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  • 1. Getting StartedToolkit TRADING GRACES CYCLE TWOLutheran Services in America 700 Light Street Baltimore, MD 21230-3850

2. CONTENTSTrading Graces Coordinator Job Description.......3-4Trading Graces Q&A5-7Getting Started Step-by-Step Checklist...8Registering with eBay Checklist..9Registering a Business Account with eBay ..10-19Setting Up a PayPal Account Checklist.20Setting Up a PayPal Account (required)........................21-24Registering with MissionFish Checklist25Registering with MissionFish26-32Creating an eBay About Me page...33-34Cycle Two Returning Participants Instructions...35-37eBay, PayPal, MissionFish Registration Events Sequence Addendum38 TRADING GRACES GETTING STARTED TOOL KIT2 Revised 06/06/06 3. Trading Graces CoordinatorPosition Summary:The Trading Graces Coordinator will assume primary responsibility for implementing the Trading Graces Online Auction Event, a Lutheran Services in America (LSA) fund/ awareness raising campaign.Reports To:The Trading Graces Coordinator reports to the chief executive officer or her/his designee as listed as follows: .Primary Accountabilities:1. Develop and implement an action plan for Trading Graces within theparameters as outlined in the LSA/SMO Agreement and in theTrading Graces Program Manual (toolkits).2. Establish the mechanics, logistics and timeline for successful execution of theevent in cooperation with the LSA Trading Graces Online Auction EventManager and/or the LSA Trading Graces Online Auction Event Facilitator. 3. Abide by the participation requirements as established via the LSA TradingGraces Online Auction Event Agreement, MissionFish, and/or eBay.4. Use entrepreneurial energy to develop and implement a plan to engage theorganizations constituents in this event. TRADING GRACES GETTING STARTED TOOL KIT3 Revised 06/06/06 4. 5. To use Trading Graces as a platform to tell the organizations Lutheran socialministry story and to engage the media and other constituent groups in support ofthe event.6. To spearhead the process of obtaining goods and services for the organization toauction during the Trading Graces Online Auction Event.7. To work with LSA in tracking information and generating reports to assess theeffectiveness and quality of the Trading Graces Online Auction Event.Qualifications:1. Previous experience in project management or equivalent experience in anonprofit faith-based organization.2. Technical, oral and written skills commensurate to position.3. Ability to interact with diverse groups of people in a manner that createsconfidence and trust.4. Ability to work on multiple tasks and perform as a team player who isresourceful, creative and results oriented. 5. Commitment to this organizations church-related social ministry mission andvision.The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work related to this position. They are not intended to be considered as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills. TRADING GRACES GETTING STARTED TOOL KIT 4 Revised 06/06/06 5. Trading Graces Q&AHow will the Trading Graces online auction work?LSA, together with its member organizations, will participate in Cycle Two of the Trading Graces Online Auction Event scheduled to begin on eBay at the end of February 2007. The online auction will be hosted by eBay through its charitable affiliate, MissionFish. LSA member organizations will register as corporate not for profit sellers with both MissionFish and eBay and set up a PayPal account to process electronic payments in order to maximize the charitable benefits provided in what is known as a direct selling model. LSA member organizations will, prior to the online auction event, solicit items to sell on eBay and list them in LSAs Trading Graces National Preview Gallery. Proceeds from items sold during the online auction event will benefit the listing (seller) organization while drawing attention to a unified Lutheran online auction event and creating greater awareness for the variety of Lutheran social ministry organizations, their stories, and their needs.This cutting edge approach is new to me. Can I really do what is required to participate?You or someone your organization knows has familiarity with selling or buying on eBay. This is the perfect opportunity for your organization to recruit some new volunteers to help you with this project. Dont be shy about asking a teenager or some group of young people to give you their assistance. This is the perfect time to explore building a new relationship with a local parish or youth group. LSA, of course, will provide you with instructional material toolkits, communications pieces such as press releases, sample job descriptions for staff or volunteers, timetables, and other supports. You can always use the website to recruit volunteers. Places to try- and . Returning participants (from Cycle One) already have the foundation requirements