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Branding Bihar(state) for Tourism

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Destination BrandingHamdan Shaikh 1356Nishant Pokale 1347Rohan Haldankar 1322 Saish haridas 1324Ankita Govekar 1321Pooja parsekar1341


Famous DestinationsGujaratGoaShimla RajasthanMadhya PradeshMahableshwarKashmir

BiharThe name Bihar is a derivative fromVihara, which means monastery.

True to its name and its rich cultural heritage, the state houses various monasteries and it is famous for monuments belonging to various religions.

Bihar ineastern Indiais one of the oldest inhabited places in the world with a history going back 3000 years.

Located in upper northeast corner of India and in the southern foothills of the Himalaya Mountain Range, touching Nepal.

First known republics in the world, Licchavi, existed in the region

Lord Mahavira attained nirvana at Pawapuri, near Rajgir

CultureLanguage:Hindi,MaithiliandUrduare the official languages of the state.

Majority of the people speak one of theBihari languagesBhojpuri,Magadhi, etc



As traditional Bihari society is influenced by the Buddhist and Hindu values, they are predominantly vegetarians.

One of the most remarkable thing about this cuisine is "smoked food". It refers to using smoked red chilli to infuse a strong aroma in food.

Festivals unique to Bihar are CHHATH, SAMA CHAKEBA.

Some popular folk dances are: sohrai nach, dhobi nach, manjhi.

Bihar is a land of many types of folk dances which manifest its rich traditions and ethnic identity. 9


10Famous tourist destinationsNalanda


somnath temple


Har Mandir Takht One Of The Four Sacred Shrines Of The Sikhs

Patna Museum

Mahatma Gandhi Setu One of the longest river bridges in the world

SpecialitiesRiver Gangaenriches the plains of the landlocked state and contributes to the fertility of lands along with riversKosiandGandak.Mithila paintingsare a style of Indian painting, practiced in theMithilaregion of Bihar.Pitri Paksha Mela: It is a 15-day fair held on the bank of RiverFalguatGayaduringPitru Pakshaevery year.

The cattle fair at Sonepur

Current ScenarioNo Brand Ambassador for Bihar: Deliberation between Rekha and Javed AkhtarMinor communal clashes.the split of the rulingJD(U)with the BJP.No ad campaign for Tourism No support by Incredible IndiaBihar tourism feels that state has numerous destinations of tourist importance which may be presented as show case to attract tourists.

Bihar Wants Rekha As Brand Ambassadorthe second choice will be famous Urdu poet and script writer Javed AkhtarBihar has seen 87 major and minor communal clashes between June and December 2013, over three times the 24 incidents during the corresponding period of 2012.


Current Scenario The hotel accommodation in Bihar is grossly inadequate Buddhist circuit lacks deluxe hotels and even good 3 star hotels which often becomes a problem for the visiting tourists. The cattle fair at Sonepur: ignorance and carelessness or improper strategy of development.The classical dances of Bihar is also famous i.e. Chhau dance, JatJatin dance but has not been popularised as like other states dances.

very popular and worlds largest but due to Gaya, Nalanda and Buddhist circuit regions sees a lot of inflow of tourists majority from the Southeast Asian countries 16

Issues & ProblemsLack of security and safety measures Lack of tourism infrastructure such as tourist information centres. (iii) Lack of adequate transportation system(vi) Deficiencies in infrastructure especially connectivity and accessibility.

) Lack of security and safety measures for tourists which affects the perception and tourism potential of the state. (ii) Lack of tourism infrastructure such as tourist information centres. (iii) Lack of adequate transportation system, public conveniences such as toilets, refreshment centres. (iv) Inadequate marketing of tourism products of both in domestic and international market. (v) Lack of sufficient awareness, education and publicity amongst local residents regarding economic, social and cultural benefits of tourism. (vi) Deficiencies in infrastructure especially connectivity and accessibility. (vii) Lack of adequate professionals training facilities for human resource development and services. (viii) Discontinued linkage between the northern and southern parts of the state due to river Ganges.


Destination BrandingBranding creates awareness and that first idea about a destination in the consumers mind.

Brand Positioning : Do not try to be all things to all people. This is not differentiating destination brand from competition.

In fact we have tried to create a unique position in the mind of consumers.

Creative Strategy:Building Brand Image: Creative packaging of value proposition.Emphasizing Benefits &USP: Detailed depiction of cultural nuances, vibrant festivals & unique aspects of the state. Offering a range of destinations: Diversity & unique mix in terms of geographies, festivals, culture & traditions etc. The Target Group: Indian Families and other neighbouring states and foreign tourist. The Focus should be to attract the tourists who visited the regions like Rajasthan or Goa.



