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  • 8/10/2019 IIE Details


    Project A: Cluster Development Activity

    Across industrialised and developing countries, there are growing indications that micro, small and

    medium enterprises (MSMEs) can boost their competitiveness through networking and this process is

    easier and more sustainable if the rms are situated and work very closely with one another in !lusters"#

    A !luster, is therefore, best dened as a sectoral and geographical concentration of enterprises and their

    various service providers, producing goods or services, in particular micro, small and medium

    enterprises, facing similar threats and opportunities#

    Amidst severe competition posed by globalisation today, it is being largely felt that developing clusters of

    rms engaged in similar activities would be the most viable approach to develop the small and

    traditional industrial sector# $t is in this conte%t that $$E has taken up the !luster &evelopment Approach

    to develop small enterprises in 'orth Eastern egion of $ndia to meet the challenging opportunities and

    threats in a globalised economy#

    # E*$+'A ES+-!E !E'.E

    /# .E!0'$!A A*E'!1 2+ S2-.$

    3# !-S.E $M4EME'.A.$+'

    !ane 5 6amboo !luster, &imapur

    $mphal East 0andloom !luster#


    *iven the status of the micro and small enterprise sector in 'orth East $ndia, the future growth and

    sustainability of this sector in the region calls for a proper utilisation of the available resources for its

    growth# Moreover, with globalisation as a challenge, growth of clusters can not only lower the cost of

    production and make the rms produce at a competitive end but can also give a thrust on accessing a

    wider market with state of art technology resulting in better 7uality products#

    Micro, small and medium enterprise clusters are being developed to enhance production base and

    improve competitiveness, identify new markets, trigger growth, attain economies of scale, create new

    employment opportunities, and address regional economic imbalances# $n this direction, &!8MSME,

    *overnment of $ndia has mandated $$E to set up a egional esource !entre (!) on cluster

    development in the institute"s premises to propagate cluster development approach in 'orth East $ndia

    spatially more earnestly# .he ! has its 'odal +9ce in the premises of $$E, *uwahati with state centres

    in rest of the seven states across the 'orth Eastern region with a holistic approach toward capacity

    ! 4 a g e I I E " N o r t # E $ s t e r n

    S t $ t e s

  • 8/10/2019 IIE Details


    building, providing handholding support and devising policy interventions in sustainable cluster


    .he ! acts as a esource !entre on cluster development in the 'orth Eastern region to eventually

    galvani:e economic growth in the micro, small and medium enterprises# .he !entre provides platforms to

    di;erent cluster actors to come together at regular intervals, to share their e%periences and to take stock

    of their development interventions# Such interactions, it is deemed would help create a repository of

    knowledge of best practices and help to develop a comprehensive amrup

    State= Assam

    4$' = ?@/B

    .elephone = CB83D8/3@, /3/DD

    Email= iieindiaFbsnl#in


    &'$nitially three diagnostic studies were conducted in the state of Assam and the same after due approval

    from the Ministry of MSME, *o$ were implemented# .hey include=

    /! 4 a g e I I E " N o r t # E $ s t e r n

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    i#&hamdhama 0andloom !luster, 'albari

    ii#6agulamari Gute !raft !luster, &hubri

    iii#4yraranga Eri !luster, 6oko, >amrup

    ('2our other clusters vi:#, Gapi !luster, 'albari, Asharikandi .eracota !luster, &hubri, SipaHhar 0andloom

