Hoy es Jueves, 23 de Abril del 2015 e to ie stem changing verbs. Pagina 199 Solo leer!!!

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  • Hoy es Jueves, 23 de Abril del 2015

    e to ie stem changing verbs.

    Pagina 199 Solo leer!!!

  • e-ie stem changing verbs

  • verbos con cambio o-uemorirto diemoverto movedormirto sleepvolverto returncontarto count or to tell a storyalmorzarto lunchcostarto costencontrarto find

  • Libro Pagina 223

  • Hoy es Viernes 24 de Abril del 2015calentamiento: verbos o-ue

  • verbos con cambio e-i

  • verbos con cambio e-ipedirto ask forrepetirto repeatvestirto dressservirto serve

  • Hoy es ___________,____de______, 2015Querer: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of querer1. Nosotros ___________los pantalones cortos.2. Yo ______________el gorro rojo.3. T ____________la camiseta amarilla.4. Mara ___________la chaqueta azul.5. Ustedes ___________los calcetines verdes

  • Hoy es __________el___ de _______, 2015

  • Hoy es.., de .del 2015

  • Escuchar I sheet of paper Parte A 1-5 Assessment audiohttp://my.hrw.com/apps/alchemy/editors/viewers/popup_viewer.html

  • Escuchar IIhttp://my.hrw.com/wl2/wl10/teacher/osp/av1/data/unit04/audio/av10l1u4_ascd1_trk21.mp3

  • End of Unit projects1. You will work with a partner. Both of you will talk about 2 clothing items you that you are thinking of buying. One of you will begin the conversation by asking what the other person is thinking of buying, where he or she is going to buy it, and how much the item costs. Then reverse roles so that your partner can ask the same questions. Try to make comments about your partners responses throughout the conversation. For example, you might mention if you think the item was expensive or inexpensive, pretty or ugly, long or short etc.Your conversation should be no less than 4 complete sentences each.You will be graded on: your ability to ask and answer questions. your ability to sustain a natural conversation. correct use of newly learned vocabulary and grammar points.