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  • Illustrious Sir Ken Mitz & Lady Deb

    Dan Schuler & Lady Ginny Mike Stader & Lady Cheryl Mike Taylor & Lady Charla

    Rod McDonald & Lady Deb

    John Hudson,PP & Lady Julie

    Kenny Cooper, PP & Lady Marilyn

    Steve Hawes & Lady Cheryl

    Dan Brown & Lady Beckie

    Robin Marshall & Lady Tanya

    Rick Hubbard & Lady Barb

    Billy Denton & Lady Lynda

    John Nelson & Lady Misti

    Bob Sheets, PP & Lady Shirley

    Wishes you and your family a very

  • Hot Sands Vol. 90 No. 12 December 2015


  • December 2015


    Hot Sands Vol. 90 No. 12

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    2015 Hadi Shriners Parade Schedule

    Hot Sands Vol. 90 No. 12 December 2015

    Attention! Attention!Attention!e Circus Workers Dinner

    will take place on Tuesday, December 15th.

    Attention!If you have pictures from

    any event that you would liketo see in the Hot Sands or on

    Facebook,please send them to Stacey at

    [email protected]


    2015 Divan Attended Parades Date Line-Up Time Parade Start Time After Glow Location Henderson, KY Christmas Parade 12-5-15 9:00 am 10:00 am Henderson

    Rockport Christmas Parade 12-5-15 1:00 pm 2:00 pm Dave & Patty Mullicans Other Community Parades Date Line-Up Time Parade Time After Glow Location Princeton Christmas Parade 12-5-15 3:00 pm 4:00 pm

    Mt. Carmel, IL Christmas Parade 12-5-15 3:30 pm 4:30 pm Boonville Christmas Parade 12-6-15 1:00 pm 2:00 pm

    Pike County Christmas Parade 12-5-15 2:00 pm 3:00 pm

    Merry ChristmasFrom Our Families

    To Yours!

  • Year Start Created Affiliated Restored Demitted Suspended Expired Current -/+

    Issued once a month by USPS or Email and Online @ www.hadishrine.org

    Officially Published under the AuspicesHadi Shriners Desert of Indiana

    Oasis of Evansville Office of Publications: Hadi Shriners Walnut & Riverside Drive

    Mailing Address:PO Box 1 Evansville, IN 47701

    Phone: 812-423-4285 Ext. 205 Fax: [email protected]

    Editor: Kenny Cooper, Recorder

    Hadi Black Camel Dedicated to the Memory of Nobles

    Jerry CarrCreated: 11/02/1963 Expired: 10/25/2015

    Alan KokomoorCreated: 05/07/1994 Expired: 11/09/2015

    Earl BernickCreated: 04/26/1975 Expired: 11/22/2015

    Darrell VeachCreated: 11/02/1968 Expired: 11/23/2015

    2015 Hadi Divan Officers Illustrious Sir Ken Mitz, Potentate

    Dan Schuler, Chief RabbanMike Stader, Assistant Rabban

    Mike Taylor, High Priest & ProphetRod McDonald, Oriental Guide

    John Hudson PP, TreasurerKenny Cooper PP, Recorder

    Steve Hawes, 1st Ceremonial MasterDan Brown, 2nd Ceremonial MasterBilly Denton, Captain of the Guard

    John Nelson, Outer GuardRobin Marshall, Director

    Rick Hubbard, Parade Marshal

    Bob Sheets PP, Chaplain Emeritus

    1,579 50 5 13 6 8 47 1585 +0.38%

    Hadi Nobles in Nursing HomesWallace Schaaf Scenic Hills

    Ray Walker HeritageDon Deshaney West River

    Richard Schnakenburg West RiverOwen Vessell Willow Park

    Dan Frick SolarbronRobert Harris Amber Manor

    Robert Fromm Oakview HeightsBill Musgrave Hamilton PointeAlan Boomer Garnett Atria

    William Duvall Newburgh HealthcareRobert Murnahan Hamilton Pointe

    David Stewart * Amber ManorLeroy Bartelt Brookside Nursing Home Jasper

    Donald Sanders Parkview Nursing HomeJohn Newman Newburgh Healthcare


    December 2015Hot Sands Vol. 90 No. 12


    TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2016 AT 7:00 PM

    Notice is hereby given that the Annual Meeting and Installa-tion of Officers will be held on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 7:00 PM for the purpose of installing all Elected Officers of Hadi Shriners and Representatives to the Imperial Council and all annual business to

    be conducted.

