Gondola Piatra- Neamt

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Gondola Piatra- Neamt. Dumitru Marin. If you get in Piatra- Neamt you can admire the city from above with the gondola ,one of the greatest achievements of the county council in terms of tourism. Piatra Neamt from above . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Gondola Piatra- Neamt

Gondola Piatra-Neamt

Gondola Piatra-NeamtDumitru Marin

If you get in Piatra-Neamt you can admire the city from above with the gondola ,one of the greatest achievements of the county council in terms of tourism.

Piatra Neamt from above It has been working since the beginning of 2008 , and together with the Younth Swimming-Pool represent the main attractions of Piatra Neamt! The Gondola has the start station at Piatra-Neamt Railway Station and goes up to the arrival station on Cozla mountaine !

It`s stretching over a mile away and goes up to a difference of 600m altitude ! The highest point from the ground is 63 meters. The station for all 22 gondolas is the top of Cozla mountaine ,where will be a mini-hotel with a restaurant. On the top of mountain are 2 ski-tracks and a tubing track. The 1st track length is about 965 meters and the max altitude is 657 meters.The altitude difference is about 260 meters.And the difficutly is medium .The track angle is 27% and is equipped with 10 tags and snow cannons.

1st Ski Track The 2nd ski track from Cozla is situated on the eastern slope.To realize the target ,the local authorities approved to definitively remove from the growing stock a land area of 6,135 Ha.This route will be u-shaped with a low angle ,plus it will be equipped with nocturne and 10 artificial snow cannons. 2nd Ski Track The beginners track will have the starting point at 648.5 meters and the arrival next to the elevator which servers now the pro track . The 2nd track will have a length of 2350 meters.The lift has a capacity of 826 people/h ,and the operatingrule is the same since 2008 ,4 people at descent and 2 people at ascent .Polyvalent HallThe new Polyvalent Hall will be the second largest in Romania after the one in Bucharest .It will have a total of 5100 seats and 650 parking spaces.Structured on ,basement ,ground ,mezzanine and first floor ,will have several sections : heating plumbing ,gym ,wardrobe, recovery pool ,conference room ,bar ,etc. Polyvalent hall, front viewThere will be a VIP area and one for persons with disabilities ;they will benefit from a special elevator for access. Hyperplastic floors ,two electronic marker boards ,sound system complete the facilities of this multi-purpose hall ;being considered one of the most equipped Polyvalent Hall in Romania.Left side of Polyvalent HallIn the basement there will be a dining room which will provide 600 seats. There will also be a gym ,with 50seats for spectators ,that will be linked by a multifunctional tunnel.

The tunnel between halls Behind Polyvalent Hall , was built a training room for the teams that will play in Piatra-Neamt, with 50 seats for spectators.In plans exist an idea for two soccer fields and a tennis field in the area of Polyvalent Hall.

The Training Room

The Polyvalent Hall was inaugurated on 20th of November 2010 . By this occasion, there was an concert of the Pheonix band.