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    Electronic Plus (EP+)Company Name:

    Group Leader: Reuben Abraham Oommen

    Course: Human Resource Management (C18HM)

    Tutorial Group: 5

    Group members:

    I, Reuben Oommen , leader of EP+ .. hereby confirms that all members executed theirduties and roles, as determined .


    Student Name &Surname


    Responsible task Signature

    1. Reuben Oommen H00172088 Job specification/InterviewPlan/Letter

    2. Pranav Raman H00167339 Job Description/Induction/Letter

    3. Joel Alex Mathews H00173975 SelectionMethods/Advertisment/Letter

    4. Vaishnav DeepBhanot H00172143

    Recruitment Channel/Applicationform/Good selection&Recruitment methods

    C18HM Cover Sheet

    We state that this assignment is our own work and that where other sources ofinformation have been used, these have been acknowledged in the acceptedacademic manner.We have checked and followed the assessment criteria for this assignment.

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    12. GROUP REPORT 25

    13 .REFERENCES .27

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    Job Title: Human Resource Administrator

    Admin Office: -Reporting to: Human Resources ManagerLocation: EP+ Head Office, Business Bay

    Electronic Plus (EP+) is one of UAEs largest and most respectableelectronic firms. The company was founded back in 1999 and employsover 1500 people.The impeccable reputation that the EP+ group has built along withreliable, goal oriented, responsible and determined staff from across thecountry adds to the success of the business.

    Overall Summary

    HR Administrator provides support HR officers across the whole rangeof HR related work. Each Administrator will be responsible fordelivering services


    Initial point of contact for all job related queries Are responsible for gathering candidates with optimum

    characteristics for job openings with the help of advertising. Maintain all the proper HR records such as C.Vs of working staff,

    medical reports, leave notices etc. Assist employees with work related problems, career

    development and the job related environment.

    Ensure that the company is optimally staffed. Ensure proper induction and training is given to all of the firmsemployees.

    Must keep detailed track records of all of the firms employeeswhich includes sales reports, targets given and achieved etc.

    Ensure that all salaries and bonuses are distributed properly andon time.

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    Essential part of strategic management.

    Experience Required:3-4 years of experience with the Human Resources Department.

    Training:Training would be provided by the Human Resources department as theprepare candidates to tackle real life problems and how to solve them.

    Working Hours:9 am to 6 pm from Sundays to Thursdays.9 am to 12 pm (noon) on Saturdays.

    Salary:6000-800dhs /- dirhams per month excluding company benefits andannual bonus and is given as per the performance of the employee andhis ability to achieve progress within the company.

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    Job Title: HR Administrator

    Job location: EP+ Head office , Business Bay.

    Qualification/Education Training

    Undergraduate with a degree in either management orHR or Business related discipline

    Prior experience in the field of HR in the Middle East


    Strong administration skills High level of confidentiality Flexibility and willingness to learn Expert in employment law and employee relations Ability to provide basic advice on policies , procedures ,

    employment conditions and terms Ability to work accurately, with attention to detail Should oversee all human resource efforts Developing long and short term HR planning strategies Able to conduct trainings and induction for new

    employees Excellent verbal communication skills Strong business presentation skills High inter-personal skills / customer facing skills Tact and diplomacy

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    Experience/ Knowledge

    Expertise in software such as MS office/HRIS/Filemanagement

    Idea about the needs/wants of employees and workingclosely with them to solve their grievances in line withthe company policy

    Experience of using a Human Resources IT system Experience in leading with complex contractual


    Experience of mangaging workload and conflictingpriorities.

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    Job Advertisement

    Advertisement on Newspaper

    This is the method used by our company. Reasons we are adapting thismethod is because this method reaches a mass area of audience, alsovery effective. This method is relatively cheap compared to othermethods of advertisement.

    HR ADMINISTRATOR / SALARY 6,000 8,000 + Benefits

    A Looming firm in need for a skillful HR Administrator who has workedin this field previously and has good personnel skills. This job wouldfeature activities such as maintaining HR records, keeping detailed trackof records which includes sales reports, targets etc.

    Accommodation, Health benefits, and Transportation facilities would beprovided.


