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2. COMPANY PROFILEWWW.RHKLEGAL.CNRichard Kimber | THE MANAGING PARTNER OF RHK LEGAL CORPORATE ADVISORS, IN SHANGHAIR ichard Kimber is theand IT sector on strategic alliances invested companies operating in the Managing Partner of RHK and joint ventures in China andPRC where he adds valuable insights Legal Corporate Advisors, those companies operating in foodand expertise to the emerging in Shanghai. Richard'sand beverage, international trade, Chinese market. Richard is a former areas of expertise are compliance shipping, banking and insurance, board member of the Australian and regulatory advice for insurerslogistics and commodities. Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and foreign banks, transportationand frequent presenter to the various and logistics providers, FDI andPARTNER IN international Chambers of Commerce M&A, trade nance for foreign banks, in Shanghai. financial services, ship finance, INTERNATIONAL FIRM commercial real estate work and Admitted and registered as a corporate liquidations. lawyer in Hong Kong, Australia, and the UK, Richard worked in Hong Kong from 1994 to end of 1999 as a lawyer EXPERIENCE IN CHINA with a leading British law rm. In earlyHaving worked in China for 2000 he transferred to Shanghai over 16 years and now based inwhere he was managing partner of a Shanghai for the past 9 years he hasUK based International Law Firm for assisted over 100 major companies over 6 years. to enter the Chinese market and advises on their PRC operations and compliance issues. His expertise UNDERSTANDS CHINA extends to advising companies in theRichard also holds a number manufacturing, telecommunications of directorships in certain foreign RHK LegalRHK Legal, is an independent legal advisoryABOUT and consulting firm in Shanghai and provides assistance in all elds of corporate and commercial 169 100 law for SMEs and large international companiesIT doing business in China. The founder of RHKRHK Legal, Mr. Richard Kimber has worked in China since 1994 and since 2000 in Shanghai. Our clients are a mix of Hong Kong, European and Australian 19941999 based corporates.LEGAL 2000 6 RHK Legal Richard Kimber1994 2000 02 | RHK Legal Corporate Advisors | 03 3. OUR TEAMWWW.RHKLEGAL.CN OUR TEAM Our team consists of lawyersand legal consultants of various backgrounds, legal know-how and expertise. We have lawyers with Australian, Hong Kong and US qualifications and PRC trained legal consultants. When it comes to work experience, our lawyers and legal consultants before entering our firm, have had practical exposure to the banking, retail, food and beverage and insurance sectors. We contribute as active members to our respective bar associations and their publications. For many years, we have been deeply involved in the various Chambers of Commerce (such as the Australian, British, US and European) in China. Quite naturally, and based on the strong mix of strengths mentioned above, we work and communicate efficiently in English, French and various dialects of Chinese.04 | RHK Legal Corporate Advisors | 05 4. OUR EXPERTISEWWW.RHKLEGAL.CN OUR EXPERTISE We provide our clients with soundand creative solutions for abroad variety of transactions,corporate law matters, intellectual- property strategies and disputes. We also pay particular attention to and advise our clients in nance matters, tax and business planning, and regulatory issues to ensure that their business needs are anticipated and met. Successful negotiation with PRC government authorities and board representation in PRC entities are our core competencies. COMMITMENT 06 | RHK Legal Corporate Advisors | 07 5. OUR CLIENTSWWW.RHKLEGAL.CN Expedo Shipping CorporationPanoramic Holdings LimitedStratco (Australia) Pty LtdToro Australia Group Sales Pty Ltd Royal & SunAlliance plc, Shanghai Branch Global Marine Systems LimitedMichell Pty Ltd Ayoma Company LimitedGAC Forwarding & Shipping(Shanghai) Co. Ltd. OUR CLIENTS Toro Australia Pty Co. LtdMIKOH Corporation LimitedAXA-Minmetals Assurance Co. LtdMedela (Beijing) Medical TechnologyCo. LtdANZ Banking Group Limited, Beijing Branch Boundary Bend Limited (CobramEstate)IMI plc (IMI China) China Pub Company Plc TRUSTMLS Group Plc 08 | RHK Legal Corporate Advisors | 09 6. INDUSTRY SECTORS SERVED WWW.RHKLEGAL.CN INDUSTRY SECTORS SERVED We Represent Clients In Diversied Industries Which Include:B ankingTextileTransportInsurance Metallurgy TradeManufacturing Coal Consumption ProductsShippingOil and Petro-chemical Luxury goodsLogistics Chemical PortsFranchising MedicalReal estateTelecom Mining Food and BeverageITPowerAgribusinessElectronics Environment KNOWLEDGE 10 | RHK Legal Corporate Advisors | 11 7. TRACK RECORD WWW.RHKLEGAL.CN TRACK RECORD Advised a New Zealand based ethanol producer on theAdvised Australian based chemical additives producer establishment of an ethanol processing facility in Nantong,on