Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT) Update -Law Enforcement Officer -Corrections Officer Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission

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  • Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT) Update -Law Enforcement Officer -Corrections Officer Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission Industrial/Organizational Solutions, Inc. August 6, 2008 Chad Legel & Mark Tawney
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  • Agenda About I/O Solutions Update on CJBAT Testing in 07-08 Test objective (changes from pre-Oct. 07) Test performance update Pass rates, scores, reliability Test validation studies Likelihood of passing SOCE based on CJBAT score New test forms Wrap-up
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  • About I/O Solutions National public safety test publisher and consulting firm based in Chicago Staff of ten consultants trained in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Provider of Florida CJBAT Program to approximately 30 FL law enforcement and correctional academies since 2001 Maintain a research and development function devoted to validating the CJBAT (on-going) and continually improving the computer-based test administration system
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  • CJBAT Test Objectives Assess core basic abilities as defined by FDLE Provide an easily administered testing program More rigorously screen abilities to ensure requisite ability levels Establish compelling test validity evidence CJBAT assesses the 8 mandated abilities using 120 questions covering 8 ability areas CJBAT is available in paper and computer-based formats (with strong focus on customer service) Careful research was done to establish an appropriate cut-off score that screens out unqualified candidates Research demonstrates a strong relationship between CJBAT and academy/SOCE success
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  • CJBAT Performance CJBAT Test/FormSample SizeMeanPass RateReliability (Alpha) LEO 1451579.35620.93 LEO 2222077.15510.92 LEO 396077.05520.92 CO 1349976.06660.95 CO 2140473.08580.93 CO 3106174.89520.93
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  • Major difference in sample composition: LEO = 19% female, CO = 50% female
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  • CJBAT Validation 2 criterion-related validation studies demonstrating the relationship between the CJBAT and important criteria CJBAT correlated with academy performance (final academy score) Data collected from Broward Sheriff, FHP, George Stone, Gulf Coast, Lake Tech, Manatee Tech and Pinellas Sheriff CJBAT correlated with state certification scores (SOCE) Data collected from all academies using CJBAT General Guidelines for Interpreting Validity Coefficients (US Dept. of Labor) Validity ValueInterpretation above.35very beneficial.21 -.35likely to be useful.11 -.20depends on circumstances below.11unlikely to be useful
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  • SOCE Success Based on CJBAT Score
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  • New CJBAT Forms CJBAT LEO & CO second practice exam released LEO 4 and CO 4 available October 2008 Field-tested on incumbent LEO and CO academy participants LEO N= 111 Broward County CC, Santa Fe CC, Withlachoochee CO N= 36 Chipola, Manatee County Sheriff, Washington Holmes
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  • CJBAT Wrap-Up CJBAT is screening candidates effectively (identifying a sizable subset of the sample that does not possess necessary abilities) Academy and SOCE validation studies demonstrate that test is HIGHLY predictive of success in the academy and on SOCE We are quite confident in the CJBATs defensibility based on its high validity levels I/O Solutions is interested in continuing to learn from our clients how the CJBAT is functioning locally
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