in place. Some returning participants may need to subscribe to PayPal (a requirement in Cycle Two) and make some minor updates to their MissionFish and eBay profiles.What kinds of things sell on eBay?Almost anything can be sold on eBay. You can practically allow your imagination to soar with possibilities. You will need, however, to be sensible when considering whether your organization might accept certain items to sell on its behalf. Also, you might want to think about the practicalities associated with shipping large, bulky items over distances.While you may not know in advance the types of treasures your organization may secure for auction until you begin asking your constituents, dont forget to think imaginatively. For example, you might know an attorney who would offer her/his services to write a will, or another successful business friend might offer the use of a vacation home for a week. TRADING GRACES GETTING STARTED TOOL KIT5 Revised 06/06/06 6. In Cycle Two we are changing our focus a little by moving away from the eBay slogan: almost anything sells on eBay, the worlds marketplace and will encourage participants to focus on attractive, higher quality, and higher value items. We learned in Cycle One that 80% of our total sales were realized in the sale of items valued at $50.00 or more in the marketplace. It is likely that Cycle Two participants will seek items that return more revenue rather than listing a number of lower-priced items.eBays website provides information on the top items that people searched for, and eBay also publishes a Hot Items list. Participants are encouraged to make use of eBays information and supports as they consider the kinds of items to sell.What type of commitment do I need to make?LSA member organizations indicate their willingness to participate in this exciting endeavor by contacting the Trading Graces Online Auction Event Manager: John B. Carter at phone: (410) 230-3548 or email: for more details. Participants will be asked to:establish a point of contact person with the event manager, sign a participation agreement with LSA, and follow, use, and abide by guidelines and instructions provided by LSA during thevarious stages leading to the online event.In Cycle Two everyone will be asked to set an organizational goal to indicate how much money they hope to raise by selling items on eBay. New participants will agree to complete the required registrations with MissionFish, eBay and PayPal by a certain date in order to permit sufficient time and energy in soliciting items.How soon should I get started?Get started today to maximize you efforts. Ideally new participants should complete all of the foundational work in July and August so attention can be turned to soliciting and listing items into the preview gallery beginning in September. Getting started today will allow more time to secure great auction items, build momentum for the event, and heighten media and constituent awareness for the event.What is the national preview gallery?In order to provide the maximum exposure to the public for the items you sell, LSA will open the Trading Graces National Preview Gallery in September 2006. The longer a listing is seen in the gallery, the greater potential there is to stimulate an interested buyer. As you begin identifying items to sell on eBay, you will add a description and photos of your items. LSA will post this information on its website to help raise awareness, drive interest, and build momentum for the auction. At the height of Cycle One, LSA had over 2,000,000 hits on its website. TRADING GRACES GETTING STARTED TOOL KIT 6 Revised 06/06/06 7. What is the direct selling model?The direct selling model allows a nonprofit organization to sell items in its behalf on eBay. The organization finds the items, lists them, and handles transactions to collect payment and ship items when they sell. In the direct selling model the listing (seller) organization realizes other benefits by selling on eBay through MissionFish. The items are distinctly identified with a charity ribbon to indicate that proceeds from the sale benefit a nonprofit organization, and the listing fees and final sales price fees (on items that sell) are refunded to the nonprofit by eBay through MissionFish. This results in even greater returns to the nonprofit organization.Does LSA collect a fee?LSA is thankful to Thrivent Financial Services for Lutherans for providing seed monies for the Trading Graces Online Auction, and the event was designed to become self- sustaining. LSA charges, then, a modest participation fee to its member participants. The fee in Cycle Two is five percent (5%) of the final sales price of items sold at auction. Participation fees are billed to member organizations following the close of the online event.Why should our organization join in?The emerging phenomenon of nonprofit fundraising on the internet has been documented in fundraising li