using parts, and/or re-selling more than 40,000 machines a week in its centers round the world

  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 12

    Establishing Your Green Agenda

    Setting, achieving, measuring and verifying requires your holistic approach.

    Infrastructure service management

    Workload PeopleFacilitiesSystems and data center equipment

  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 13

    Things to Consider About Your Green Agenda


    Show Show leadership in leadership in your industryyour industryImprove your Improve your public imagepublic image

    IBM Example



    Set Set substantivesubstantivegoalsgoalsDocument integrated Document integrated results across businessresults across business


    Ensure Ensure transparency transparency and verificationand verificationDeclaration alone Declaration alone is not acceptableis not acceptable


    45% saved 1990 to 200745% saved 1990 to 2007

    2005 to 2012 Goal Achieve 12% reduction in CO2

  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 14

    Intelligent Utility Networks efficient energy transmission & distribution networksReduce usage, reduce outagesImproved grid management

    Transport Systems sustainable mobility solutionReduce traffic congestion, improves mass transit useReduce CO2 emissions, reduces energy useImproves environment

    Carbon Management Services enterprise carbon footprint management

    New! IBM IT Carbon Study workshops available Printers, Network, Facilities upgrade (server room , server closet) Enhanced desktop

    IBM Energy & Environmental Innovations Beyond IT

  • 2008 IBM Corporation 2008731 15


    IBM is Making Significant Progress IBM is Making Significant Progress Against Our GoalsAgainst Our Goals

    IBM is Delivering a Breadth and Depth IBM is Delivering a Breadth and Depth of Capabilities to Help Organizations of Capabilities to Help Organizations Become More Energy EfficientBecome More Energy Efficient

    IBM Can Help You Execute IBM Can Help You Execute Your Your GreenGreen AgendaAgenda