Degree of Comparison

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(Degree of Comparison of Adjectives)

The World of animals is very rich. Do you know what is the biggest, the fastest, the tallest, animal in the world?

Degree of Comparison of Adjectives

Big - bigger the biggest

, 1-2 , :

-er , -est .Long longer - the longest Lazy lazier- the laziest

Beautiful - more beautiful - the most beautiful

: more () ,

most (, ) Dangerous more dangerous- the most dangerous

, , . : little- less- the least, good-better- the best, bad-worse- the worst, many (much)-more-the most. !

1. Make up degrees of comparison. Big, nice, beautiful, bad, good, funny, clever, short, angry, kind.

2. What do you think. Answer the questions: a) Who is stronger? (a lion or a cow) b) Who is bigger? ( a elephant or a rabbit) c) Who is funnier? (a chimpanzee or a zebra)