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Published in the San Diego Convention Center\'s restaurant kiosk, SurfShot Magazine, Event Connection 360 Magazine, The Coronado Eagle & Journal, and various online sites.

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2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. The Coronado Boathouse 1887
March 2, 2010

100 Years of Service

What is it exactly that makes Coronado so different than the rest of San Diego?Are we really so far removed from our counterparts across the bay or down the strand?If you live in Nado, then at this moment youre surely mouthing, of course!Perhaps it is our unique geographic location, or even the iconic architecture of places like the Hotel Del. Both are suitable answers I suppose, but its the people of Coronado that are the heart and soul of this community.And if that core essence were to take corporeal form, what could be more suiting than the Coronado Boathouse 1887.Theres certainly no debate on geography or architecture, considering its location over the sparkling waters of Glorietta Bay, and the fact the world famous Hotel Del was directly modeled after it.Put simply, its the staff that makes this establishment so undeniably unique to Coronado, boasting over one hundred years of combined service amongst the wait staff alone!
As Jimmy, one of The Boathouses most senior servers, once confided in me; its not what you do that defines you as a person, but how you do it.Sure, most would consider a smart person in their thirties who waits tables to have somehow sold themselves short in life, but at this restaurant that could not be farther from the truth.Much like Coronado itself, the staff hails from a variety of backgrounds and locations around the country, but all were drawn to this current location by a common love for that elusive trait that defines Coronado. And whether you happen to see the owner lovingly trimming the flowers on
15. the patio as you stroll along the bay, or are being served a filet mignon and lobster tail by either Dave, Jimmy, Laurie, or Todd, the care factor is boldly apparent.Ask to be seated in any of these veteran servers sections and you will quickly discover the splendor of being served by someone who isnt simply fishing for a tip.Because like Coronado itself, they possess an untaught, inherent trait that makes them as unique and enjoyable as the establishment they represent: they are genuine.
On Saturday, April 3rd The Coronado Boathouse will be celebrating its 30th year as one of the islands most cherished and hard working restaurants by opening its doors at 11am (for the first time ever) in order to host the world-renowned flamenco band, NovaMenco.Complimenting the performance will be the unveiling of the restaurants brand new lunch menu.So mark your calendars, dust off those dancin shoes, and come celebrate with the rest of the local community as Coronados most dedicated staff cater to your ever whim.
-Press Release/Advertisement printed in the Coronado Eagle on March 24, 2010
16. Thank you for viewing my writing and graphic design portfolio.If you liked what you saw, feel free to contact me at
I am always open to new ideas and business ventures.
Grady Blumenthal