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Ethos, Logos, Pathos

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Greek Roots. Ethos, Logos, Pathos. Persuade Readers. Three basic strategies ………… Ethos Logos Pathos. Ethos… Ethics/trustworthy. Person to believe. Logos… Logic. Convincing facts, statistics, and information. What is the message?. Pathos… Emotions. Pathos …Emotions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grade 7 Unit 04 Lesson 01 Day 11 Powerpoint - Logos Pathos

Ethos, Logos, PathosGreek Roots1Three basic strategies

EthosLogosPathos Persuade ReadersIntroduce the words and discuss how writers use the strategies in their arguments. Explain how various works, speeches, and individuals debating an issue, include different strategies to influence others. 2


Person to believe.Have students identify the characters.Ask: What do these characters represent?Ask: What do they have in common?Discuss with the students how these figures represent a person of good character who are trustworthy.

Explain: If we believe that a speaker has good sense, good moral character, and goodwill, we believe what that speaker says to us.Speaker appears to have the appropriate expertise or authority to speak knowledgeably about the subject matter.


Convincing facts, statistics, and information

Have the students identify the images.Ask: Would do these images represent?4What is the message?

Ask: How would these images or others that are similar influence someone?What are the benefits of wind turbines, nutrition facts, swimming?Further discussion may follow.Explain: Logos means providing factually accurate and logically meaningful reasons in support of your position on a topic.


Have students identify the images.Students will describe their emotions after you read the following:Parents have surprised you with a car.You saw the puppy at the shelter.You want to attend a concert with your friends.Ask: Why do these images affect your emotions?Explain how the images, the vivid and emotional language, and sensory details activate our emotions within us. Further discussion may follow.6


Have students identify the images.Students will describe their emotions for the following:Parents surprise you with a car.Your family adopted the puppy from the shelterYou started a new job and received your first pay check.Ask: Why do these affect your emotions?Ask: Compare your emotions to the emotions from the previous images. 7Good Argument:Ethosethical and trustworthyLogoslogical reasoning Pathosemotional appeal What ways does a writer attempt to persuade a reader or the public with advertisements?Why is it beneficial to know these words and techniques writers use?What are some attempts by others who use each technique?Examples-Athlete promoting a product. -Commercials depicting homeless people. -Speech given by candidate running for election.Further discussion on relating these terms and strategies to writing and reading.In the vocabulary notebook write the term, definition and an event in which you used these techniques? It could be at home, school, or with the public.8

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