Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Technol. 8/2012

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  • European Journalof Lipid Science and Technology

    ContentsVolume 114, No. 8, August 2012


    865 How to choose a statistical test

    Jean-Francois Martin

    Short Communications

    869 Differences in lipid parameters among statins treated patients with coronary arteriosclerosis a pilot study

    Pawe Burchardt, Jakub Zurawski, Tomasz Kubacki, Bartosz Zuchowski, Henryk Wysocki

    875 Lipase-catalyzed transesterification to remove saturated MAG from biodiesel

    Santosh Kumar Padhi, Michael Haas, Uwe T. Bornscheuer

    Research Articles

    880 Trans fatty acids influence the oxidation of LDL in ECV304 cells

    Tan Zhi, Liu Yanhong, Liang Rui, Song Jian, Liu Jinping, Wu Junzhu

    889 Synthesis of triheptanoin and formulation as a solid diet for rodents

    Vladislav Semak, Jana Semakova, Lyda Halbaut, Ester Aso, Isidro Ferrer, Ana Calpena, Carmen Escolano,

    Jose Carlos Perales

    896 An efficient and expeditious synthesis of phytostanyl esters in a solvent-free system

    Yang Zhou, Chengsheng Jia, Rui Li, Xiaoming Zhang, Wensen He, Jingjing Li, Biao Feng, Qiuyu Xia

    905 An efficient reaction protocol for the ruthenium-catalysed epoxidation of methyl oleate

    Arno Behr, Nils Tenhumberg, Andreas Wintzer

    911 Renewable linear alpha olefins by selective ethenolysis of decarboxylated unsaturated fatty acids

    Frits van der Klis, Jerome Le Notre, Rolf Blaauw, Jacco van Haveren, Daan S. van Es

    919 Study of the porous structure of white chocolate by confocal Raman microscopy

    Hanna Dahlenborg, Anna Millqvist-Fureby, Birgit D. Brandner, Bjorn Bergenstahl

    927 Extraction of a-tocopherolquinone from vegetable oil deodorizer distillate wasteBayala Isso, David Ryan

    933 Enrichment of frying oils with plant phenolic extracts to extend the usage life

    Buket Aydeniz, Emin Yilmaz

    942 Understanding degradation of phenolic compounds during olive oil processing by inhibitor addition

    Marzia Migliorini, Lorenzo Cecchi, Chiara Cherubini, Serena Trapani, Enrico Cini,

    Bruno Zanoni

    951 A polyphenol extract of tara pods (Caesalpinia spinosa) as a potential antioxidant in oils

    Nalda Romero, Arturo Fernandez, Paz Robert

    958 Phenolic composition and antioxidant activity of Southern Italian monovarietal virgin olive oils

    Giuseppe Gambacorta, Michele Faccia, Antonio Trani, Carmela Lamacchia, Tommaso Gomes

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  • 968 Fatty acids, 4-desmethylsterols, and triterpene alcohols from Tunisian lentisc (Pistacia lentiscus)


    Hajer Trabelsi, Faouzi Sakouhi, Justin Renaud, Pierre Villeneuve, Mohamed L. Khouja, Paul Mayer,

    Sadok Boukhchina

    974 Lipid characterization and antioxidant status of the seeds and meals of Camelina sativa and flax

    Nathalie Quezada, Gita Cherian

    Issue 6, Sterols cover illustration

    The cover illustration of the June special issue on Sterols was provided by Anne Galea and Andrew Brown, University

    of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. The image represents the complexity of cellular (chole)sterol trafficking and

    metabolism as a maze and alludes to the ancient Greek legend of Theseus using a ball of thread to find his way out of

    King Minos labyrinth.

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