    Minimum Previous Experience of 3-4 Years UG Degree (PG Degree Preferable) Strong Administrative Skills Good Training And Induction Skills High Communication Skills

    Candidates only who fulfill the above requirements may send their CV to

    [email protected]

    Business Bay, Tower J04-4472812

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]
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    The firms can use different recruitment channels to attract moreattention from different applicants so that they have a pool of potentialapplicants to select for the required job. Which would be cost and timeaffective (Russo C 2000)

    The recruitment channels, which EP+ will be using are :-

    Recruitment agencies

    Recruitment agencies provide service to the firms by providing themwith suitable match for technical & professional personnel as per astheir expertiseBy building good relations with the leading recruitment agencies inUAE, EP+ uses staffing agencies for high volume placements, which canresult in tremendous savings in terms of turnover, training costs etc.

    Ep+ uses this channel of recruitment due to its flexibility to thecompany incase of hiring different applicants and is a less timeconsuming procedure. The cost incurred in terms of hiring theseagencies is lower than the return in the future. Ep+ needs applicantsthat have desired qualifications and experience therefore agencies arewell aware of the companys expectations and requirements for thevacant position which in return provides the company with the bestcandidate for our human resource administrator position (Wild, G2007)

    After recruiting the suitable candidate the estimated cost that would be

    incurred is finalized after signing a contract between our company andthe recruiting agency. Therefore the contract states the total amountthat will be incurred by our company, which is based on 8.5% to 11.5%of the basic salary of our companys employee.

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    Company website

    The Ep+ website attracts different targeted market for their available

    products at Estore. Professional applicants that are interested in ourcompany and are looking for a good job opportunity further researchabout the companys profile and if any suitable vacancies are available(Dill 2014)

    The companys website can help gather a pool of suitable applicants forpositions to be filled in the future, which in return would be cost andtime affective for Ep+.

    Social Media

    Our company uses forms of social media such as LinkedIn andrecruitment websites such as to attracttalented people to expand our database and saves the company time,cost and helps for a wider reach of candidates.

    Professionals who are interested in developing in their field of expertiseuse professional platforms like LinkedIn. Ep+ uses these forms to stayahead in the market competition by regularly updating relevantinformation about the job vacancies.

    Linkedln helps ep+ build their employer brand image by attractinginterested applicants by sharing their information about their cultureand job opportunities (Passman 2014)

    Our company uses a mix of all these channels as per as the requirement

    in the company.

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    Selection Methods

    The selection method implied by our company is listed below:1. Screening

    This is the very first step of the selection method. Once we get our poolof candidates we can begin to choose the desired candidates bytelephoning or emailing them about the candidates previousexperience, their qualifications attained. By doing this we are able toshortlist the desired set of candidates who fulfills the requirements forthe job. This method helps in sorting the candidates by the designatedcriteria such as age, work experience in the country, qualifications etc.This is also beneficial because we are able to find a lot of similarities (4-5 candidates who have the same qualifications and same workexperience) in the data given and can easily find the better candidateout of them.

    Reasons for rejection in this process is simple as it would be that thecandidate would not meet the required previous experience,qualifications

    2. Employment Interview

    Panel Interview

    Panel Interviews have been recommended for enhancing interviewreliability and validity ( Prewett-Livingston, 1996 ).This is a similar method of Face-to-Face interview instead there will be

    a group of interviewers. In this type the advantage to the company isthat a group of interviewers needs are fulfilled which means a largergroup with different intentions selects the candidate for the job.

    Even experts like Weisner and Cronshaw suggests this type of selectionmethod has higher validity than other methods. Its basically because agroup of interviewers examine the candidate and diversity of questions

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    is asked. This method also gives an insight of the job on what thecandidate is going to be dealing with. ( Dixon, M)

    Reasons for rejection in panel interview could be of various reasons.The main reasons would be that -

    If the candidate holds a poor eye contact, body language If the candidate doesnt have good communication skills Also being unable to answer the questions in the way expected by

    the interviewers Not listening well to the interviewer and answering vaguely Unprofessional Behavior

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    Position Applied for: Human Resource Administrative

    Date: 3 rd March 2014


    Name Marc Jacob

    Age 30

    Date of Birth 12/04/1984

    Sex Gender Male

    Marital Status Single

    Email Address [email protected]

    Residential Address Al Shaab colony Block -34 Flat no -A4

    Contact Numbers 050-6546312

    Visa Status (ExitDate if on Visit

    Company Sponsorship

    U.A.E Valid DrivingLicense


    Nationality Indian

    Native Language Konkani

    Picture of Applicant

    A lication Form

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    Name of Course MajorSubject


    Bachelor in Business Administration Marketing B

    Master in Business Administration HRM B

    3. WORK EXPERIENCE (Start from Current Employer)

    Name of Organization Designation Duration inyears

    Zomato HR Executive 1

    E-city Electronics Ltd. HR Executive 3

    Candidate Signature: ______________________________________

    Languages KnowEnglish



    Current Monthly Salary 5500

    Minimum ExpectedSalary


    Notice Period fromCurrent Job

    60 days

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    Business Bay, Tower04-4472812

    Dear Marc Jacob

    Re: Vacancy For HR Administrator

    Thanks for applying to EP+ for the post of HR Administrator . Ourcompany is impressed with your CV, as the required needs,qualifications and experience have been met. So our company wouldlike to invite you for a Panel Interview , Which will be held in our HeadOffice to get to know you better.

