Does Music Affect Concentration

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What effect does music have on the brain?

Text of Does Music Affect Concentration

Does music affect concentration?What effect does music have on the brain?

Author: Kristina Palmieri, Elisa Saracino

Date Published:

Statement of the Problem: The study attempts to identify if you music has an effect on studying. We took aside our peers in a room and evaluated their concentration level by testing them by playing a matching game on an IPhone with and without music

Method: Materials and Equipment:

Computer with internet access An iPhone Pencil and paper to take data A couple of peers to act as test subjects

Procedure: In the matching game, the testers had 1 minute to match as many pairs as possible, doing it twice, once with music and once without music.Peer's name | With music | Without music

Purpose: The project addresses an argument between parents and children: Is it OK to listen to music while you are studying?