Gioi Thieu Tong Dai SL1000

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SL1000 Hybrid Keyphone System1. Thng tin chung ca h thng SL1000:

H thng tng i SL1000 c thit k phc v cho cc doanh nghip nh vi nhiu tnh nng . H thng c th s dng a dng cc loi trung k. H thng i n hon chnh vi mng s ( ISDN BRI /PRI , E1..v.v) v trung k IP (SIP) , cng thu bao hn hp h tr mi in thoi or Door Boxes. H thng SL1000 thit k n gin d lp t, d dng s dng vi tt c cc loi in thoi hin nay. H thng tng i SL1000 c cu hnh c bn l 4 trung k, 08 thu bao Hybrid . N c xy dng vi dung lng ti a lm 48 trung k / 128 thu bao Hybric .( ti a 96 thu bao s ).

- H thng c cu hnh ln n 230 cng , bao gm trung k, thu bao cc loi. - Ch hin th s n ( Caller ID ) tch hp sn - Tch hp sn mt knh tr li t ng, vi kh nng m rng ln n 16 knh . - Tnh nng hp th thoi ( Voice -mail ) vi kh nng m rng ln n 16 knh/ 40h. - H tr trung k ISDN PRI/E1 , trung k IP( SIP/H323 ). - H tr thu bao IP (SIP ).

- Tch cc qua cng LAN. - Tch hp s cng Paging, BGM, MOH.

2. Thng tin , cu hnh , dung lng ca h thng tng i SL1000:

Th loi Khung (KSU) Ty chn cho KSU


M t Khung chnh (Key Service unit with KSU CPU & 408) Khung m rng (with 408M) Card Bus gn khung chnh kt ni n 3 khung ph Hp cha baterry d phng gn ngoi Th nh m rng dung lng v card tnh nng VoIP Gateway Card Card tnh nng VRS/Voice Mail Th nh cho h thng tr li t ng Th nh cho VRS/In-Mail (2 knh, 15 gi) Th nh cho VRS/In-Mail (4 Knh, 40gi ) Card m rng 4 trung k analog v 08 thu bao Hybrid Card m rng 08 thu bao Hybrid Card gn s dng card Trung k/ thu bao BRI ( ISDN ) Card "con" 2 knh ISDN BRI 1 ISDN PRI (E1 for Latin America) Card in thoi Digital, 12 phm, Hybrid Multi-Line Terminal (BK/WH) in thoi Digital,24 phm, Hybrid Multi-Line Terminal (BK/WH))

1 Khung 1 1 1 1 1

2 Khung 1 1 1 2 1 1 1

3 Khung 1 2 1 3 1 1 1

4 Khung 1 3 1 4 1 1 1

Ty chn cho CPU






3 3

6 6

9 9

12 12

Card m rng


3 3 1


6 6 1


9 9 3


12 12 3


IP4WW-12TXH-A-TEL Thit b u cui








48 6 4


72 72 9 6

96 12 8


Bn DSS- 60 phm , Hybrid 3 DSS Console (BK/WH) Hp Doorphone 2

Thit b u cui IP


in thoi IP - 24 phm ,Thit b u cui IP (Mu en/ trng)(Thng 5/2010)





S khung Tng s port Dung lng ti a Analog ISDN BRI ISDN PRI/E1 (2M) Trung k IP (SIP /H.323) Paging ngun ngoi MOH ngun ngoi BGM Dung lng ti a Thit b u cui MultiLine Thit b u cui Analog Thit b u cui IP ( SIPMLT/Std.) DSS Console] Door phone Thu bao o Tnh nng Power Failure Door Relay Cng Ethernet S knh h thng tr li t ng VRS S knh In-Mail Analog Modem3. Tnh nng ca h thng SL1000 : Abbreviated Dialing (Speed Dial) Account Code Alarm Alarm Reports Alphanumeric Display Answer Hold/Automatic Hold Attendant Call Queuing Attendant Camp-on Automated Attendant Automatic Release Automatic Route Selection (ARS)F-Route Background Music

Port trung k

1 khung 66 42 16 12 30 16 1 1 1 32 24 32 16 3 2 50 4 1 1 4 8 1

2 khung 132 84 32 24 60 16 2 1 1 64 48 64 16 6 4 50 8 1 1 16 16 1

3 khung 198 126 48 36 90 16 3 1 1 96 72 96 16 9 6 50 12 1 1 16 16 1

4 khung 230 126 48 36 90 16 3 1 1 128 96 128 16 12 6 50 12 1 1 16 16 1

Port thu bao

Barge-In Battery Backup-System Memory Battery Backup-System Power Call Appearance (CAP) Keys Multiple Directory Numbers/Call Coverage Call Duration Timer Call Forward ? Split Call Forwarding - Centrex Call Forwarding - Park and Page Call Forwarding Call Forwarding with Follow Me Call Forwarding, Fixed

