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2. SUMMARYTo obtain accurate data on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by treatmentplant construction and operation, Degrmont now offers an online simulation, the first web portal dedicated to carbon footprint analysisin the water industry. Drinking water4 URBAN Aquadaf 5WASTEWATER 16 Regulazur III 5Cyclor17 Ultrazur ZW1000 6Greenbass 17 Pulsazur6Ultrafor18 Ultrazur Smartrack 7Ultragreen18Greendaf19Meteor -MBBR20Meteor -IFAS20Cleargreen21 DESALINATION8 Seadaf9 Filtre Seaclean10 Ultramarine Smartrack 11BIOSOLIDS22Dehydris Lime 23Dehydris Osmo 23Dehydris Twist24Evaporis LT 25 REUSE12 Thermylis 2S26Digelis Turbo 27 Compakblue13 Ultrablue Smartrack14 Oxyblue 15AIR28Azurair B-Twin29Azurair Boost 291 TECHNOLOGICAL KNOW-HOWRECOGNIZED WORLDWIDE6 AREAS OF EXPERTISEMEETING PLANETARY CHALLENGES28 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONSTO SERVE THE WATER INDUSTRY 3. DEGRMONT CREATESRESPONSIBLE INNOVATION Reinforcing sanitation safety Conservation of energy and fresh water resources Protecting the environment and quality of lifeRMI LANTIER CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF DEGRMONTRESPONDING TO THE NEEDS OF AN EVOLVING WORLDAt Degrmont, innovation is an essential part of our DNA.It is the key aspect that makes us competitive.Faced with a changing world, the growing expectations ofour clients and the challenges of sustainable development,Degrmont promotes innovation to provide dynamic newsolutions to the water industry.This new edition of the Innovations Guide presents aboutthirty new processes representing the latest technologicalsolutions developed by Degrmont.A reflection of our expertise, it is itself innovative, offeringa dynamic and interactive presentation of our products andtechnologies. 4. P.4DRINKING WATERGUARANTEE THE SANITARY QUALITY,CONTROL COSTS.SANITATION, ECONOMICAND ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUESThe hygienic quality of drinking water remains a fundamental concern throughout theworld and is the subject of increasing media attention. Sanitary problems includebacteria control, as well as the need to limit the byproducts of treatment and the useof reactive agents.Consumers are also becoming more vocal about the organoleptic quality of theirwater (its taste and odor).In addition to this, with the current economic circumstances, municipalities are nowclosely examining each and every cost associated with the construction and operationof treatment facilities.Finally, with the rapid development of environmental issues, all of us are obligated topreserve the quality and the quantity of our natural resources. In certain regions ofthe world, the scarcity of water requires treatment solutions that demand a high levelof efficiency and conservation.ADAPTED SOLUTIONSupported by a global reputation for excellence and with over 70 years of experience,Degrmont is developing new solutions to these complex issues: from flotation toultrafiltration, innovative technology that achieves for greater efficiency, automationand maximum reliability.INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS AT EACH STAGE OF TREATMENT 5. P.5Aquadaf 70 %DRINKING (Rictor Process)space gain WATER compared to aSurface water clarification through rapid flotationconventionalwith hydraulic flocculator. installation using otation.CLARIFY SURFACE WATER WITHA SIMPLIFIED ENGINEEREDINTEGRATION.Degrmont innovation provides a concrete solutionfor municipalities with limited available space.Allowing for higher flotation rates and reducedflocculation time, Aquadaf is a compact solutionthat guarantees economies in reagents, and betterApremont plantpreservation of natural resources. Vende (FRANCe)PDFPDF 3DFlashPDFPDF3DPDFInnovation leaflet PDF3D PresentationVideoIn the treatment line FlashFlashRegulazur III 75 % savings in programmingComputerized management of open-filter drinkingautomationwater installations. development time.OPTIMIZE THE COSTS ANDOPERATION OF YOUR DRINKINGWATER PLANT.Regulazur III controls and regulates the differentoperating cycles of your open-filter battery. Itsintegration optimizes installation productivity andguarantees the reliability, and the regularity, ofwater quality. It can also provide savings in water,operating costs and maintenance. Jean-Luc Malige Innovation Project Manager (FRANCe)PDFPDF 3DFlashPDFPDF3DPDFInnovation leaflet PDF PDF 3D PDF Presentation 3D GraphicIn the treatment line 6. P.6Ultrazur A ltrationneness ZW1000Advanced clarification with immersed ultrafiltration500 xsuperior to sandmembranes.ltration.INTEGRATE A BACTERIOLOGICALBARRIER AT THECLARIFICATION PHASE OF ADRINKING WATER PLANT.With Ultrazur ZW1000, Degrmont offers youthe performance benefits of ultrafiltration at theclarification phase. A very compact and easy tointegrate solution, that guarantees uniform waterquality. PDFPDF 3D FlashPDFPDF3DPDFInnovation leafletPDF PDF 3D PDFPresentation3D Graphic In the treatment line FlashFlashFlashPulsazurPowdered activated carbon contactor. 