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hghaziza@aggies.ncat.eduCell: (336) 389-25493805 Cotswold Ave.Apt. JGreensboro, NC 27410


I am interested in pursuing a summer internship with the focus on biomedical engineering projects in order to expand my knowledge and hone my skills in Biomedical research, specifically for healthcare.

Research Interests

The use of mechanical stimulation in order to control the cellular functions like cancerous cells. Biomedical research, specifically for childhood obesity, as the early stage for many related diseases. Assessment of the toxicity of nanoparticles and their role in human health.

Research/Accomplished Projects

Study of Cellular behavior under cyclic mechanical forces Differentiation of 3T3/ L1 cells to lipid (fat) cells as the process of adipogenesis. Cytotoxic effects of nanoparticles at cellular level Cellular genotoxicity of nanoparticles

Performing The soft lithography processes in fabricating Nano-scale materials in cleanroom environment The crack-free deposition of metals on rubber polymers for the purpose of sensors The testing of mechanical properties (tensile/compression/shear strength) of solid materials The soft lithography fabrication for desired design using PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane) Inkjet printing of conductive nanoparticles in order to create desired designs for conductive substrates


PhD Nanoengineering, Joint School of Nano-science and Nanoengineering, A&T state University, Greensboro, NC, USA. August 2014 Present, GPA: 3.84 out of 4 (expected graduation date: Spring 2018).Fundamental courses taken: Advances in Nanomaterials Nanosafety Fundamental of Nano-modelling Intermolecular forces and interactions Advanced Nano-systems Polymeric materials engineeringM.Sc. Nanoengineering, Joint School of Nano-science and Nanoengineering, A&T state University, Greensboro, NC, USA. January 2013 July 2014, GPA: 3.44 out of 4.Fundamental courses taken: Biochemistry and biology of cells Simulation modeling methods Fundamental of Nano-materials Nano-bioelectronics (lithography) Introduction to Nano-processing Colloidal and molecular self-assemblyB.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Khayyam Higher Education Institute, Mashhad, Iran. September 2008 August 2012, GPA: 3.21 out of 4.Pre-University Diploma in Mathematical sciences, Pajoohesh High School, Mashhad, Iran. September 2007 June2008, GPA: 3.5 out of 4. Work/Teaching Experience

Graduate Research Assistant at JSNN, Greensboro, NC, US, January 2013 present. Student Advisor and Teaching Assistant in Mathematics and Physics, Pajoohesh High School, Mashhad, Iran, September 2009 September 2013. Project Expert, AlN formation and its corrosive and high temperature oxidation, PistoonSazanToos Inc., Mashhad, Iran. May 2007 May 2008.

Teaching Assistant for Chemical and Biochemical Principles, JSNN, Greensboro, NC, USA, January 2015 Present. Teaching Assistant, Department of Accounting, Kavyan Higher Education Institute, Mashhad, Iran. - Mathematics, 2 Semesters Physics, 2Semesters. Teaching Assistant, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Khayyam Higher Education Institute, Mashhad, Iran. - Thermodynamics of Materials, 2 Semesters Computer Programming (MATLAB), 2 Semesters. English Language Teacher, Goyesh English Institute, Mashhad, Iran. - Pre- Intermediate English Levels, January 2012 December 2012.

Lab Skills

Cell culturing in clean-room environments, Experience with different cell viability assays, Designing a custom-built cell stretching system, Experienced with simulation through Catia, Matlab, Ansys, and Cosmos, Experienced in working with AFM, SEM/Environmental SEM, and TEM.

Publications and Presentation

I have been involved in conducting a research that has resulted in the following publications/presentations.

H. Ghazizadeh, M.Sc; S. Baghaee-Ravari, Ph.D; D. Lajeunesse, Ph.D; S. Aravamudhan, Ph.D; Behavior of fibroblastic cells under the influence of regular and variable biaxial cyclic stress regimes; Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology (BMMB). Submitted H. Ghazizadeh, M.Sc; S. Aravamudhan, Ph.D; A REVIEW OF TWO-DIMENSIONAL IN VITRO CELL STRETCH PLATFORMS; Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology (JMMB). Submitted H. Ghazizadeh, M.Sc; K. Kosaraju, PhD; S. Aravamudhan, PhD; J. Starobin, PhD; Flexible Nano-Electrode Fabrication for ECG Monitoring; Nanomanufacturing 2015 H. Ghazizadeh; S. Baghaee Ravari; A. Hung; D. LaJeunesse; S. Aravamudhan. "Understanding Cell Viability and Mechanics of Actin Filament Response of NIH/3T3 Fibroblasts under Biaxial Stretch", BMES annual conference, October 22-25, 2014, San Antonio, Texas, USA. M.Ghazizadeh, H. Zebardast, H. Ghazizadeh, A. BaghaeeRavari. "Influence of AlN Formation on Corrosion behavior and High-Temperature Oxidation Resistance using Tungsten Inert Gas Process", CORROSION 2009, 22-26 March 2009, Georgia, USA.

Honors & Awards

Awarded as the most active member of the Scientific Association of Mechanical Engineering of Khayyam Higher Education Institute, January 2010 & September 2010. Awarded a Research Assistant Position in JSNN, January 2013 - present.

References will be provided upon request.

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