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  • 5/19/2018 Ganesha Mudra


    1) Ganesha mudraThe elephant; Ganesha, the deity who overcomes all


    Hold your left hand in front of your chest with the palmfacing outward. Bend the ngers. Now grasp the lefthand with the right hand, which has its back facingoutward. Move the hands to the level of the heart, rightin front of thechest. While ehaling, vigorously pull thehands apart without releasing the grip. !his will tensethe muscles of the upper arms and chest area. While

    inhaling, let go of all the tension. "epeat # times andthen lovingly place both hands on the sternum in thisposition. $ocus on the feeling in this part of your body.!hen change the hand position% your right palm nowfaces outward. "epeat the eercise # times in thisposition. &fterward, remain in silence for a while.'nce a day is enough.

    Variation"epeat the same eercise, but this time keep the lowerarms diagonal instead of hori(ontal% one elbow pointsupward at a slant and the other elbow points downwardat a slant.!his mudra stimulates heart activity, strengthensheart muscles, opens the bronchial tubes, and

    releases any type of tension in this area. It opensthe fourth chakra and gives us courage,condence, and openness toward other humanbeings.

  • 5/19/2018 Ganesha Mudra


    Herbal remedy

    Hawthorn )*rataegus oyacantha +. strengthens theheart.


    -ince the anesha Mudra activates the re element,which reacts positively to the color red, the followingvisuali(ations support activity of the heart andcirculation. /t encourages us to encounter our fellowhuman beings with an open and friendly heart.

    0isuali(e the color red1a mosaic, a mandala, or acarpet in various tones of red. Now focus all of yoursenses on it for a while. "ed should strengthen, warm,and widen your heart, giving you the courage to beopen and condent.


    / meet other people with courage, openness, andcondence.

    ) !shas mudra

    *lasp your ngers so your right thumb lies above theleft. !he right thumb presses slightly on the left thumb.

  • 5/19/2018 Ganesha Mudra


    Important% Women should place the right thumbbetween the left thumb and inde nger, pressing on itwith the left thumb. 2o this every day for 3 to 43minutes. Hold this mudra until the desired e5ectoccurs.

    No matter how old we are, there are times of change%new beginnings come repeatedly in life. !he secondchakra, our center of se"uality and creativity,always contains something new, a secret that wants tobe aired. !his mudra concentrates the se"ual energyof our second chakraand directs it into the energy

    centers above it. /t gives us mental alertness, pleasure,and new impulses. /n addition, it harmoni#es ourhormonal system. !he 6shas Mudra helps us wakeup in the morning. When you are still sleepy andlying in bed, place your clasped hands at the back ofyour head. Now inhale vigorously and deeply severaltimes7 open your eyes and mouth widely7 press yourelbows back into the pillow. While ehaling, let go ofevery tension. "epeat # times. /f this still doesn8t makeyou feel alert and fresh, then rub your ankle bonestogether, as well as the palms of your hands, as if youwere trying to ignite a 9int stone.

    Herbal remedy

    reen tea and rosemary :"osmarinus o;cinalis +.have a refreshing e5ect.


    /n your imagination, see yourself sitting in a good placewhere you can en

  • 5/19/2018 Ganesha Mudra


    their e5ect on you for a long time. !hese colors awakenand improve your mood. Now imagine yourself as aper= son who is full of youthful strength and newimpulses, as someone who en

  • 5/19/2018 Ganesha Mudra


    +eft hand% !he tips of the thumb, middle nger, andring nger are on top of each other7 the other ngersare etended.

    !his mudra symboli(es accepting and receiving withthe gesture of one hand and letting things 9ow, giving,

    and letting go with the gesture of the other. Bothshould be coordinated with each other in digestion. /tin9uences the energy currents that are responsible forabsorbing and utili#ing food, as well as helping withelimination. /t intensies breathing and therefore theabsorption of o"ygen and the release of carbondio"ide in the lungs. /t has a rela"ing e&ect onthe solar ple"us 'the area of the stomach, liver,spleen, and gallbladder), regulates energies inthe autonomic nervous system, mobili#esenergies of elimination, and deto"ies. /t has ane"cellent e&ect on general or acute nausea,seasickness, (atulence, and that sensation offullness one feels after meals.

