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  • 1. The Effect of WaterVelocity on Osmosis Karen Ni, Mara Tynan, and Joyce Yan

2. Hypothesis To understand how water velocityaffects the rate of osmosis. As the velocity of the water increases,the rate of osmosis will increase. 3. Introduction osmosis- movement of water across aselectively permeable membrane from anhypotonic to hypertonic environment velocity- speed with direction acceleration- velocity increased height=faster final velocity faster velocity=water molecules passthrough membrane and enter cell faster 4. Materialso tapeo 2 meter stickso Three eggso rubber tubingo 5% vinegar solutiono Beakers:o scissorso 2-100mL o timero 1-500mL o electronic mass scaleo 4-250mL o paper towelso 100mL graduatedcylindero tap watero thermometero 2 funnelso cheesecloth 5. Methodo Eggs deshelledo For all trials mass taken before and after volume of remaining water measured 21oC water 60so Control each egg placed in 250mL for 60so Experimental Egg placed on the funnel with the cheesecloth stretch over it. Water poured down the tube at different lengths (therefore speeds and velocities) 6. pictures of method 7. Results: 1.5 mTrial: Initial Mass Final Mass Difference in (grams)(grams)Mass (grams)189.7 90.250.55282.8582.9 0.05381.6681.780.12Average Difference in Mass: 0.24 grams 8. Results: 1 mTrial: Initial Mass Final Mass Difference in (grams)(grams)Mass (grams)190.3790.6 0.23282.9383.030.1381.4481.630.19Average Difference in Mass: 0.17 grams 9. Results: .5 mTrial:Initial Mass Final MassDifference in(grams)(grams) Mass (grams)1 90.1190.24 0.132 83.0183.19 0.183 81.4281.63 0.21Average Difference in Mass: 0.17 grams 10. Results: O m (Constant)Trial: Initial Mass Final Mass Difference in (grams)(grams)Mass (grams)183.6584.080.43282.4782.750.28380.9381.170.24Average Difference in Mass: 0.32 grams 11. Graph (With Control considered)Average Difference of Mass in Different Heights of Water 0.350.3Average Difference in Mass (grams) 0.250.2 0.150.1 0.05 00 0.20.4 0.6 0.81 1.2 1.4 1.6 Height Water was Dropped 12. Graph (Without Controlconsidered) Average Difference in Mass in Different Heights of Water 0.30.25Average Mass Difference (g) 0.20.15 0.10.050 00.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 11.2 1.4 1.6 Height Water was dropped (meters) 13. Full Scatter Plot (with trendline) Difference in Mass over Different Heights0.60.5 Difference in Mass (grams)0.4 y = 0.066x + 0.1280.3R = 0.0390.20.1 00 0.20.4 0.60.81 1.2 1.41.6 Height Water was dropped (meters) 14. Analysis Averages of difference in mass seemed to increase slightly as height increasedo Individual trials showed that for the highestheight tested (1.5m) two of the trials in factdisplayed a lower difference than theaverages of all three heightso One high outlier (0.55 g) skewed average Control group exhibited a greater average difference in mass than that of all heights. 15. Conclusion Data does not support hypothesiso Lin-reg T test comes up with a p value of0.332 Above the significance level- not sufficientevidence to show that there was a positiveassociation between water velocity and rate ofosmosis. 16. Errors Concentration of water in eggs Rubber tubing Consistency of pouring water 17. Improvements More trials (10 if possible for each height) Greater range of tested heights (maybe 0.5- 5 m if possible)