FDR and the New Deal The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

FDR and the New Deal “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

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FDR and the New Deal

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Learning Targets Students will be able to understand the three

main purposes of the New Deal

Students will be able to identify different New Deal programs and their specific purposes

FDR’s Plan

1. willing to “try something” to help economy2. gathered “Brain Trust” for advice 3. focus on 3 R’s in legislation:

• relief (aids people directly, like jobs)• recovery (supports/ help industries)• reform (creates new laws to fix problems)

“Take a methodand try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and tryanother.” Roosevelt 1932


1. Civilian Conservation Corps. (CCC)

• gave jobs to young men, conserved natural resources (parks, roads, ditches, windbreaks, etc.)

Digging Ditches in MontanaIllinois CCC advertisement

Pillow created to honor the CCC

2. Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA):

• direct relief was given to states to help families• 3 billion dollars spent by 1935

3. Works Progress Administration (WPA):

• put people to work building public buildings, roads, and bridges

• also hired actors, artists, musicians & writers• special division for women in nursing and


WPA advertisement to aid women

WPA helped artists,like Diego, create murals and continuehis or her craft

White Board Moment!

Compare and evaluate the three relief programs. Which one do you think was most effective? Why?


1. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA):

• helped the valley by controlling floods and making cheap hydroelectric power

TVA workers working on a dam control building

2. National Recovery Administration (NRA):

• set industry codes for production, wages, prices & working conditions

3. Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)

• farmers paid not to grow crops to prevent surpluses

Whiteboard Moment! What symbol did the NRA use,

and why did they use it?

Create a symbol for the AAA.


1. Emergency Banking Act

• only stable banks were allowed to reopen from the “bank holiday”

2. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC)

• insured savings accounts in gov’t approved banks

3. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

• oversees companies that sell stocks to protect the investors

4. Social Security Act

• pensions for retired, unemployment insurance, welfare

Whiteboard Moment! Which of the Reform programs do you

think was the most important and effective?

Find someone in the room with a different choice. Debate your answers.

Trade whiteboards. Summarize your partner’s arguments on their whiteboard.

Journal Reflection Without looking at your notes,

write down the three R’s of the New Deal Program.

Summarize the purpose of each of the three R’s.

Write down one example of a New Deal program for each of the three R’s.