Helsinki CitySDK Pilot

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  • 1. CitySDK WorkshopManchester 20.-21.4.2013 Smart participation pilot

2. 19.2.2013 first service request handled! 3. Lhetetty eteenpin 4. Ksittelyss 5. Kiitos ilmoituksestanne. Olemme vlittneet korjauspyynnn alueen katujen kunnossapitoonTerveisin Rakennusviraston asiakaspalvelu 6.[ { "service_request_id": "3vv5bacf5f3v9959pkgb", "service_code": "368", "description": "Irronnut mukulakivi on tehnyt vaarallisen kuopan Mannerheimintielle. Voisiko saada uuden kiven?", "service_notice": "", "requested_datetime": "2013-03-15T14:05:25", "updated_datetime": "2013-03-15T17:45:05", "status": "open", "status_notes": "Kiitos ilmoituksestanne. Olemme vlittneet korjauspyynnn alueen katujen kunnossapitoon Terveisin Rakennusviraston asiakaspalvelu", "agency_responsible": "", "service_name": "", "address": "", "address_id": "", "zip_code": "", "lat": "66.72981", "long": "25.496642", "extended_attributes": {"service_object_id": "","title": "Kuoppa tiessa","service_object_type": "","detailed_status": "IN_PROCESS" } }] 7. First weeks of Helsinki Lead Pilot stats: 4000 unique visitors 15 000 page views Average visit time 2,5 minutes / viewer 40 tickets received 29 forwarded (HKI) Service requests moved to other organisation: Traffic lights, tram rails, street lights, some busstops 8. Pilot interface status Public interface (Open311) Language support Basic service request submission Including service object Extensions capability Basic search capabilities Not updated time or lat/lon/radius Integration to Public works department Done! 9. Service request types Vandalism Sanitation violation Graffiti removal Potholes Traffic signs Info signs Parks Playgrounds andsports parks Forest Other issue to befixed 10. Lessons learned Open311 interface integration Existing libraries make it easy (Three) Smaller issues like Duplicate service request detection Allowed media filenames E.g. image.123 is not allowed Service request quality Accuracy of the service request is VERY important Good image shows whats wrong and where it is 11. Is there a lid or not? Source: Google streetview 12. The difficulty of getting accurate location Correct location 13. Streets near tram rails 14. Traffic light repaired by Helsingin Energia 15. Many success cases