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    Tim Reitzell

    Doug Watson




  • Environmental Management Information System software solution for air

    emissions, reporting requirements, recipe modeling, & cost savings

    EMACTTM software was created to calculate the most accurate emissions

    estimates and simplify reporting while to help reduce costs

    Uses proprietary algorithms that more accurately estimate True

    Emissions than AP-42 or EIIP

    Calculates specific recipes or batches that are in line with the USEPA

    Emissions Inventory Improvement Program (EIIP), Chapters 8 and 16.

    Methods of calculation reviewed and accepted by USEPA and many state

    and local sources

  • Custom built to track air emissions from each of your manufacturing

    processes from raw material receiving and storage through blending,

    reactions, fracking, venting, packaging and everything in between.

    Using EIIP and proprietary algorithms, EMACTTM accurately calculates

    emissions based on all of the physical variables including headspace

    saturation, time, pressure and temperatures.

  • Using proprietary algorithms, EMACTTM offers the best emissions estimates

    referenced as The Best Calculations in the industry by the USEPA.

  • Make EMACTTM a part of your MON / Area Source strategy:

    Greenfields headspace saturation and full-factory estimation models

    provide emission totals per chemical, process, equipment type, and by


    Maximizes your ability to remain a quality, high throughput manufacturer

    not subject to MON regulations

    Eliminate or reduce your potential to purchase expensive, requisite

    control technology as legislated by MON/6V

  • Calculation Modules: Allows one-time input of your multicomponent mixtures via a unique

    algorithmic database module

    Emissions Calculations Based on User Definable Continuous Operations

    Emission Factors

    Batch Emissions Calculations including Vacuum Distillation Emissions,

    Depressurization, Active Venting Headspace Saturation Models

    Reactor Emissions Calculations

    Storage Tank Emissions Calculations

    Continuous Process Emissions Calculations

    Emissions Equipment-Specific Calculations

    Miscellaneous Operations

    Other Functions: Scenario Modeling for operational Impact Analysis

    Dispersion Criteria Modeling

    Employs a State of the Art chemicals database with over 2,000 chemicals

    Central source of information critical to effectively maintaining an ISO

    14001 facility

    Provides USEPA mandated validation reports.

  • EMACTTM now allows you to manage your inventory within the solution.

  • EMACTTM imports existing information from various sources into a single

    tool with modifications and configurations to fit customer needs.

    Location A

    Location B

    Consolidated One Source

    of Data Accessed via

    Multiple Locations


    Original Records of

    Recipes Documented Import Records

    Ongoing Records Management

    Process updates, Inventory




  • Global Administrator



    Regional Administrator

    Server - Emissions Data

    Local Access

    Local Access Local Access

    Local Access



    Local Access Local Access

    Local Access


  • EMACTTM Provides Air Emissions Inventory/EIQ, Form R,

    Tier II, User Defined Reports including emissions from:

    Batch Operations

    Continuous Operations

    Miscellaneous Operations

    Sophisticated Methods for Estimating Emissions

    All Chemicals Receive Calculated Emission Factors based

    on Total Factory Usage Amounts

    Special Case Rolling Average Emissions Calculations Ensure

    Period-to-Period Review

    Reclaimed Cleaning Solvent Usage Addressed

    Optional EMACTTM Automatic Period Data setup allows

    emissions accounting via Raw Material Import Files

    Most Appropriate Methods of Emissions Estimation Assigned per Operation

    All Batch/Continuous/Miscellaneous Operations Treated

    Annual Emissions Report & EMACTTM Period Reports provide:

    All Chemical Factors and Amounts

    Equipment Permit Status and Operations Breakdowns

    Includes Combustion, Storage, and All User-Defined Operations

    Templates created in regulatory format for print or

    sending electronically

  • Provides the most accurate estimates in the industry

    Approved by the USEPA and other state and local sources

    Ease of use for all management, estimating, and reporting corporate


    Reduces human error by allowing one time entry and ability to

    repeat and create new recipes using existing data

    Emissions modeling allowing expediting a new product to market

    by performing What If? Scenarios

  • Integration of all documents and air emissions management into one solution

    Allows additions or sequence change modifications in batches reducing real emissions before the environmental impact is felt

    Consistent and reliable reporting tools enabling compliance with environmental regulations

    Report templates for regulators allow print and send electronically or through mail

    Multiple customizable reports allows for green house gas, hazardous pollutant, all reportable, and chemicals of interest tracking

  • EMACTTM is based on a Tiered structure taking into consideration: Size of the organization, number of sites

    Complexity of the operations (Batch, Recipes etc.)

    Anticipated growth of the organization

    Tier III


    Tier II


    Tier I



    Smaller Operations usually Area Sources, Single Users,

    No Batches,

    No Batch Capabilities , No Batch Reporting


    Larger Operations or Operations with fewer

    batches, Single or Multiple Users

    Batches can be categorized


    Large Operations or Operations with many

    batches, Multiple Users and locations

    Positioned for Growth