Global Internship Programme 2019 - Post-Internship Activities. o. As GIP interns,

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  • Global Internship Programme 2019 Pre-trip Counselling Session

    15 May 2019

  • Safety Issues01

    Travel Health Advice02

    Group Travel Insurance03

    Cross-cultural Understanding and Sensitivity 04

    Tips to Stay Healthy and Drug-free05 Parallel Sessions : 內地工作須知 (LT6) Tips on working abroad & Culture Adjustment and Exploration (LT7)


    Group Discussion with Other Interns07

  • How to Make the Most of Your Internship

    Observant Network

    Explore & Experience


  • Safety Issues

  • All about Preparation and Protection

    During your tripBefore your trip

    o Do Research

    o Insurance

    o Pack Smart

    o Handle Money Overseas

    o Stay Connected

    o Prepared for Emergency

    o Travel Smart and Stay Alert

    o Avoid Misunderstanding

    o Home Safety

  • Do Research

    o Keep an eye on the Outbound Travel Advice notice issued by the HKSAR Government & local government

    o Register ROTI:

    o Check local conditions and customs that may present health/ safety risks

    o Check local emergency number/ medical help

    o Check local internet/ phone connection

    o Learn how to say crucial phrases like: “Please,” “Thank You,” “I need help!” in local language

  • Insurance University Group Travel Insurance Scheme

    o A Group Travel Insurance Scheme will be provided by the University

    Policy can be download from Business Office website:

    *share with parents and close friends

    o 24-hour Emergency Assistance Service Hotline of Hong Kong Alarm Centre: (852) 3187 6888

    o CUHK’s GTI policy number: 10-18-GTOO1192(0005)

    o If you consider the coverage is not sufficient, take additional insurance cover before your departure

  • Pack Smart

    o Travel document(s)

    o Air ticket

    o Accommodation

    o Make two photocopies of all your travel documents in case of emergency or if your documents are lost or stolen. Keep one copy with you and leave one copy at home

    o Keep emergency information in a handy place

    o Keep a copy of the insurance policy

  • Handle Money Overseas

    o Check the exchange rate

    o Budget your trip

    o Before you leave, notify your bank, credit card company that you are going overseas

    o Avoid carrying cash and consider using major credit cards instead (but make sure

    they are accepted at your internship city before departing)

  • Stay Connected

    o Check local internet/ phone connection in advance

    o Email us at when you arrive the internship city

    o Inform us of your

    Offshore contact

    Flight Schedule

    o Keep your family members and friends updated with your travel plans/ local contact

    o Keep close contact via Wechat/WhatsApp/Email

  • Home Safety

    o Keep your room, door

    and windows locked

    o Do not allow strangers to

    follow you into the residence

    o Keep curtain drawn

    when you are away

    o Require callers to

    identify themselves

    before opening the door

    o Learn the location of fire

    exits in the building and

    know your escape route

  • Travel Smart o If possible, travel with others

    o Don't take a vehicle that is not clearly identified as a taxi. Compare the face of the driver

    with the one on his or her license

    o Send the car number (taxi, Uber, etc.) to your local friends/ colleagues

    o Avoid night travel, quiet zones and shortcuts

    Stay Alert o Beware of local conditions and customs that may present health/safety risks

    o Do not flash large sums of cash when paying

    o Be cautious with your smartphone, technical devices or other valuables

    o Be skeptical of free offers from strangers like free rides or free drinks

    o Pay attention to who is around you and leave anytime if you feel uncomfortable

  • Avoid Misunderstanding

    o Be careful of the signals you might send to the opposite sex

    o Be a responsible tenant/ guest at hostel or homestay family

  • o Registration Deadline: 16 May (tomorrow)

  • Prepared for Emergency

    o Stay calm

    o Keep emergency information handy

    o Local emergency number/ medical help

    o Keep a mental note of safe havens, such as police stations, hotels, hospitals, embassy

    o Contact family/ host organization/ us

  • Emergency Number

    During Office Hours:

    Ms. Wing Kwok (852) 3943 1725

    Ms. Germaine Yu (852) 3943 7206

    Ms. Cecilia Chan (852) 3943 1727

    After Office Hours:

    Should you encounter any emergency problems contact us at (852) 8101 6599

  • Subsidy Arrangement As GIP interns, you are required to: o Keep all the original copy of receipts for POTENTIAL subsidy arrangements o Submission template will be provided later

    o [For reference only] Maximum Amount of subsidy granted in 2018 o Overseas : HK$4,000 - 5,000 o Asia Region : HK$3,000 - 4,000 o Mainland : HK$3,000 - 4,000

    o If student interns undergo more than 1 internship placements, subsidy will ONLY be granted for 1 internship arrangement, which is likely the one under core modules

    o No extra subsidy will be granted to interns under structured modules, since all key expenses (i.e. accommodations, inter-city transportation, cultural activities), were sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs

    o Subsidy might be granted, considering various factors, e.g. the location and duration of internship, the availability of stipend, family financial situation, etc.

    o Subsidy levels are varied and will be adjusted each year o Subsidy arrangement will be announced at a later stage

  • Post-Internship Activities

    o As GIP interns, you are required to:

    o Join the post internship activities,

    o Certificate Presentation Ceremony in Fall (except for students out of Hong Kong for exchange studies) o Functions organized by our Donors o Highly recommended to join CUMP Mentorship Programme after the internship o Evaluation Session after the internship

    o Complete questionnaire with learning journal & booklet article

    o Reflection on what you learnt from the internship o Sharing about your exposure in the internship city o Tips on logistics arrangement & related expenses

    e.g. intercity transportation, accommodation, visa…

    o [Learning Journal] To be submitted within 2 weeks after the end of the internship

    o [Booklet Article] To be submitted by mid-July

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