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Download our brochures that highlight Sydney's status as a sustainability leader, an economic and financial services powerhouse, an international education and tourism destination and a hub for the creative industries and digital economy. The City is committed to supporting Sydney businesses find new opportunities in China and other Asian growth markets. Find out more about our initiatives:


  • The City of Sydney is the location of the Australian Stock Exchange (the 14th largest in the world).

    Sydneys economy

    economic advantages

    knowledge-based economy




    stock exchange


    1 in 15 Sydney residents


    AU$109 billion



    22,000 50040%

    437,00020%16%45% 14 (ASX)

    43 90%


    As a leading Asia-Pacific financial centre, a high proportion of global banks and financial institutions with a presence in Australia have headquarters or offices in central Sydney. Three-quarters of authorised deposit-taking banks with operations in Australia are based in Sydney. Over 90% of foreign banks operating in Australia are based in Sydney. These include the Bank of China, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, ING, Citigroup and Arab Bank.

    over 20 per cent of Sydneys regional workforce, and an increase of 16 per cent over the last decade.

    Estimated number of individual businesses in the City of Sydney of the headquarters of the top 500 Australian

    corporations are located in Sydney

    Estimated current local economy of Australias


    almost one-quarter of the economy of the state of New South Wales.

    Sydneys economy contributes more to Australias economy than the entire Australian manufacturing sector.

    Sydney possesses important economic advantages including a mature commercial environment that is regionally-focused, servicing the Asia-Pacific region.

    Sydney is also the leading knowledge-based economy in Australia, with the greatest share of knowledge-intensive jobs.

    +250 flights

    +50 flightsSydney > Asia

    Sydney > North Americaevery w


    have both a university degree and speak a language other than English.

    Estimated employment in the City of Sydney 437,000

    45% of the citys workforcewas born overseas, with approximately half of these coming from Asia.

    Sydney is Australias global city and the international gateway for business and tourism.

    The ASX has the third highest number of listed domestic companies in the Asia Pacific, more than the combined total of Hong Kong and Singapore stock exchanges.

    The City of Sydney is home to Australias largest and most globally connected finance and insurance district, accounting for 43 per cent of the local economy.

    Pitt Street Mall, Sydney

    Photo from Sydney Airport

    Stockland offi ce










  • service activities

    creative industries

    support for businesses


    15% 11%

    one of our key competitive advantages



    The City of Sydney is the workplace of

    The City of Sydney is working hard to support and nurture business success by investing AU$1.9 billion in a 10-year infrastructure program, that includes a AU$220 million contribution to the transformation of the citys main street into a light rail and pedestrian boulevard, and AU$467 million for a new town centre close to the international airport at Green Square, the largest urban development project in Australia.

    19(1,900,000,000)2.2(220,000,000)4.67(467,000,000) (Geen Square)

    Service activities account for more than 90 per cent of economic output in the City of Sydney

    of Australias information, media and technology sector

    of the creative and performing arts sector

    For more information on the City of Sydney please contact

    +61 2 9265 9333 /

    Green Square library design Image: Stewart Hollenstein and City of Sydney

    Oxford Street Creative Program 2012 Photo: Jamie Williams

    Sydney is one of the worlds most green, global and connected cities.

    Lord Mayor Clover Moore

    As Australias global city and the gateway to Asia, Sydney is the destination of choice for international corporations, business leaders, tourists and students.Sydney provides headquarters for almost 40 per cent of the top 500 Australian corporations. Digital, financial, educational and creative businesses are all thriving in Sydney supported by our robust economic strategy.Guided by the City of Sydneys Sustainable Sydney 2030 program, Sydney is recognised internationally for its outstanding environmental performance and major cultural events, and as a future focused and innovative business centre.Sydney is also host to one of the largest Chinese New Year festivals in the world.Discover Sydney the worlds most beautiful harbour city.

    50040% 2030 (Sustainable Sydney 2030 program)