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HES-HKS & KaoS meeting Toshi Gogami 8Nov2013 11/2 @ 秋秋秋秋

HES-HKS & KaoS meetin g

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HES-HKS & KaoS meetin g. Toshi Gogami 8Nov2013. 11/2 @ 秋保大滝. Contents. Virtual photon flux Collimator position HES-HKS momentum matching Blind analysis. HES collimator. Seed : virtual photon associated. Virtual photon flux . Γ’ = 2.81E -5 +- 0.04E -5 [ /electron] . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of HES-HKS & KaoS meetin g

HES-HKS & KaoS meeting

HES-HKS & KaoS meetingToshi Gogami 8Nov2013

11/2 @ ContentsVirtual photon fluxCollimator positionHES-HKS momentum matchingBlind analysis

HES collimatorSeed : virtual photon associated

Virtual photon flux = 2.81E-5 +- 0.04E-5 [ /electron]

= 4.33E-5 +- 0.05E-5 [ /electron] Collimator position-7.7 cm35% difference412C -7.7cm Hall-C logbookUser name kohlmLog entry time 10:45:17 on October 05, 2009Entry number 188508Followups:188532 10/05/09 13:27 Nue We changed collomator position to recover high P coin events in HESkeyword=HES collimator position change

Changed HES collimator position (~3cm down), after run 76072

From EPICS information75813HES SS=-330mm75814HES SS=-330mm75815HES SS=-330mm75816HES SS=-330mm75817HES SS=-330mm76072HES SS=-330mm76073HES SS=-300.2mm76074HES SS=-330mm ?76075HES SS=-300.2mm76076HES SS=-300.2mm-7.7 cm-4.7 cmHES HKS matching

HES HKS matching

012B g.s.52V g.s.Different momentum region different angular region

Blind analysis(0)DistortedMomentum tune [5 iteration, 5 loop]Momentum (0th ) + angle [5 iteration, 1loop]Missing masses


123x and y

123SummaryVirtual photon flux Collimator position , matchingBlind analysisIn progressOutlookMatrix tuningA=52Formation cross section()Binding energyFitting (12B, 10B, 7Li )Blind analysisMatrix distortionSeed generationHypernucleiBackgroundRadiation tail Ask Miss. Fujita

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