Design methodology basic ideas, aims, role, procedures

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Text of Design methodology basic ideas, aims, role, procedures

  • Design methodologybasic ideas, aims, role, procedures

  • Design what is this?Design formulating a plan, a scheme or a method to translate a need into a satisfactorily functioning device that satisfies the need

    Konstruowanie - projektowanie szczegowe - dobieranie cech konstrukcyjnych, materiaowych, geometrycznych, dynamicznych projektowanej maszyny jej zespow i podzespow i elementw

  • Designing what for?New products being developped (life-cycle of a product) direct order but more often planning Planning of product development

    External impulses (incentives):law regulationsmarketeconomic policynew technologyAnd internal: within the firms

  • Importance of design processWhat is defined in the design process? ........... EVERYTHINGCost of design process is .......... Small (almost negligible)

  • Importance of design process... but, interestingly

  • Change in design methodsConventional design process - linear, sequential over the wall

  • Change in design methodsconcurrent engineering

  • Phases of design procedureProblem formulating - precyzowanie zadaniaIt should be a designers task why?

    List of specifications there are WISHES and REQUIREMENTS

    hints :what is the problem?what are the wishes and expectations?are conditions realistic?

    Problem solving:Formulate a problem, Define criteria, Seek solutions, evaluate/select, Carry out

  • RequirementsRequirements cotradictions

  • Requirements Requirements of the customers

  • General requirements Functionality ability to fulfil the function Durability and reliability - Durability period of time in which a machine will perform its function (with necessary breaks for maintenance). Reliability is probability that a device will perform its function without a failure for a given period of timeCheap and available materialsEasy and inexpensive manufacturing and assembly Easy and safe operation Inexpensive operation i small energy consumptionSmall weight Compact structureFollowing the standards

  • Phases of design identification of important problems creation evaluation decision

  • Phases of design process identification of important problems creation - - analysis and dividing into sub functions- seeking solutions fulfiling sub-functions- combining sub functions to obtain solutions fulfilling function- choice of useful combinations- defining variants of solutions

  • Phases of design procedure preliminary calculations, sketches of variants (versions), study

    Aids in creation:heuristic methods (?)EUREKAliteratureAnalysis of natural systems Analysis of other systemsAnalogies

  • Inversion

  • EvaluationcriteriaWeighted marks

  • EvaluationcriteriaSimplified binary evaluation