Grandeur: The Drag Artist Academy
Grandeur: The Drag Artist Academy
Grandeur: The Drag Artist Academy
Grandeur: The Drag Artist Academy
Grandeur: The Drag Artist Academy

Grandeur: The Drag Artist Academy

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  • The Drag Artist Academy

    2016 BROCHURE


    GRADUATETo Make A DifferenceArrive Being Different


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  • ARRIVE BEING DIFFERENT.GRADUATE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.WHO WE ARE? WHAT WE DO?GRANDEUR, established in2016, is an academy that iscomprised of a teaching staffthat is made up of professionalcreatives, including makeupartists, photographers, wigconnoisseurs and clothingdesigners.

    We are specialized ineducation to guide drag artiststo conceive original ideas,learn the process fromconcept to execution, andhone their skills in their fieldof choice.

    ORIGINATEFrom drag identificationto character persona, weprovide a specialized workshop to induce creative thinking.

    The Drag Artist Academy

    Grandeur's appointed staffin their field will provide shortlessons following a curriculum provided by the doyennes ofGrandeur.


    INCORPORATEInclusion is a high priority at ouracademy, so we have a 100%acceptance rate for any studentthat is willing to learn. Part of thatinclusion is international acceptance.

    GRADUATEEach student that completes their studies will receive a Certificate of Completionand will have exclusive accessto alumni events. And with the gained knowledge, hopefully launching or furtheringyour drag career.

    Join Us Invite Other Artists Make Connections Make A Difference

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    Our staff are skilledpractitioners in their fieldwill provide the studentbody, with their expertise, inour educational methodknown as short courses.



    Short Courses at Grandeur:

    We understand that timeis a sacrifice for yourstudies, and both oureducators and you do nothave hours to dedicate tothese courses. Thus, ShortCourses were implementedto immensely decrease thetime needed for your studies.

    Our educators will presenttwo lessons a month, andyou complete the lesson onyour own time and schedule..

    Lessons will be displayed ineither (or both) written andvideo format for you toreview and to assist you inhomework completion.

    Homework that will beimplemented will consist ofshort answer questions and photo submission (whicheach student will submit byinserting either/or in thecomments section below theposted lesson).

    While we wont be strict withgrading your homework,there will be grading systemimplemented as well. Readingis fundamental, and learningis a necessity for developmentand growth.

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    G R A N D E U R : T H E D R A GA R T I S T A C A D E M Y

    Grandeur is an academy that consists of studentsthat have just recently developed their interestand craft, and students that are seasonsed in theirart, but are aware of what they need to improveon. Thus is why we offer what we call'Diagnostic and Specialist Pathways'.

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    The Diagnostic Pathway is a direction for thestudent that is still in development when it comesto their decision of their future direction. In thispathway, you will be given the opportunity toexplore various areas of study to guide you indetermining who you are as a drag artist.


    The Specialist Pathway is a direction for thestudent that is quite experienced in their artistry,but still aspire to improve that one area that needsmore polishing. By following this pathway, youhave the opportunity to hand select any coursethat Grandeur offers.