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Erratum: Eur. Phys. J. A5243–246 (1999)

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  • Eur. Phys. J. A 6, 481 (1999) THE EUROPEANPHYSICAL JOURNAL Ac Springer-Verlag 1999


    First identiflcation of excited states in the N = Z nucleus 70Br

    C. Borcan1;2, H. Schnare1, R. Schwengner1, L. Kaubler1, H.G. Ortlepp1, F. Donau1, H. Grawe3, M. Gorska3,S. Skoda4, J. Eberth4, T. Hartlein5, F. Kock5, D. Pansegrau5, M. Moszynski6, D. Wolski6, M. Weiszog7,A. Axelsson7, D.R. Napoli8, A. Gadea8, R. Wadsworth9, A. Wilson9, W. Andrejtschefi10

    1 Institut fur Kern- und Hadronenphysik, Forschungszentrum Rossendorf, 01314 Dresden, Germany2 Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Bucharest, P.O. Box MG-6, Romania3 GSI Darmstadt, 64229 Darmstadt, Germany4 Institut fur Kernphysik der Universitat zu Koln, 50937 Koln, Germany5 Max-Planck-Institut fur Kernphysik, 69029 Heidelberg, Germany6 Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Department of Nuclear Electronics, 05-400 Otwock-Swierk, Poland7 The Svedberg Laboratory, P.O. Box 533, 75121 Uppsala, Sweden8 INFN, Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro, 35020 Legnaro, Italy9 University of York, Physics Department, Heslington, York Y01 5DD, UK

    10 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, 1784 Sofla, Bulgaria

    Eur. Phys. J. A 5, 243{246 (1999)

    After the publication of the short note with the abovetitle we have learnt that the level scheme proposed for thenucleus 70Br is identical with the low-energy part of thelevel scheme of 193Tl [1] as presented in [2].

    This nucleus could be populated in our experiment viathe reaction 181Ta(16O,4n) in the beamstop made of tan-talum.

    The assignment of the rays at 392, 406, 735, 751 and754 keV to the nucleus 70Br was based on the analysis ofratios of intensities from exit channels with difierentneutron and proton multiplicities, which are presented inFigs. 2{4 of the short note. This analysis gave a consistentpicture. The critical point was that the assignments to

    3n as well as 1p were extrapolations, since there were noknown exit channels with 3n or 1p emission that could beused for comparison.

    In conclusion, the level scheme presented in the shortnote displays excited states in 193Tl. The identiflcation ofexcited states in 70Br remains an open problem.


    1. C. Svensson, priv. comm2. S. Bouneau, et al., Eur. Phys. J. A 2, 245 (1998)