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Automatic Transfer Switch include Automatic Mains Failure Original from FG Wilson Generating Set


  • 24 Hour Power Protection365 doys o yeor...FG Wilson's ronge of intelligent Lood Tionsfer Ponels offer youpeoce of mind.

    The FG Wilson Lood Tronsfer Ponel ronge offers onelectronicolly controlled response to power or-rtoges. Wthflexible, upgrodeoble options ond o high level of functionolityFG Wilson tronsfer ponels provide 24-hour outomoticcontrol of stondby generoting sets, 355 doys o yeor.

    Why buy on ATI/CTI FG Wilson Lood Tronsfer Fonel?

    > Automotic ond monuol operotion for increosedreliobility

    > Monuol operotion possible without opening theponel

    Lood Tionsfer Fonel ronge meets ATS IEC 60947-6-1stondord

    Test operotions ond sequences ore occessiblefrom front ponel or remotely

    Fost octing switch, reducing tronsfer timesbetween set ond utility power

    Pre-progrommed, ollowing the ponel to run oninstollotion with the obility to customise ifnecessory

    Lood fedfrom generoting set

    Lmd fedfrom moins


    Lood TronsferPonel


  • Solid Neutrol KitAllows the connection

    of neutrol coblesfrom utility power,

    generoting set ondlood without hovlngthe neutrol broken

    by the swhch duringtronsfer operotions.

    LCil illspleryShows detoiled stotus of

    system ot oll times forgreoter oworeness ond


    Sysi'*e't'r S?*tuslndi*:c?mrs

    Shows stotus of utilitypower, generoting set

    ond switch ot oll times.

    Voltoge SensingTop

    Allows for pole vohogesensing.

    lVsll &A*uqr,?ing KitPonel con be woll

    mounted for greoterflexibility in positioning.

    Fncgn*ntrn*bie epunteiawnTirncrs

    Set routine times for deloy onstorts, deloy on tronsfer, deloy on

    re-tronsfer End run on timer.

    Terrninol shroudFor odded protection.

    ptu tolidci n,* rr {,r"Te s t&,4oe** St,stus Ir:*lic*tionAllows on/off lood tests otroutine service checks.

    &uxili*ry fre:ntrnfsAuxiliory lnputs foroutomotic control,remote test on lood ondmonuol re-tronsfer.

    KeypedFor stroightforwordprogromming ondtesting. Posswordprotection is included.

    Fcdi$sk$flleSwitch can bepodlocked in oll threeposiiions for oddedsecurity ond sofety.Only possible in monuoloperotion mode.

    &Aen{js! }"{mndieFully integroted hondlefor monuol operotion.

    Auxiliory ContoctsAuxilioryllolt freecontocG for remotelymonitoring the switchposition.

    e+sltr*l T*rntiltc{*Generoting set remotestort signol ondterminols for remotelymonitoring the system-

  • RS485 Communicotions ModuleEnobles occess to the system remotelythrough telephone or PC vio modem.


    S*ttc,ret1 Gk:y:d Fict*Removoble glond plote providing

    increosed occessibility with o sizeobleoreo for utility pover ond genercting set

    cobles to be connected.

    Volt Free ContqctsFor power ovoiloble ond generotor ovoiloble

    Sy*tent Sf{etusIneii*:r:rti*q';

    Shows stotus of util'rtypower, generoting

    set ond switch ot olltimes.

    T.*.* "rV!re 5{"*rt$i6n*:!

    Simple two wireconnection for

    outomotic control.

    ,?,*s:*ci FE*;:ril*:Fully integroted hondlefor monuol operotion.

    Fftdlc"u.;i=sllritSwitch con be

    podlocked in oll threepositions for oddedsecurity ond sofety.

    Solid NeutrslAllows the connection ofneutrol cobles from utility

    poiler. generoting setond lood without hoving

    the neutrol broken bythe switch during tronsfer


    \'i"'t:li Fd*e.**tiri$ i{"itPonel con be woll

    mounted for greoterflexibility in positioning

    (ATl 250 ond 400).

    lnstollotioninstollotion set

    ;"Eusfe,,'idt:nrgt:liirT*st Fd*:de Stei?#slneii**cir:i':Allows onloff lood testsroutine service checks.

    i-f# llie;:l*;yShows detoiled stotus ofsystem ot oll tlmes forgreoter oworeness ondcontrol.

    Power MeteringTo meosure loodcurrent, kW, kVAr, kVA,power foctor.

    Krypr:r*For stroightforwordprogromming ondtesting. Posswordprotedion is lncluded.

    $*r*g re.i ri:r* * Lrie{*ul:t#*u,* Tim*rsSet routine times fordeloy on storts, deloyon tronsfer, deloy onre-tronsfer ond run ontimer.

    Lightning ProtectionEnsures the sofety ofsystem during lightningstorms (includes volt freecontocts for r"rtility powerond generoting set).