8 Wh/m3 of electricityELIMINATE ORGANIC MATTER consumption.AND MICRO-POLLUTANTS WITHLOW OPERATING COSTS.Pulsazur allows you to eliminate the majority ofmicro-pollutants and to anticipate pollution peaks.Respectful of the environment (it functions withoutpolymers), the system is also very economical:maintenance costs are low, and consumption ofactivated carbon, reagents and energy is reduced. Eric Demolins Innovation Project Manager (FRANCe) PDFPDF 3D FlashPDFPDF3DPDFInnovation leafletPDF PDF 3D PDFPresentation3D Graphic In the treatment line 7. P.7Ultrazur Modulecompatibilitywith the4DRINKINGSmartrack WATERDrinking water production with pressurized out/in main suppliersultraltration modules. to the market.INCREASE DRINKING WATERPLANT SCALABILITY WITHINTERCHANGEABLEULTRAFILTRATION MODULES.By proposing a single universal rack allowingthe interchangeability of ultraltration modules,Degrmont offers you all the benets ofultraltration for drinking water, while controllinginvestment and operation costs. UltrazurSmartrack provides exibility of integration onany site conguration, for installation extensions orrenovations.PDFPDF 3DFlashPDFPDF3DPDFInnovation leaetPDF3D Presentation In the treatment line FlashFlash 8. P.8DESALINATIONPROVIDING ACCESS TO WATER FOR ALL,WHILE RESPECTING THE ENVIRONMENT.THE CHALLENGES OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT40% of the worlds population suffers from a lack of fresh water, and this percentage will increase rapidly in the comingyears. In large measure, the deficiency affects populations living in coastal areas. This is why desalination is proving to bean important solution. Desalination takes advantage of local resources rather than transporting water over longs distances.However, traditional desalination technologies can have some disadvantages. The development of this market is established,but the market is hindered by environmental and economic issues.To reduce the cost of desalination, we must lower the energy consumption as well as the operating expense of the reverseosmosis process. At the same time, to reduce the impact on the environment, we must develop solutions in renewableenergy, lower the use of reactive agents and neutralize the impact of concentrated salt discharge on marine flora andfauna.ADAPTED TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONSDegrmont is at the forefront of innovation providing clear solutions to solve the economic and environmental issues withdesalination. Utilizing wind energy, recuperating energy, offering pre-treatment systems to limit the frequency ofmembrane washes, and improving processes for the disposal of concentrates are all ways Degrmont is innovating andoptimizing the desalination offer.SOLUTIONS TO OPTIMIZEDESALINATION PERFORMANCEDESALINATION> SEAWATER OR BRACKISH WATERSeaclean CLARIFICATION FILTRATIONFilter SETTLING DUAL MEDIA REVERSE OSMOSIS REMINERALIZATION DRINKING WATER FLOTATIONULTRAFILTRATIONSeadafUltramarineSmartrack 9. P.9DESALINATION Potential ow rate up to 4 times superior compared to lters.Seadaf (Rictor Process)Seawater clarification through rapid flotation.OPTIMIZE PRETREATMENTPRODUCTIVITY BEFOREDESALINATION.Compact in design, Seadaf is able to clarifylarge volumes of seawater while optimizing overallinstallation productivity. It is also a solution thatsaves water as wash cycle frequency is reduced inthe phase following filtration. PDF PDF 3DFlashPDF Innovation 3D PDFPDFleaflet PDF3DPresentation In the treatment line 10. P.10Seaclean FilterPressurized multi-media filtration for the 51 m of ltration area2clarification of seawater. for each lter.PROTECT THE CORE OFREVERSE OSMOSIS MEMBRANESWITH MULTI-MEDIA FILTRATION.The filtration quality of Seaclean protects yourentire installation and its system of combined media(anthracite and sand), while improving productivity.A solution that reduces the risk of media loss, aswell as the consumption of water needed forcleaning. Cline Coignat Innovation Project Manager (FRANCe) PDF PDF 3DFlashPDFPDF3DPDFInnovation leaflet PDF PDF 3D PDF Presentation 3D GraphicIn the treatment line 11. P.11DESALINATION SDI (Silt Density Index)