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Collection of Landscape Architect Work

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  • G a b r i e l M u o z L a n d s c a p e A r c h i t e c t u r e P o r t f o l i o

  • T a b l e o f C o n T e n T s

    C o n s T r u C T e d W e T l a n d s f o r T h e u n i v e r s i T y o f C a l i f o r n i a , d av i s

    T h e k i s s i n g Wa l l f o r T h e u.C . d av i s a r b o r e T u m

    r e s i d e n T i a l d e s i g n b u i l d

    d e Ta i l s a n d C o n s T r u C T i o n d o C u m e n T s

    P h o T o g r a P h y

  • Constructed Wetlands

    This Project explores the possibilities of integrating a constructed wetland for the University of California Davis Campus to improve water quality for the U.C. Davis Arboretum and the water that is discharged into Putah Creek. Improvements in water quality will help reduce the eutrophication process which is one of the main causes of the green murky water that flows through the arboretum water way. This project presents two wetlands that will help improve water quality. Wetland I will serve as a functional constructed wetland. Whereas Wetland II two is designed to create a more natural wetland feel where wildlife can thrive and people can enjoy outdoor activities.

  • 3Base Map










    i-80 FREEWAY





  • 4Area of Study

  • 5UC Davis Wastewater System Flow Diagram

    University of California, Davis


    Bar Screen/ HeadworksLarge particles of trash are separated from the water Oxidation Ditch

    Biological treatment of effluent

    Secondary ClarifierSettle suspended soils

    Solids Drying Bed

    Landfill/ CompostPossible used for fertilizers

    Putah Creek

    UV DisinfectionUltra Violet Light Disinfection

    Sand Filter Last Chance to filter out sand particles


  • 6Pipe Re-RoutingWater will be intercepted at location shown on the map. Water will be directed to Wetland I. Water will be treated and then pumped back to the the waste water treatment system.

    Contextual Map

    Pipe Interception

    ReturnFiltered water to return to wastewater treatment system and follow its original course. Water will eventually get pumped to Wetland System #2.

    Water Source For Constructed Wetland

  • 7Wetland I Master Plan & Sections

    Quercus lobata

    Salix Laevigata

    Populus fremontii


    Quercus lobata

    Water Lillies

    Switch Grass

    Native Grass Mix

    Plant Legend





    Section B-B This section of the wetland plan allows for experimentation with the use of switch grass and native grass mix clippings as a source for biofuels. California imports over 50% of is biofules. Providing this expiramental area may help contribute lower the amount of biofuels imported into the state.

    Section C-C This section of the wetland plan allows for the filtration of phosphorus through root uptake of plants such as Cattails and sedimentation.

  • 8Water Diagram w/ Contour map

    Master Plan Wetland II

    Wetland II Master Plan



    Water DiagramContours 32-36 will retain water year around. Water level above contours 32-36 will fluctuate depending on the current years rain season. The existing pump will be moved from location 1 to location 2. Water will be pumped from waste water treatment system to this location. Water will then spill over to Putah creek where it will follow its normal course.

    Wwetlan Master Plan IIThis area south of I-80 freeway is designated area fo wetland II. This wetland will serve mainly as a wildlife and recreational area. Treee plantingg schematic will help serve as a noise barrier preventing noise pollution com-ing from the freeway. Recreational activities will include sightseeing, running trails and bird watching.

  • 9A-A


    Wetland II Sections & Perspetive

    Section A-A This section of the wetland plan shows a section elevation of Wetland II.

    Section A-A

    Existing landscape Photoshop Rendering of existing landscape. ( Projected perspective of Wetland II)

  • The Kissing Wall

  • 11

    Kissing Wall Planting Scheme

    Designed by Carson Cooper

    Planting by colors Green Wall Model

    Constructed by Gabriel MunozPlanting Scheme

    Majority of the plants selected are Arboretum All-Stars plants which are easy to grow, have low water needs, are native to California, and have been grown withsuccess at the University of California Davis Arboretum which is where the green wall is located.

    Meaning Behind the Kiss

    The design and construction of this kissing wall was inspired by the idea of creating a romantic peace or landscape architecture that not only would attract the general public in the field of landscape architecture but also creating an intimate environment through the color scheme of the plant selection. Graphically, kisses are often perceived though the use of the color red, so we decided to create a color scheme that revolved around the color red. We made the center a sphere of succulents planted with red foliage.

  • 12

    Kissing Wall Construction Detail

    Designed by Carson Cooper

    Erik ReyesGabriel Muoz

  • 13

    Building Your Own Kissing Wall

    1. Using saw, cut milk crate in half.

    5. Correct crate position 9. Insert soil media inside crates. Attach wire mesh (Chicken Wire) to hold in growing media and plants. Using wire cutters, cut out wholes in the wire mesh to insert plants.