Bihar - Abode of Enlightenment and Bliss

Logo & Tagline

Bihar should be branded as a premier Global Buddhist destination.Taste of spiritual tourism.Bihar should focus on its Buddhist heritage and past and develop deep linkages with countries of East and South East Asia. Converting Bodhgaya into an international religious city would go a long way in making it an international spiritual destination.Bihar should brand itself as 'Vibrant Bihar' or Bihar- Abode of Enlightenment and Bliss'.

branding Bihar as a premier global Buddhist destination where tourists could get a taste of spiritual tourism and learn how to get enlightenment like Buddha.

With enabling facilities in place and riding on Buddhist, Sikh and Jain tourism coupled with its ancient assets of archeological interests, Bihar can very well emerge as a front running state in attracting foreign tourists. Domestic tourist inflow will also get attracted in large numbers to the state following the trend set in by foreign tourists.22

While Vibrant Bihar should be the positioning for the State as a whole.Positioning for branding the tourism line of Bihar- Abode of Enlightenment and Bliss'.The word Enlightment/bliss will be a conscious effort to metaphorically signify the diversity/Rich history as the core value proposition generating an enduring association with the brand.Another objective is to highlight Bihar as a unique mix of varied tourism destinations and festivals since the state was rich in its offerings consisting of monuments, festivity, religion, food, history, handicrafts etc. The archeological & historical value of the heritage (finest of Mughal and Hindu architectural styles)

PromotionA 360 degree launch plan should be designed adopting a multi-pronged strategy for communication. Sonakshi Sinha as brand ambassador to promote the state. If the branding could translate to recall, it would eventually lead to footfalls. MediaTv, radio, print and outdoor advertisingAdverstising Internationally major in-flight and travel magazines of repute; Run campaign on channels such as CNN, Sky News, etcJoint promotions: MoUs with fellow state tourism boards.

Joint promotions: The idea is that the states get together and offer better packages to the tourists and understand needs of tourists in their respective states.


Below the line communication (BTL):Road shows: Road shows must be organised in neighbouring statesSound and light shows, summits, activations & press meets aimed at creating awareness.Metro train branding: Bihar Tourism ads should cover Metro coaches spreading the flavours of Bihar across Delhi.Digital Marketing: Website, Facebook page & content marketing.Embedded Adversiting: films (tax credit) etc.

The media packaging was complemented with interactive below the line activities (BTL) focusing on attracting travelers from across the country. These covered informative road shows, sound and light shows, summits, activations & press meets aimed at creating awareness about Gujarat as a tourist destination & highlighting important festivals & traditions which were an essence of the state. 25

SuggestionThere is a necessity to build star category hotels Comfortable rest houses loaded with basic amenities on highways would be created with public and private investments. Build Heritage hotels in Bihar.Developing two districts which have the potential to attract eco-touristsMadhubani, which is home to Madhubani paintings, and Bhagalpur, which is famous for home made khadi and silk. e-kiosks at Madhubani railway station to provide information on the art and its availability.Tie up with Discovery/TLC channel for programmes that showcase Bihar globally.

There is a necessity to build star category hotels at all important tourist destinations to provide proper services to both high end international tourists as well as national tourists. Heritage hotels in Bihar by identifying heritage buildings and mansions to convert them to heritage hotels in order to provide quality accommodation to tourists.


Apart from that, the wild life and birds sanctuaries held vast potential for eco-tourism eg Valmikinagar Tiger Reserve and the Black-Buck Safari.But, the tourism potentials of the state for generating much needed income and employment remains under-utilised. It should consider hosting Global Buddhist Conference on a regular basis annually.Cultural Centres Amba Chowk (Muzaffarpur distt), Deo(Aurangabad) etc centers have a great deal of potential for spreading cultural awareness among people and promoting tourism through culture. Health Tourism The hot springs containing sulphur cures physical ailments and promotes good health. Two hot spring sites i.e, Sitakund and Makhdumkund have identified for establishment of health resort.

CONCLUSIONDestination branding is about how consumers perceive the destination in their minds. Branding a destination is not just about creating a logo or slogan. It is about capturing the distinct elements of the destination in the brand and communicating them through brands component that is its identity, image, culture .

Managing these component in order to create a unique position of the destination in the mind of consumers is called Brand positioning.

With continuous increase of internet usage among travelers, online branding has become very important .

Websites can be the communication tool that can move the consumers mind from brand awareness to brand preference and finally to brand loyalty.