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  • Flying Talk..Talk with Air, Part 1: Hot Air Balloons

    Lynne H. HehrSTEM Center for Mathematics and Science EducationArkansas NASA Educator Resource CenterUniversity of Arkansas, Fayetteville

  • Montgolfier Balloon


  • Balloons In Military Aviation

  • Explorer II1935

    1st use of aerial photography

  • Worlds Largest Balloon

  • High Altitude Balloons

  • Facts1960 world original space dive: Joseph Kittinger high altitude parachute jump1978 Double Eagle II 1st balloon (helium) to cross the Atlantic Ocean1981 Double Eagle V 1st balloon to cross the Pacific Ocean1999 first around the world flight2012 Supersonic Skydive by Felix Baumgartner

  • Balloon Uses TodayStudy astronomy, magnetic fields, cosmic dust, biology WarfareLogging operations for hauling logsFun and SportsWeather forecastingWar against drug traffic

  • Integration - Mathematics Balloonists like to fly together. Sometimes there will be 40 to 50 balloons flying together. Each balloon basket can carry 3 or 4 people. If there are 45 balloons and 3 passengers in each balloon basket, how many passengers are there all together?

  • Integration - Art Supply art supplies and have your students draw pictures to put on the sides of hot-air balloons that will fly over your city to advertise the best-ever chocolate chip ice cream.

  • Integration - Writing Balloons are a most unusual flying machine. As a class pretend that you are taking a trip in a balloon. Write a tale of your trip.

  • How To Make A Hot Air BalloonGlue 4 tissue sheets together 8 timesFold all glued sheets lengthwise Stack all sheets along foldTop with pattern and clamp togetherCut all sheets along pattern edgeGlue, glue, glueTop with tissue lid Bottom it with straw circle

  • NOVA: A Short History of Ballooning**Joseph and Jacques in 1892 owned a paper mill noticed a shirt that had been hing out to fry over a fire. It billowed upward and looke as if it had inflated from there history.Experimented with cloth, paper & straw andsmokeSent up sheep, a duck and a rooster traveled about 2 miles in 8 minutes altitude about 1700First person in 1783in tethered balloonFirst people in non-tethered - Straw fire they used to warm the envelope caught the balloon on fire doused with water.Flight lasted 25 minutes for 5 miles at an altitude of 300 feet.*Tethered balloons held so artist could sketch or photograph other troops position. Also used as target practice by the other troops. Used to gather information on troop locations and movements, artillery spotting and communications. Frank Luke Arizona Balloon Buster Ist American AceDuring WWII tethered to ships, buildings and other structures to keep airplanes at a greater height.Early use lead to the foundation of the US Army Balloon corps in early 1900s military aviation. During WWI all major powers use tethered observation balloons.

    *Helium filledDivision between the troposphere and the stratosphere and the actual curvature of the earth*NSBF (National Scientific Balloon Facility) in Palestine, TexasLaunched in 1977900 feet tallDiameter of 580 feet at float altitude*Antarctica balloon researchUnmanned helium balloons provide an inexpensive means to place payloads in to spaceScientific observations in fields such as hard ex-ray/gamma-ray and infra-red astronomy, cosmic rays and atmospheric studies NSBF in Palestine, TX

    *1960 - Air Force Captain Joe Kittinger - 102,800 feet altitude - broke sound barrier and freefall record

    1978 -

    1981 -

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    1999 -

    2012 - Math Hot Air Balloon

    Hot Air Balloon Unit

    CNN Student News: How Hot Air Balloons Work*See accompanying document on Hot Air Balloon Instructions and Pattern*See accompanying document on Hot Air Balloon Instructions and Pattern*