How to Quit Your Job

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  • Start and Grow Your Spiritually Based Business


    Im excited to share this video and these notes with you, as they contain

    lessons that Ive learned in my 25 years as a professional spiritual teacher and

    author. These lessons apply to any spiritually based profession. If you will apply

    these lessons, you will experience increased fulfillment and abundance.

    Whether youre already employed in a spiritually based business and wish it

    to grow, or if youre on the verge of starting a new business, this video and these

    notes will help you with your intentions.

    Starting your spiritually based career is exciting and may trigger the egos

    worries and need for control. But I promise you that if youll pray and take daily

    action to follow your guidance as well as practicing the material in this course

    that youll find the fulfillment and true security with your spiritually based career.

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    My prayers for your success in all ways are with you and your business,

    Love, Doreen

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    Course Notes (you are encouraged to add your own thoughts to these

    notes). Some of the orders of the notes differ from the video, and some notes are

    repeated throughout the video:

    Part I: Getting Clear about Your Goals, Desires, and Intentions

  • Find a career that you love, and youll never work another day of your life!

    Enjoyment = Employment

    Definition of success: Having a sense of meaning, freedom, happiness, and

    knowing that youre contributing to the world, while being able to pay your bills

    and share with your favorite charities.

    If I could snap my fingers and you could magically have your dream career right

    now, what would it look like?

    Using your head to figure out whats logical about your career MAY gain you

    stability and monetary success, but it usually doesnt result in true emotional and

    spiritual satisfaction. Only following your heart and your passion does that.

    What do you love to do?

    In your free time

    What do you dream of?

    What other people do you admire and/or are jealous of for their careers?

    What world issues are near and dear to your heart?

    When you were little, what did you say you wanted to be when you grew


    If you knew you only had one year to live, and during that year youd feel

    healthy, what changes would you make?

  • If you had unlimited time and money and knew you couldnt fail, what

    career would you enter?

    Meditation: Cutting cords and forgiveness toward all jobs youve held and

    forgiving yourself . . . nothings wasted, youve learned skills along the way.

    Quit your present job energetically first. See and feel yourself happily employed

    doing what you love. Youve got to see it and believe it, for it to happen and for it

    to succeed!

    Fully commit to your dream!

    Get excited about your dream. In the beginning of development, keep your dream

    to yourself. Stay away from jealous people. Jealousy will rob you of your sparkle.

    Self-Defeating Personality, what it is and how to overcome it

    Dont argue for your limitations.

    How to deal with criticism, your own toward self, and from other people. Losing

    the fear of What will people think?

    Coming out of the spiritual closet

    Releasing the Imposter Syndrome.

  • Releasing the fear of success and of failure

    Using time in your favor and for your purpose

    Letting joy be your compass and barometer

    Adopting your new identity and introducing yourself as someone who is in your

    career now, i.e., Hi, Im Susan, Im a professional angel card reader.

    Part 2: Starting Your Spiritually Based Business

    Go part-time to begin with. One hour a day devoted to your dream will get you

    started. Then as your dream income increases, you can decrease your hours with

    your other job . . . and then quit!

    Working for someone else:



    Volunteer or Internship work to get an inside view of the business, to see if you

    really like it, and to learn how to run it

    Working for yourself:


  • Disadvantages

    Make a plan that has enough details to excite you and give you a road map, but

    not so rigid a plan that you have no flexibility for lifes twists and unexpected

    turns. This or something better, God.


    Dont invest more money than youre comfortable with into a new business in the

    beginning, puts too much pressure on you. Only invest as much money as youre

    comfortable with. Instead, invest time into visualizing, praying, meditating, and

    affirming yourself in this new business with success.

    Do I need a brick and mortar building? Not unless youre strongly guided to get

    one. Many businesses are home-based, where you can provide a mobile or

    internet based service or product distribution

    Pray nightly before falling asleep: Thank you God for showing me clearly and

    specifically what steps to take. When I awaken tomorrow, I will confidently know

    what to do, thanks to the answers you give to me while Im sleeping tonight.

    Setting up shop:

  • Know that its normal to figure it out as you go along. No one is fully prepared or

    can anticipate everything for their business. Treat it as a beloved creative project,

    not as a pass/fail test.

    Go on the web and read articles of how other people in your industry started

    theres, there are many fine how-to articles. Interview those in the industry, and

    ask them to mentor you. Everyone likes to teach and help others, as long as you

    are sincere and not coming across as anyway arrogant competitor.

    Etsy for services and products

    You can sell your products and services anywhere and everywhere. If you have

    products, its a matter of hand-carrying them to stores, boutiques, farmers

    markets, etc.

    Make your own Website, which you can easily do through Vista Print, GoDaddy,

    and other service

    But really a Facebook page is really all you need

    Business cards are outmoded, but if you feel you need them, dont buy too many

    because you will likely shift and modify your business as you learn what works

    and doesnt work. E-cards are more the mode now.

    Partnering up with experts, you can barter-exchange with them:

  • Accountant, bookkeeper, tax preparer

    Copyright attorney

    Marketing or PR person


    If you are very define right brain / left brain: right-brained dominant

    artist or psychic, you will either need to ground yourself or partner

    with a leftbrain dominant person.

    Also, check with your local business laws, as you may need a business

    license for your home-based business.

    Ask others to help you, and accept help as its offered. Invest in hiring help.

    Part 3: Growing and Spreading the Word . . .

    The spiritual marketing team and mentors

    Purify your intentions and they will help you

    Chasing after money or fame wont get you anywhere

    Yet you do need to market your work: WIFM

    Your audience and clients are spiritually sensitive and psychic, so you cant

    approach them with traditional marketing approaches or with an energy of taking

    or neediness. That will push them away. Instead, approach marketing as

    excitement to spread the word about your awesome service or product

  • Also important that you market in a grounded way, without vagueness or spiritual

    jargon. Explain exactly what youre offering, and focus upon explaining the

    benefits the person will get by receiving your service or product.

    Avoid the Begging Bowl energy too, where you are begging for business. Very off-

    putting! Know that you deserve abundance in excha