    6. Insert bolts on theside of the crates to attach lateral crates. (Top and bottom)

    7. Sample Size of stacked crates.4x4 crates.

    8. Align weed barrieralong inside walls of crates.

    2. Remove top from bottom and soften edges.

    3. Take top portion of crate and place it on the bottom. The top will fit almostperfectly on the bottom due to their stacking ability.

    4a. Use zip ties to attach top to bottom. Make sure ties are secure.

    4b. Rotate crate 90 degrees clockwise.

    10. Use 2x6 to create a wood frame to increase support.(2) 2x12 one on each side(1) 2x12 on the top

    Bolt placement on the inside of wood frame

  • Milk crates to be sawed in half and then stacked onto each other

    Milk crates bolted onto each other. Stack until desired height.

    Kissing Wall Images

    Succulent ball preparation

    North Facing WallSouth Facing WallGreen Wall skeleton 6 high


  • Residential Design Build

  • Olea europea Swan Hill

    Acer palmatum Emperor 1

    Ceanothus Dark Star

    Arctostaphylos Pacific Mist

    Olea europea Little Ollie

    Residential Planting Plan

    Focal Plants


  • Delta Blue grass sod. Drought and heat tolerant. Excellent disease resistant. Sod was reduced to about 70 % from old landscape plan.

    Stone borders throughout the property to maintain gravel with in thepathways. Mulch around plants will help keep moisture around the plants.

    This Design incorporates California native plants to assuage Californias on going drought problems.

    Round-about driveway allows for the ease of entrance and exit into the property. Permeable pavers will allow for water to filter down on site.

    Irrigation and Lighting Specs

    Residential Finished Project

    FX Luminaire Path LightLighting Fixture: CB3 LEDs20 Watts103 Max lumes

    Wilkins Back-flow Preventer 1-975XLMax working water pressure 175 psiMax working water temp. 180 FHyrdrotastic test pressure 350 psiEnd connections threaded ANSI B1.20

    3/4 In-line Valve w/ Pressure ReducerPressure: 15 to 150 psiTemperature: Up to 110 FPressure reduce to 45 psi

    3/4 Plastic Ball ValveFlow: 0 to 22 gpmPressure: 15 to 150 psiPositive drip-tight shutoffRapid 1/4-turn on/off control

    Outdoor Smart Modular TimerZones/ Stations: 4-20 expandable Indoor / OutdoorSeasonal adjustInput Required: 120VAC +/- 10 %, 60 Hz

    FX Luminaire TransformerModel PX 600 Watt Timer and PhotocellStainless steel finish


  • Residential Planting Plan

    Polystichum munitum (7)Pittosporum nigricans (1)Polystichum munitum (9)Dietes 'Vegeta' (7)


    Podocarpus latifolius (2)


    Podocarpus henkelii (1)Choisya ternata (3)Correa 'Carmine Bells' (5)Podocarpus henkelii (1)

    Leptospermum 'Reevesii' (6)

    Ceanothus 'Carmel Creeper' (2)Coleonema alba - Dwarf (11)

    Sesleria 'Greenlee' (9)Ceanothus 'Ray Harman' (3)

    Fragaria spp.(5)Iris douglasiana (4)


    Hellebore 'Ivory Prince' (3)Polystichum munitum (3)

    Acer 'Emperor' (1)Francoa Ramosa (8)Choisya ternata (1)

    Correa 'Carmine Bells' (8)Pittosporum crassifolium 'Dwarf' (1)

    Rosmarinus 'Prostratus' (2)


    Magnolia 'Little Gem' - Espalier (1)Dietes 'Vegeta' (7)

    Ceanothus 'Carmel Creeper' (5)Ceanothus 'Ray Hartman' (3)

    Woodwardia fimbriata (14)

    Grey Pea Gravel

    Gravel Patio



    6x6 Decorative Trellis PostWoodwardia fimbriata (1)Vine

    6x6 Decorative Trellis PostWoodwardia fimbriata (1)Vine

    Woodwardia fimbriata (3)Vine

    Landing3x6 (2)




    Woodwardia fimbriata (2)Fragaria spp. (6)

    Woodwardia fimbriata (1)

    Camellia spp. (1)Rhaphiolepis umbellata 'Minor' (3)Citrus x meyesi (1)Buxus sempervirens 'Suffruticosa' (5)

    Rosmarinus prostratus (5)Buxus sempervirens 'Suffruticosa' (4)Pittosporum crassifolium 'Dwarf' (3)

    Woodwardia fimbrita (9)Ceanothus 'Ra