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  • KAZAKHSTANGoing to 3

  • Phonetic drill We help our mother When she washes or cooks.Together with fatherWe like to read books.

  • North - coWest - South - East - mountains - forest - lake - island - river - beach - liff - New words

  • The Republic of Kazakhstan is situated in the Central Asia. The area of Kazakhstan is2753000 square kilometres. Its population is about 16 million. The population lives mostly in towns and cities and large villages. The largest cities are Almaty, Karaganda, Shimkent, Pavlodar and Astana. Astana is the capital of the Republic. Astana is situated in the central part of the country. Kazakh is the official language of the country, but it is not the only language which people speak in the country. Russian and other languages are spoken here too. Kazakhstan is the largest state in the Central Asia. Kazakhstan borders China, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kirgizia. There is a long border coast line on the Caspain sea in the Southwest. There are a few rivers and lakes in Kazakhstan. The four rivers are the main resouces of water in the country. The climate of the country is strongly continental. It is cold in winter and hot in summer.

  • Complete the sentences.1. The Republic of Kazakhstan is in the Central Asia.2. Its population is .3. Kazakh is the of the country.4. Kazakhstan China, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kirgizia.5. There is a long border coast on the Caspain sea in . 6. The climate of the country is .7. It is cold in ________ and hot in _________.

  • 1.Where the Republic of Kazakhstan situated?2.What can you say about the population of the Republic?3.What is the size of the area of Kazakhstan?4.What is the capital of the Republic?5.Where is it situated?6.What is the official language of the country?

  • 1._______ I have some more tea,please?

    a) Must b) Could c) Need

    2. The child is sleeping. We ______ make a noise.

    a) Mustnt b) Shouldnt c) Couldnt

    3. Thank you for coffee. Now I _______ go.

    a) Shouldnt b) Can c) Must

    4. You _______ let the child eat so many sweets.

    a) Shouldnt b) Should c) Must

    5. _______ you show me the way to the cinema?

    a) Can b) Shall c) Need

  • 1.We cant repair the car. a) She has to wear glasses.

    2. Its my mothers birthday today. b) We need to get up early.

    3. Ann;s eyes are not very good. c) We have to take it to the garage.

    4. Our lessons begin at 8 oclock. d) We have to buy some flowers.

    5. Ive bought some newspapers. e) My parents neednt give me money.

    6.I have enough money. f) You needn;t buy any. Exercise 13. Match the sentences

  • 1.May I eat this apple? _____________________

    2. Should I tell my dad about it? ______________

    3. Of course, you can wait in here ____________

    4. Could you wash up for me? ________________

    5. Im sorry. You cant park here ______________

    6. You must try to come in time _______________Asking permision Asking for advice Giving permision Giving an order

    Refusing permision Making a request

  • You were so good, thank you!Good Bye!HOMETASK:Ex. 14, p.130