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  1. 1. Genetic and MolecularBiologyReading Evolutions Journalin...ATCG...
  2. 2. Missing InformationWhy is evidence important to a theory?Evidencesupports aclaim.
  3. 3. Missing InformationWhy is evidence important to a theory?Scientific Evidence:Experimental Results,Repeatable,IndependentlyObservable.Facts - things thatverifiably occur in nature.
  4. 4. Evidence of Evolution
  5. 5. Whats up Chuck?Theres stillsomethingmissing!
  6. 6. 1953Watson andCrickDNA the chemicalcode for all life.
  7. 7. The CodeEvidence in the chemistry of lifeEvidence in the chemistry of lifeAll living cells use information coded in DNA and RNA tocarry information from one generation to the next and to directprotein synthesis. The genetic code is nearly identical inalmost all organisms, including bacteria, yeast, plants, fungi,and animals.Identify the differences in the amino acid sequencebelow. Closer related species will have fewerdifferences.
  9. 9. Count the differences and find out!*Coelacanth is type of lobed-fined fish - our common ancestor from the sea; Fugu is a type of ray-finned fish - not our closest ancestor from the sea - a type of puffer-fish actually; Mouse is a mammalthat eats cheese (you know - like a mouse).Who is more closely related to theWho is more closely related to themouse?mouse?FuguMouseCoelacanthMouse to Coelacanth =6 differencesMouse to Fugu = 8differences
  10. 10. Not tested on this...just extra coolstuffNot tested on this...just extra coolstuffArticle fromHEREDITY2006BuildingDivergent BodyPlans withsimilar GeneticPathwayshttp://www.readcube.com/articles/10.1038/sj.hdy.6800872HOXgenes
  11. 11. Mendels work 1856-1863REDISCOVERED in 1900sREDISCOVERED in 1900sDarwin, nor anyone else from histime, had any clue about themechanics of heredity. Mendelwas first to quantify it but his workwent unnoticed until the early1900s.