Call Forwarding - Off Premise Call Forwarding/Do Not Disturb Override Call Monitoring Call Redirect Call Waiting/Camp On Callback Caller ID Call Return Caller ID Central Office Calls, Answering Central Office Calls, Placing Class of Service Clock/Calendar Display/Time and Date Code (Toll) Restriction Code (Toll) Restriction Override Code (Toll) Restriction, Dial Block Conference Conference, Remote Conference, Voice Call/Privacy Release Continued Dialing Data Line Security Delayed Ringing Department Calling Department Step Calling Dial Pad Confirmation Tone Dial Tone Detection Dialing Number Preview Digital Trunk Clocking Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Direct Inward Line (DIL) Direct Inward System Access (DISA) Direct Station Selection (DSS) console Directed Call Pickup Directory Dialing Distinctive Ringing, Tones and Flash Patterns Do Not Disturb (DND) Door Box E1 (T1) Trunking Ecology Emergency Number Fax Machine Compatibility Flash/Drop Key Flexible System Numbering Flexible Timeouts Forced Trunk Disconnect Group Call Pickup Group Listening Handset Mute/Handset Cutoff Hands free and Monitor Hands free Answerback/Forced Intercom Ringing Headset Operation Hold Hot Key-Pad Hotel/Motel (**) Hotline Howler Tone Service (Lockout Tone) Intercom Intercom Abandoned Call Display

IP Multiline Station (SIP)/SIP-MLT (*) IP Single Line Telephone (SIP) (*) IP (SIP) Trunk (*) IP Trunk - H.323 (*) ISDN Compatibility ISDN Supplementary Services Last Number Redial LCR-Least Cost Routing Line Preference Long Conversation Cutoff Loop Keys Maintenance Meet Me Conference Meet Me Paging Meet Me Paging Transfer Memo Dial Message Waiting Microphone Cutoff Mobile Extension Multiple Trunk Systems Music On Hold Name Storing Night Service Off-Hook Signaling One Touch Calling Operator Paging, External Paging, Internal Park PBX Compatibility/Behind PBX PC Programming Power Failure Transfer Prime Line Selection Private Line Programmable Function Keys Programming from Multiline Terminal Pulse to Tone Conversion Q-Sig. Connection Support Redial Function Remote (System) Upgrade (**) Repeat Redial Regional Defaults Resident System Program Reverse Voice Over Ring Groups Ringdown Extension, Internal/External Room Monitor Save Number Dialed Secondary Incoming Extension Secretary Call (Buzzer) Secretary Call Pickup Security Selectable Display Message Selectable Ring Tones Serial Call Single Line Telephones SNMP (Standard MIB)

Station Hunt Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Station Name Assignment - User programmable Station Relocation Tandem Ringing Tandem Trunking (Unsupervised Conference) Tone Override Traffic Reports Transfer Trunk Group Routing Trunk Groups Trunk Port disable Trunk Queuing/Camp-On Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) 4 .c im k thut : 4-1 Ch s v mi trng :

Universal Answer Central Office Calls, Answering Universal Slot User Programming Ability Virtual Extensions Voice Mail (VM8000/In-Mail) (**) Voice Mail Integration (Analog) Voice Mail Message Indication on Line Key Voice Over Voice Response System (VRS) VoIP Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) (*) Volume Control Warning Tone for Long Conversation (*) Available in May/2011 (**) Optional item (Memory Board) needed

4-2 V yu cu lp t : 1 Khung tng i SL1000 khi s dng c th gn tng , v cng c th t trn sn, ni kh ro, thong mt, trnh m t ! 4-3 Yu cu v Ngun cung cp : in p ch nh l 110V/ 240V AC. Khong cch gia 2 khung l 2m. u song song in p ch nh n Outlet cn thit cho mi Khung .

4-4 . Thng s k thut :

1 Color Incoming LED (Red) Menu Cursor Key

Angle Adjustable Leg (2 Steps) Programmable Key Feature Keys

Sn Phm tiu th mc nng lng thp :

Tnh nng Security !

Warning Message

Automatically and periodically send the VRS Message from built-In Speaker on Multi-Line Terminal during night mode.

Security : Room Monitoring from Outside Enable to monitor the room sound from outside via DISA. Activate the built-in microphone of Multi-Line Terminal. This feature is under DISA password control for secure operation.

Remote Inspection

Acces Securit y with s Room Monitoring from Outside (via DISA) 3 Party Equipm ent- Room Monitor ing with(*)

Automatic ally ring the terminal with preprogram

Security : Warning Message: Enable to send the VRS Message automatically and periodically from built-in Speaker on Multi-Line Terminal as Warning Message during Night Mode. It is expected to act as a deterrent even if there is no tight security facility

Security : with 3 Party Equipment (1): When the system detects the signal from connected PIR (3 Party Product), pre-recorded Warning Message is paged to the built-in SPK on Multi-Line Terminals (and/or Paging Speaker), and the system automatically places an outgoing call to the pre-programmed destination as emergency call. (pre-recorded message shall be sent after answering)rd


Idea 2 : Emergency Button Enable to accommodate the 3 Party Emergency Button for Security feature In the event of emergency, the user presses an emergency button to request further help. When the system detects the signal from emergency button (3 Party Product), pre-recorded Warning Message is paged to the built-in SPK on Multi-Line Terminals (and/or Paging Speaker), and the system automatically places an outgoing call to the pre-programmed destination as emergency call. (pre-recorded message shall be sent after answering)rd rd

Security : Remote Inspection Automatically ring the terminal with pre-programmed schedule in order to check whether users answer or not. Place an auto-emergency call with pre-recorded VRS Message to the pre-programmed destination if no answer.

Built-In Auto-Answering Initially equipped the Auto-Answering feature (1ch : Soft-channel) in the CPU without any additional hardware. Enable to record up to 4 greeting messages by u