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Competitive product review for a mechanical engineering design project which considers the creation of a product to evenly distribute passengers along subway / train platforms. Useful for undergraduate engineering design students. Own work.

Text of Design Project Product Review

  • Sissi Wang, Jennifer Wong, Song Yang

  • Target users include: Users who crowd entrances Frequent commuters who commute during rush hour

  • 3 major user needs identied: Speed ability to board trains fast

    Time between when user settles on the platform and boards the train

    Comfort comfortable experience while waiting for subway trains Minimum distance between user and others

    Accessibility ease of movement from one location to another Time to get from one location on the platform to another Amount of clearance available on the platform

  • Category #1: Physical barriers Examples:

    - Stanchions - Fences

    Features - Vertical obstacle that prevents people from entering/exiting areas

  • Benets: - Portable - Easy to set up/remove - Enclosed area can be modied

    easily Shortcomings:

    - Easily knocked over - Possibility of people climbing


  • Category #2: Signage and announcements Examples:

    - Signs - Floor graphics - PA systems

    Features: - Directs people to platforms

    through public displays/announcements

  • Benets: - Can be used for other safety

    messages Shortcomings:

    - Ineective; no direct inuence on physical behaviour of users

  • Category #3: Active Denial Systems Examples:

    - Sonic Screen The Mosquito

    - Heat ray Features:

    - Emits heat or a sound with high frequency

  • Benets: - Large aected area - Small size

    Shortcomings: - Expensive - May be harmful - Fixed systems are not

    portable and dicult to adjust settings

  • Category #4: Law enforcement equipment Examples:

    - Batons - Pepper spray

    Features: - Deters people from

    remaining/entering areas through pain or discomfort

  • Category #4: Law enforcement equipment

    Benets: - Eective

    Shortcomings: - Harmful to people - Requires personnel to operate


  • Product category Speed Comfort Accessibility Success in marketplace

    Physical barriers Medium

    Medium Medium Most widely used product

    Signage and announcements

    Bad Bad Bad Widely used product

    Active denial systems

    Bad Good Good Not widely used product

    Law enforcement equipment



    Good Not widely used product

    Scale: Good, medium, bad Rated according to metrics provided in 3rd slide

  • Active denial systems and law enforcement equipment may be modied for target users.

    New requirements: Ease of setup/removal

    Time taken to setup/remove product Portability

    Volume in implemented state Weight

    Flexible conguration