  • 5/19/2018 Ganesha Mudra


    0>"-/'N ?%"ight hand% !he tips of the thumb, ring nger, and littlenger are on top of each other, the other ngers are

    etended.+eft hand% -ame as 0ersion 4. *onnecting the energiesof the thumb, ring nger, and little nger activates thelower digestive process and the elimination process.!his mudra can be called the general energy pump./t stimulates the functions of the brain, a factthat has also been proved scientically. !he ngerposition of the right hand activates energy in the

    pelvic (oor, like a smoldering re that has beenstoked. With the nger position of the left hand, thekindled energy is directed upward. very organ, thegeneral mood, and thinking 'concentration,memory, logic, enthusiasm, etc.) are positivelyin(uenced as a result.!hese two mudras can be used as immediate help or

    practiced four times a day for 3 minutes in the case ofchronic complaints.

    Herbal remedy$ennel :$oeniculum vulgare, anise :@impinella ani=

    sum, and caraway :*arum carvi support this mudra.


    2uring inhalation, take in energy in the form of light.2uring the pause in breathing, give it the time andspace it needs to spread within you and becometransformed. 2uring ehalation, let the epended

  • 5/19/2018 Ganesha Mudra


    energy 9ow back out of you. With every breath, there ismore light and clarity in your physical and mental=

    emotional realms.


    / thankfully accept everything that is good for me, let ithave its e5ect within me, and release everything that isspent.

    *) +ronchial mudra

    Both hands% @lace the little nger at the base of thethumb, the ring nger on the upper thumb tend theinde nger.

    $or an acute attack of asthma, rst use this mudra fromA to # minutes and then practice the &sthma Mudrauntil breathing has become normal again. $or a long=term treatment, hold both mudras for 3 minutes, vetimes a day.

    @eople with respiratory problemsoften also su5erfrom inner loneliness, isolation, se"ual problems,and sadness. !o the outside world, these feelings areoften successfully played down with humor. 'r these

  • 5/19/2018 Ganesha Mudra


    individuals bind themselves to others by taking on theirduties and concerns. !his naturally causes a great dealof stress so that these individuals are pressed for timeand out of breath. -ince / am all too familiar with suchproblems, / can perhaps advise you how to get out of

    this dilemma. /t is important to admit your negativefeelingsand moods for once and take a good look atthem. Be aware that even these feelings are like waveson the surface of the water=they arise and then passon. !he reason for such feelings is often a generalweakness that is caused by shallow breathing sinceimproper respiration doesn8t build up the inner

    reservoir of strength. When it is reduced, weaknessoccurs not only on the physical level but also in themental=emotional area. $ear, sadness, discontentment,eaggerated sensitivity, etc., are the conseuences.

    /n yoga, every breathing eercise and physical eercisebuilds up this inner strength and keeps up the energylevel :practice for at least CD minutes every day. !hefollowing mudra meditation is also e5ective. -it uprightand hold your hands about A inches away from yourbody. When your arms get tired, place the hands onyour thighs.

    Herbal remedy

    !hyme :!hymus serpyllum +., primrose :@rimula peris+., and elder :-ambucus nigra +. are the mostimportant herbs for the bronchial tubes.


  • 5/19/2018 Ganesha Mudra


    2irect your consciousness to the pelvic 9oor and sensethe surface you are sitting on. /nhalation% Now directyour consciousness into your abdomen, stomach,chest, throat, forehead, and top of the head. *ountfrom 4 to E while you do so. Now hold your breath for

    about 3 seconds. >halation% 2irect your consciousnessfrom top to bottom and count backward from E to 4.Wait patiently until the impulse to inhale comes, andthen direct the consciousness back to the top againwhile inhaling. !he pauses after inhaling and ehalingare very important here.


    >very breath gives me strength. /t strengthens mybody, mind, and soul.

  • 5/19/2018 Ganesha Mudra


    ) -sthma mudra

    Both hands% @ress together the ngernails of the middle

    ngers and keep other ngers etended./n case of an acute asthma attack, rst do theBronchial Mudra :Number A for A to # minutes. !henuse this &sthma Mudra until the breathing calms down.$or long=term treatment, use these two mudras vetimes every day for 3 minutes.

    6nfortunately, / am not one of those fortunate peoplewho once had asthma but got rid of it through a radicalcure with medication and never felt anything again.Many members of my family on my father8s side hadasthma, so it is a FdearG family heirloom. But despitethis, / live without any medication because / followcertain rules of behavior. My tips are sure to help

    asthma patients, which is why /8m passing them onhere%

    uring cold weather, never breathe throughyour mouth because the bronchial tubes will