enlarging business scope to include wholesaling and China. distribution and required increase in registered capital.Advised Russian based international carrier on the Advised several Hong Kong based food and beverage establishment of its subsidiary in PRC and the obtaining ofcompanies on their China based operations and all MOFCOM and MOC approvals.assistance in the establishment of outlets and licensingissues. Advised a dangerous goods warehouse provider on the establishment of its warehouse facility in Waigaoqiao FTZ. Conducted the due diligence exercise for the acquisition of Tycom and its PRC subsidiaries by Kyocera Inc (US) including conducting due diligence of Tycom's manufacturing subsidiaries located in Shenzhen and Shanghai; reviewed the corporate records and advised on procedures for the completion of the acquisition.Advised a US based IT company on setting up a Wholly Kyocera Inc Tycom Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in Shenzhen including Tycom drafting the Feasibility Study and articles of the WFOE and ling with the PRC authorities; advised on the lease of premises; and drafted a construction contract for the t-out of the premises. IT Advised and assisted German and Irish trade centers on establishing trade and enterprise boards in Shanghai for both Germany and Ireland. Advised UK headquartered insurance company on legal issues relevant to operation of PRC inland road and rail transport and regulatory requirements to insure for PRC inland transportation risks and advised on the corporate structure for the establishment of a foreign registered insurance company in China. Rio Tinto Advised Rio Tinto plc on setting up joint venture, PRC regulations on logistics operations and financingBubai5 structures.Advised Dubai headquartered international logistics company on the establishment of its WFOE in Shanghai RESULTS and 5 branch ofces in PRC. Noble Advised major Australian bank on a compliance review of its credit, security and wholesale trade finance documentation for the China market. Advised Noble Group on its establishment of a FICE WFOE in Shanghai and restructured its related domestic operations. 12 | RHK Legal Corporate Advisors | 13 8. PRACTICE AREASWWW.RHKLEGAL.CNPRACTICE AREAS RHK Legal offers its clients comprehensive advice andpension regulations, collective and individual labour representation, with particular strengths in the following negotiations, start-up hirings and liquidations, expatriateelds: employment arrangements and condentiality and non- disclosure agreements.INVESTMENT Establishment of legal entities or representative ofces,IP & ITsino-foreign equity and cooperative joint ventures and Handling and coordination of registration of models,wholly foreign-owned enterprises, advice on mergersdesigns, trade marks, domain names as well as& acquisitions and strategic investments in listed registration and protection of copyrighted workscompanies, investment structure planning, research including software; technology transfer and licensing;and due-diligence on acquisition targets and potential anti-counterfeiting and coordination of infringement business partners, condentiality agreements.investigation and evidence collection. CORPORATE & COMMERCIAL COMPETITION / ANTITRUSTHandling company formation, company secretarialHandling merger-control analysis and filings under services and representing parties in bankruptcy andlocal laws, coordination of local fair-trade litigation liquidation. matters as well as assistance with overseas antitrust and fair-trade litigation.SHIPPING & TRADEHandling company and branch formation, shipTAXnance, logistics agreements, distribution and agencyTax advice related to investment, international trade agreements, management and consulting agreements and employment, such as preferential treatment, and liaising with relevant PRC ministries(Ministry ofcustoms duty, VAT, BT, EIT, IIT, LUR VAT, consumptionCommunications, MOFCOM). tax and other standard business tax issues. TRANSACTIONS OUTSOURCING M&A of local entities and negotiation and review ofCompliance advice, technology transfers, performancecontracts of international trade, tender and bid, etc. bonds, risk management, review of contracts and other vendor and purchaser issues.FINANCIAL SERVICES /CSRC and CIRC related matters, insurance and banking law compliance issues and regulatory advice. NATURAL RESOURCE & REAL ESTATE Advice on acquisition of mining rights, explorationrights, land use rights (LURs), advice on tenancy. FRANCHISINGDevelopment agreements, master franchise and unit agreements, sub-franchising, territorial exclusivity, trademark licensing, non-competition litigation, foreigninvestment approval for franchise projects.EMPLOYMENT Advice and drafting of employment contracts, as well as advice on compliance with social security and 14 | RHK Legal Corporate Advisors | 15

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