    Please be at our Head Office One Hour Prior To The Interview TimeQuoted

    Tuesday 16 th March / 12:00 PM

    Upon your arrival the receptionist will direct you to the conferenceroom where the interview will be held will direct you. The interview isscheduled at 12:00 PM and should end at 12:45 PM. Please make sure allthe necessary documents, proofs etc., is carried along. The Location Map is attached below, and please get back to us if youhave any queries.

    Contact us at: [email protected]

    Our Team is Looking Forward To Meet You

    James HuntHR Manager

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]
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    The candidate will arrive 45 minutes early to initially go through the first part of theinterview which is a written-based competency interview (Ability & Aptitude test)after which there will be a panel interview consisting of structured andunstructured questions.

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    Greet the applicant ChairpersonIntroduce yourself Provide instructions and askrapport building questions to make the candidate

    comfortable and at ease.

    Establish a structure ChairpersonAcquaint the applicant and the interviewer andhelp the applicant understand the organizationand provide a job preview so that the candidatehas a good understanding of the job

    Describe the interview


    Line ManagerGet a brief review of the applicants previous jobsand experiences. Ask questions to get specific

    information about the organization and the job.

    Ask interviewquestions

    HR Manager

    Line Manager


    Gather information from the applicant usingplanned, probed and competency based questionswhich relate to the candidates communicationskills, decision making skills, planning andorganization skills, teamwork and leadershipskills and also the negotiation and persuasionskills with questions such as: -

    How might you motivate someone lacking

    in confidence? How do you influence/persuade others of

    your viewpoint? How do you evaluate a problem? How do

    you go about arriving at a solution?

    Encourage questions ChairpersonThe candidate can ask questions regarding theposition and the organization and other generalqueries

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    Close the interview Chairperson

    Thank the candidate for coming in, let them knowthat they will be hearing from us shortly and endthings on a positive note.

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    Date: 29 th October 2014

    Dear Marc Jacob

    APPOINTMENT AS: Human Resources Administrator

    We have evaluated all the candidates we have interviewed and havecome to the conclusion that you are the perfect candidate that satisfiesall the criteria posed for the position of Human Resource Administrator.

    Appointment is subject to the acceptance of the following,

    SALARY:Your starting salary is 7000 /- dirhams per month.

    WORKING HOURS:Sunday to Thursday: 9am to 5:30 pm.Lunch Timings: 12 pm to 1pm.Breaks: 1 break of one hour.

    PROBATION PERIOD:You are required to attend a probationary period of 4 weeks; the

    probation period can be extended or shortened depending upon thesatisfaction of the line manager.

    Vacation Period:All employees have a vacation period of 30 days with pay additionalholidays will be granted according to the rules and regulations of thelocal government.


    All employees get a minimum coverage of insurance from the companyafter the probation period. Insurance capacities are increased as per thediscretion of the firm.

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    TYPE OF CONTRACT OFFERED:Permanent Contract offered after probation period, until then contract

    offered is on a part-time basis.

    JOB ENTITLEMENT:Initial point of contact for all job related queries Responsible forgathering candidates with optimum characteristics for job openings.Maintain all the proper HR records.Ensure the Firm is optimally staffed.

    RETIREMENT:The retirement age is 60. Employees would retire at the end of the yearwhen they turn 60.

    Please confirm the acceptance of your contract according to the termsand conditions given above.

    Yours truly,James Hunt(HR Manager)

    Business Bay , Tower J

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    Dear Marc Jacob

    Re: Vacancy for HR Administrator

    Thank you for attending the interview on 16 th March for the position ofHR AdministrativeI regret to inform you that you have not been shortlisted on thisoccasion; the decision has been a difficult one as the overall quality ofthe candidates has been high.Thank you your interest in joining us at Electronic Plus and for taking

    the time to submit an application for employment.If youd like feedback from the interview please dont hesitate to contactme on the number above.We wish you well in your future endeavors and encourage you to applyagain for EP+ in the future if a suitable position becomes available.