    ARTICLE 3Temple Meeting & Ceremonials

    3.1 Stated Meetings. A stated meeting shall be held on the fourth Tuesday in April, the fourth Tuesday in July, the fourth Tuesday in October and the third Tuesday in December at 7:00 p.m. the exact hour of all other meetings, including the annual meeting shall be des-

    ignated by the potentate.Annual Meeting. The annual meeting shall be held on the first Tuesday after the second Monday in January at 7:00 p.m. at the location of the Temple. No ceremonial session shall be exemplified at the annual


    Ill. Sir Kenneth MitzKenny Cooper, PP, Recorder

    2016 DivanInstallationJanuary 12th

    Hadi Temple 2nd Floor7:00 p.m.

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    Hot Sands Vol. 90 No. 12 December 2015

  • Drum & Bugle CorpsJerry Minto

    Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Holi-day Season from the members and friends of the Hadi Drum and Bugle Corps!

    Thanks to everyone who worked the Cir-cus. It is always a good time for fellowship and the feeling that you are donating your time to a great cause. Through the efforts of a great number of people, it was a fan-tastic circus!

    There was a Hot sands held during No-vember, so there are new Nobles looking for a unit to join. Lets beat the bushes and find these potential members and invite them to join us. We are always in need of horn players and drummers and would welcome new members to our unit.

    We congratulate a member and Past President of the Drum and Bugle Corps, Charles Engelhardt who was chosen as a Co-honoree for the Fall Ceremonial. Con-gratulations Charlie for this great honor!

    A big thank you goes out to everyone who participated in the November parades, the Fall Ceremonial, the Veterans and the Evansville Christmas parade. It was a very busy month!

    The month of December means we will be participating in the final parade of the season. Lets have a good showing at the Henderson parade on December 5th and end the 2015 parade season in a bang up fashion!

    A large number of D&B members and guests enjoyed a pizza party following the Friday evening circus performance. This is an annual event for our unit and is enjoyed by all who attend.

    Congratulations to our Honorary Member of the D&B, Illustrious Sir Robert Sheets who was named the Shriner of the Month for October by Shriners International! This is a great honor and very well deserved.

    Wishing everyone a Happy and Blessed Holiday Season from the members and the families of the Hadi Oriental Band!

    Hadi OB performed brilliantly once again in the first section of the Fall Ceremonial serenading the Nobility with that beauti-fully mystic sound, thanks Brethren again for your participation.

    To our new Nobles, your journey as a Shri-ner has just begun; its up to you now to see where you want this path to lead you. Hadi OB congratulates you on joining our great philanthropy, get active, and get involved with a unit or county club, most of all enjoy being a Shriner not just a card carrier. We invite you to stop by our Oasis some Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. for a visit. Enjoy some Camels Milk and our hospi-talitywho knows, the OB could be the unit youre looking to join. We ride in all parades, you need not be musically inclined and we provide your uniform as an active member along with low yearly dues. Hey, what more could you ask for? Come check us out!

    Guys, the OB Christmas party invitations were mailed out and VP. Kerry Dubuque

    Oriental Bandhas planned an exciting evening for ev-eryone! I hope everyone let him know in a timely fashion that youll attend! Lets have a GREAT turnout Nobles!

    The OB elected our new officers for the coming year at our November business meeting and theyll be posted in the Jan-uary issue of the Hot Sands. My thanks go out to all of our members who came down to participate and support this very im-portant meeting.

    The Evansville Christmas parade was well attended as those wild Nomads of the Hadi OB put forth a fine showing and performance for the festive holiday crowd. Thanks again Nobles for your support of not only our unit but Hadi Shrine!

    Congratulations to our Circus Chairman and all other committees who put togeth-er another fine Circus. Performances and entertainment were outstanding and en-joyed by all attending. Thanks everyone who contributed their time and assistance in helping one way or another at the 82nd Circus!

    Tribesmen, by the time this is published


    the Henderson Christmas Parade will be upon us, so as always, lets have a big turn-out! Dont forget the afterglow following the parade.

    Warmest wishes to our sick for a full re-covery of their illness or injury, please keep them in your daily prayers.

    A big thank you to President Jacob Gentry and his officers for a job well done this year and to our members for all of your valuable help and support throughout the year, it was much appreciated!

    Guys, weve still got some things to take care of before the New Year so watch your Hot Sands for more upcoming events at your Shrine. Just a reminder Nobles, that dues for the OB are payable as of the first of the year with reminder notices being sent out around the middle of January. Looking forward to hearing from everyone again! Thank you again for your cooperation.

    On behalf of the Hadi Oriental Band, we wish ALL Nobility, family and friends a safe, happy and joyous Holiday Season! May your New Year be healthy, bright and blessed with much love and happiness.

    December 2015Hot Sands Vol. 90 No. 12

    Denis Gentry

    Especially during this Joyous Holiday Sea-son, let us remember our sick and shut-in friends and pray they will receive the bless-ing of renewed strength.


    AND ALL!

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