    ;.r{!!iur+ i:'i.lr:rf t r::i




    Auxiliory ContoctsAuxiliory / volt free contocts forremotely monitoring system; switchposition, podlock ond outorylotic ormonuol operotion.



  • lrtotorlrcdiil*hordel$ruldSwtich'Focil'rty for monuol chongeover

    Stotur lndcotloo

    Utility power ovoiloble

    Utility power on lood

    Generotor ovoiloble I Generotor on lood

    Utility porer ond generotor off lood

    Monuol mode / Autornotic mode

    Test on lood / Test off lood

    Monuol re-tronsfer {or embled / requiredPower / Enor indicotion (LED)

    FqchUniversol syrnbols to ollow for muhiplelonguoges

    u+rraC'lqurBl+erqvtf*Ul,Wlity poier Ll-2, LI-3, L2-3 roltogeUtility power LI-N. L2-N, L3-N roltogeGeneroting set Ll-N, L2-N, L3-Nvoltoge

    Generoting set Ll-e Ll-3, L2-3 rohogeWlity power frequency / Czeneroting setfrequencyNumber of times switch tronsfurs frommoins to gonoroting setnmer settings


    Complete enclosure meets stondordtEc&94741Switch rcets stondord AC3IB

    66r{|!li :. ::.'''.'Under / over frequenca loilure

    Under / orer frequency restorotion

    Monuol / outo re-tronsfer

    Mode select push button

    Under / over rolts foilure

    Under / over volts restorotion

    Deloy on stort timer

    Deloy on ironsfur

    Deloy on rc-ircnsfer

    Deod bond tlmer

    Run on timer

    Auno / monuol control keyswitch

    Lomp test pu*rbutton

    Podloct focil'rty

    ,,p*Oo". ,anttoclorr+Eqvt-tchmode

    Coblc cntry



    Lood Tcrmtnol Bttenrlqrc

    lmprwing eose of instollqtion

    -lory.Coataar: , -


    For swltch position(podlocking & outo/monuol - ATI only)

    L&fitnkg Protcc{lonErsuring the sofuty of system duringlightning stoms

    lngrc* Pr,otcrtion lP!4ftotection for the control module

    fuur.r ti&teri4gTo meosure lood current, kW kVAr, kVAFower foctor

    lrolt FrgG CorhctrFor utility power ovoiloble & generotoror,oiloble

    Conrmu*cotionr ModrdcPlug in module thot uses Jbus/modbusprotocol to ollow remote communicotion ofthe chonge over system

    pftgqesiming.fae,' I ',Alloring for pole voltoge sensing

    Sofid Neutrol Klt'lb connect neiJtol cobles from the moins,genemting sa ond lood

    ,:f .'


    S - stondord fuqtureI -optionol feoture

  • Model

    cr 63



    Amm tin)

    600 (23.6)

    Bmm (fn,

    400 (r5.7)

    cmm (in)

    200 u.9)

    Weightkg {lb)

    r9 (4r.8)

    cTr 100 r00 A 600 (23.6) 400 (rs.7) 200 (7.91 r9 (4r "8)

    cTt 125 125 A 600 (23.6) 400 (rs.7) 200 (7.e) r9 (4r.8)

    cTl 160 160 A 600 (23.6) 400 (r5.7) 200 (7.e) r 9 (4r.8)



    CTI woll mounted

    ATI woll mounted

    Floor stonding (ATI onty)

    *Floor stondirg. tDimension A for the top coble entry model will chonge to

    1350 mm (53.1 in)

    From your locol deoler

    PL TAJAR GE[f[.Ar{G Uts0lt Et{ctr{EEnr}t0JATARTA


    ATt 250


    250 A

    Amm (in)

    900 (3s.4)

    smm (in)

    600 (23.5)

    Cmm (in)

    323 (12.71

    Weightkg {tb}

    39 (86.0)

    ATr 400 400 A e00 (3s.4) 500 (23.6) 323 (12.71 44 (e7.0)

    ATI 530 630 A I roo (43.3)t 6AA Q3.6) 3e8 (r5.7) 65 (r45.5)

    ATt 800* 800 A r 375 (54. r ) 77s (30.s) 600 (23.6) 125 Q75.61

    ATI I r000 A r375 (54.r) 77s (30.s) 600 (23.6) r 30 (286.6)

    ATI 1 1250 A r800 (70.8) 1005 (39.5 77s (30.5) (s07.r)

    ATI I r500 A r800 (70.8) r005 (39.6, 77s (30.s) (727.7)

    FG Wlgon hos monufocturlng focillties ln the followlng locotions:Northem lrelond . Brozil . Chino . lndio . USA

    With heodquorten in Northern lrelond, FG Wilson operotes through o Globol DeolerNetwork. To contoct your locol Soles Office pleose visit the FG Wilson website ot


    ln line with our policy of or*inuos prcduct d*lopmer*, re resfle the right to chonge specificqlion without notiG. ATt-CTt/0809/GB