    Yours sincerely

    James HuntHR Manager

    INDUCTION PROGRAMME (DAY 1)-(2 nd April 2014)

    Name: Date of Starting:Induction Completed:.

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    Lunch Break 1:00-2:00

    Terms and Conditions:Terms of employment issuedTimings GivenTraining PeriodSick Leaves

    2:00-3:00 Senior Manager

    Contract Signing:Contract SigningPerformance BonusTarget Achievement Bonus

    3:00-4:00 HR Staff

    End of Induction4pm

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    Good Recruitment And Selection Practice

    Recruitment has an important contribution in the success of anyorganization in the market. Recruitment should be outgoing as it is the

    HR departments main priority.The position that is vacant in the firm should be clearly defined as towhat the company expects from the functional outcomes given by thisposition. When the need of the position is defined to the considereddepartment the possibility of bad results reduces. Recruitment shouldbe done in an efficient and effective way so that the company does notface any loss in the future. The HR department should summarize theattributes of the person who in future would apply for the vacantposition. Recruiting for those attributes needed in the company will becost effective there by giving good results in the future (Tyson 2014)

    The HR department should develop a process to involve the newemployee to the company right after the offer has been accepted.Training & Mentoring the new employee will further help them to getfamiliarized with their position in the company (Cruz 2014)

    Further companies can follow more Good recruitment practices in order

    to influence the applicants behavior. Low information recruitment andhigh information recruitment practices help the companies to influencethe applicants by creating employer familiarity and positive views aboutthe reputation. Low information recruitment provides information tothe applicants through general advertisements, which helps to raiseawareness of the company. The high information recruitment containsdetailed information about the services and the company (Collins 2007)

    The process of a good selection practice plays an important role in the

    company, because a good selection practice enables the company toanalyze the candidate thoroughly by getting to know the candidatesbody language, communication skills, etc. If a good selection practice isnot carried out, the needs required by the company are not fulfilled andyou get a wrong candidate for the specified job so it is very importantthat a good and beneficial selection process is held. ( Gadeceau 2012)

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    Companies should follow different selection practices to attract diverseworkforce, which is an advantage for the firm. Selection methods likecognitive test and personality test should be structured so that theydont af fect the minority groups and should not be bias. Personality test

    has less negative impact to the minority groups, which will in returnbring in more applicants for the firm.

    HR departments are responsible for conducting employee interviews, asit is their most important function. They should follow structuredinterviews where all the applicants are asked the same set of questionswhich is less biased as compared to unstructured interviews ( Nga 2010)

    The most difficult part of this process was selecting an appropriaterecruitment channel. The channels of recruitment have different set ofnegative & positive aspects. Proper research had to be done to decidewhich channel will be cost and time effective. The company has to usedifferent channels so that wide range of highly qualified talent that thecompany can attract. Channels of recruitment is a crucial part ofrecruitment process and has to be given more importance so that thecompany can adequately staffed in the areas that it requires.

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    According to the research conducted the best way to advertise a jobvacancy, which would reach desirable candidates, was through

    advertising on newspaper because it would reach a wide mass audienceand the price is reasonableSelection Methods helps to analyze the most useful, beneficial andsuitable method of selection for the company. According to theconducted research the most effective and efficient method for selectionwould be interviewing through Panel Interview (Joel Alex Mathews)

    This assignment has provided me with the basic understanding on how

    the recruitment process is undertaken by the human resourcedepartment. The process for selecting the channels of recruitment andthe application form.The good recruitment & selection practices which the human resourcedepartment should adapt. According to the research conducted everycompany should follow the good recruitment and selection practices.(Vaishnav Bhanot)

    Induction helped me understand the process through which employeesare introduced into the company and are informed about the variousroles within the firm , and job description helped understand whatresponsibilities and roles are performed while being part of the firm.(Pranav Raman)

    Interview plan helped me understand the various stages that going onduring a interview , along with different structured and unstructuredparts and the written tests involved in the process. Job specification

    helped me understand the skills , abilities and knowledge that isexpected from a professional before he joins the firm and is required todo the job. (Reuben Oommen)

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    The group as a whole learnt the various processes that wereinvolved in in first understanding what kind of a candidate is

    required for the job , then selecting the right person from a largepool of candidates and then finalizing the employment and makingthe candidate understand the kind of roles and responsibilitiesthat were expected of them.

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