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  • 1. The HighlineJames Corner Field Operations Clarisa Gonzlez

2. James Corner Landscape architect andtheorist Manchester MetropolitanUniversity in England University of Pennsylvania Landscape design andenvironmental research Developing innovativeapproaches toward landscapearchitectural design andurbanism. 3. Field Operations Collaboration with Stan Allen until 2005 Forefront in Landscape Urbanism Movement Process vs Style 4. Natural, Rough, Ecologically Sound 5. Mandate:To create intelligent, high-quality design solutions for cities, landscapes, and public spaces 6. Landscape Construction Remove track (kept forreuse on the highline) Remove debris Pigeon deterrentsinstalled 7. Purpose of DesignTo provide a straight walkway, walk along tracks, allow accessto as much greenery as possible, and relax while enjoying the skyline. 8. Pictures 9. James Corners Pictures 10. Sources You