Engnice Product strategy. 3 Marketing mix strategy Product strategy Price strategy Place strategy Promotion strategy 1 company describe 2 Product positioning

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  • Engnice Product strategy

  • 3 Marketing mixstrategy

    Product strategy Price strategy Place strategy Promotion strategy1 company describe2 Product positioning

  • company describe Is a collection of scientific research, production, sales and service in a body comprehensive enterprise, China's baby is dedicated to provide you with first-class infant and young child nutrition food brands, products and services. Now has "Engnice" brand, covering the rice in the field of infant and young child nutrition food, lowering the treasure, nutrition noodles, biscuits, flesh crisp, glucose and so on more than one category.

  • Product positioningWe focus on thetarget consumersin the high-incomewhite-collarfamily of teachers,they need to findasafe and nutritiousmilkfor the baby,the babymarket tothe basis of age0-3 years old baby

    -----------after market researchandmarket developmenttrend. Product positioningforhigh-endproductsensureparityinnutrition and health and safety

  • 4PTable 4P analysisstrategy

    Price strategyEngniceset out a year1.5billion plan,in order to complete thisyear 1.5billion plan,we will further expand theproduct line,the development of othernew babyproducts,can expand the sales of the enterprise.The same product isadifferent pricesforwholesale and retail,in expanding the productline.To reducethe price of some products,theseprices reflecta strategy: 1,attract the idealchannel partners,1,from thebabbling,babybearcompanion otherto seize market share.Product strategyA good brand building,in the process of development,Engnicehas always attached great importance toproduct developmentand innovation,combined withthe Canadian well-known geneticand developmentalresearch institutions,researchand clinical trialsonthe field of nutrition,has introducedvarious types ofinfantnutritionfood scienceadvanced,safeand delicious,and fromall aspects of production,logistics,salesand servicestrictly,ensure the advanced research resultstoimprove thetransfer to consumers.

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    Place strategyOurchannel strategyisthrough thedistribution channel,theentityshopand networkvendors to sell.Engnice has been increasingchannel partners.Until thecover mostimportantmarket, andmake the productappear mainly in theelectronicproduct catalogsand on the internet .Throughthe national each bigstores and Internetretailers sellEngnice baby products.Engnice providesdescription of productcolor picturesandvideoson the sitePromotion strategy: By integrating all kinds ofinfantinformation,Engnicewill strengthen thebrand names and productdifference.Help usadvertising agencyin theprior to product launchandlaunch processselection can effectivelyinfluencetheappropriate media and thetime ofpotential customers.Theads will berepeatedandconcentrate resources,to maintain brand awarenessto highlight the productfeatures.With good communicationwithconsumers

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