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DuPont Public DuPont Apoyando el emprendimiento científico Jennifer Uribe Gerente General DuPont Chile Mayo 2012

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Slide 1Mayo 2012
DuPont believes that science and inclusive innovation are at the heart of finding solutions to the big challenges in the world. At DuPont, we have partnered with customers, universities, governments, and even competitors to develop innovative solutions to the great challenges of our time. However, no single organization can solve the problems the world faces today. By working together, we can find new and better ways to address these challenges. Welcome to The Global Collaboratory™ is our invitation to our business partners, customers and other organizations to join us.
Welcome to The Global Collaboratory™!
La Visión de DuPont
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DuPont Public
La creación de valor para accionistas y la sociedad a la vez que reducimos la huella* medio ambiental en cada cadena de valor en la que operamos.
* DuPont define “huella” como todos los daños, enfermedades, accidentes, residuos, emisiones, uso de agua y cualquier forma de energía o materia prima no renovable.
La Misión de DuPont
These are the DuPont core values and they are the foundation of everything we do.
Safety and Health: Concern for the safety and health of employees is deeply ingrained in DuPont culture. We operate on a single corporate philosophy: all incidents are preventable -- the goal is “zero.”
Environmental Stewardship: We affirm to all our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, shareholders and the public, that we will conduct our business with respect and care for the environment. We will implement strategies that build successful businesses and achieve the greatest benefit for all our stakeholders, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We will strive to continuously improve our practices in light of advances in technology and new understandings in safety, health and environmental science.
Highest Ethical Behavior: DuPont is committed to conducting business with the highest ethical standards, and to working diligently to be respectable corporate citizens worldwide. We consistently apply our ethical standards to all global business relationships to enable a work environment that is conducive to both individual and company success.
de DuPont
> 9,500 Científicos e Ingenieros
> 150 Centros de I+D en el mundo
DuPont’s reach extends around the world -- we are truly a global company. Our people work together—at research laboratories, application development centers and innovation centers across the globe— bringing creativity, imagination and science to meet real challenges.
7 mil millones de personas.
9 mil millones.
Today, the world is facing unprecedented challenges brought on, in part, by a global population that hit 7 billion people in October 2011.
There are about 255 babies born every minute (about 367,000 a day)!
By 2050, our total global population will be more than 9 billion, and 8 billion of those people will live in the world’s developing regions.
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mayores desafíos del mundo…
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DuPont is focusing its scientific innovation primarily on three challenges - Food, Energy and Protection.
One in seven people on earth goes to bed hungry each night. Ensuring that enough healthy, nutritious food is available for people everywhere is one of the most critical challenges facing humanity.
By 2035, global demand for energy will increase by 40%. We will need to find new and cleaner energy sources and new ways to use our existing sources more efficiently.
A growing population places increased pressure on people and the environment. One of our greatest challenges in the coming decades will be adequately protecting humanity and the world we share.
Solutions to many of these global challenges can be found in science.
Working with farmers and growers to increase crop yield, finding new sustainable sources of energy and efficiency to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and developing materials, products and knowledge-based solutions to keep everyone, everywhere, safer are the global challenges that are driving our science, our innovation and the growth of our company. At DuPont, we’re uniquely positioned to help solve the challenges of an ever-expanding population by bringing science-powered solutions to market.
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de la I+D dirigida a Alimentación, Energía y Protección
Químicos &
I+D: US$2 mil millones invertidos en 2011
In 2011, we invested nearly $2 billion on research and development. About 86 percent of this investment was targeted to solve challenges in food, energy and protection.
Bienvenidos a hacer innovación abierta, uniendo esfuerzos de empresas, socios, ONGs, universidades, gobiernos y personas naturales, para desarrollar las mejores soluciones a las reales necesidades de las personas y del mundo.
Compromiso con la Comunidad
La Responsabilidad Social en DuPont se basa en el compromiso de apoyar a las comunidades en donde la compañía opera, brindando soporte para alcanzar el progreso social, el éxito económico y la excelencia ambiental de la sociedad.
DuPont se une a Conicyt, a través del Premio Fondef – DuPont para apoyar y promover el emprendimiento científico de los jóvenes chilenos y el desarrollo de la innovación en el país.
Responsabilidad Social Corporativa
Premio Fondef - DuPont
DuPont premiará al mejor proyecto presentado en la primera etapa del Concurso Valorización de la Investigación en la Universidad.
Viaje para el alumno y su profesor guía al centro de I+D de DuPont LA en Brasil
Presentación de proyecto a científicos y profesionales de negocios y marketing.
Áreas prioritarias de DuPont:
Requisitos de postulación:
Los proyectos deben haber sido seleccionados en la primera etapa del Concurso y además estar relacionados a las áreas prioritarias de DuPont.
DuPont Public
Copyright © 2011 DuPont or its affiliates. All rights reserved. The DuPont Oval Logo, DuPont™, The miracles of science™ and all products denoted with ™ or ® are registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.

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