    !luster, &arrang, ontholi Gewellery !luster, 'agaon have been implemented after conducting the

    diagnostic studies#


    'ame of the co8ordinator = Shri atul >umar &as

    4lace= 0 'o= 3, &uncan 6asti

    &istrict= &imapur

    State= 'agaland

    4$' = ?B?/

    .elephone = 3@D//3?3D

    Email = ratulkumar@Fgmail#com


    #.he diagnostic study for the following cluster has been conducted in 'agaland=

    i#Galukie 0andloom !luster

    /# .he following cluster proposals have been sent to the Ministry of MSME, *o$ for necessary approval for

    conducting diagnostic studies=

    i# Iokha 4assion 2ruit !lusters

    ii# Junheboto 4assion 2ruit !luster

    .he other areas identied in 'agaland for cluster development are bee keeping, food processing

    specially in pineapples and passion fruits, medicinal plants, tea etc#



    # .he diagnostic study for the following cluster has been carried out in .ripura=

    3! 4 a g e I I E " N o r t # E $ s t e r n

    S t $ t e s

  • 8/10/2019 IIE Details


    i# 0apania Gute !luster

    /# .he following cluster proposal has been sent to Ministry for necessary approval for conducting the

    diagnostic study

    i# ani 6a:aar ice Mill !luster#

    3# .he other areasKsectors identied for developing clusters in .ripura are 8 cane and bamboo, handicraft,

    handloom, brick kiln etc#


    'ame of the co8ordinator = alduwahami usai

    4lace = A8D, -pper epublic

    &istrict= Ai:awl

    State= Mi:oram

    4$' = ?BD

    .elephone = 3@B/3B/BKB3D33L@



    # .hree diagnostic studies have been conducted in the state of Mi:oram till now and the same have

    been implemented# .hey include

    i# 6aktwang Iood !arpentry !luster

    ii# 6hairabi 6amboo !luster

    iii# Seling 6amboo !luster

    /# .he other cluster proposals received from the state are 2ood 4rocessing 8 &urtlang, 0nahlan, *armentK

    2urniture unglei etc#



    # .he following two diagnostic studies were carried out and the clusters implemented in the state of

    Arunachal 4radesh=

    ! 4 a g e I I E " N o r t # E $ s t e r n

    S t $ t e s

    mailto:a[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/10/2019 IIE Details


    &irang 2ood 4rocessing !luster

    .awang !arpet Making !luster

    /# .he other proposals that have come up in the state include the following=

    0andloom and 0andicraft !luster, ower Subansiri &istrict, Jiro

    !ane 5 6amboo !luster, -pper Subansiri &istrict, &aporiHo

    >honsa Iood !arving !luster, .irap

    6amboo 6ased $ndustry !hanglang, .e:u, 'amsai


    'ame of the co8ordinator= Mr# 0emanta abha

    4lace = 'ongpoh

    &istrict = i86hoi

    State = Meghalaya

    4$' = ?B3/

    .elephone = 3D3@/3/3@K B3D3L@33

    Email =rNhemant/Fyahoo#co#in


    # .he diagnostic study for the following cluster was carried out in Meghalaya and the same has been


    i# -mden Eri !luster

    .he other proposals that have come up in the state include 2ood 4rocessing (4ineapple) 'ongkhrah,

    4ottery !haipani, 6lack Smithy 8 East >hasi 0ills

    /# .he areas identied in Meghalaya for cluster development are pottery and food processing sectors,

    especially pineapples in Iest and East *aro 0ills and Iest >hasi 0ills, pickles in i86hoi, honey and

    honey products in Iest >hasi 0ills, and cane and bamboo products in East >hasi 0ills# 0andicraft

    products of Mawsynram area also on the 7ueue

    L! 4 a g e I I E " N o r t # E $ s t e r n

    S t $ t e s

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/10/2019 IIE Details



    'ame of the co8ordinator = >okhen !hingtham

    4lace =#> &hiren 6uilding, 'ambam !huthek, 'ongmeibung

    &istrict = $mphal

    State = Manipur

    4$' = ?BL

    .elephone = 3L/@@KB@D3LBDB

    Email =kokcom3Fyahoo#co#in


    # .he $mphal East 0andloom !luster has been successfully implemented#

    /#.wo diagnostic studies were conducted in the state of Manipur for the following clusters and the same

    have been implemented=

    i# >hangabok >auna !luster

    ii# *reater $mphal Gwellery !luster

    3# .he other proposals that have come up include the Andro 4ottery -khrul, .urn Stone 6ishenpur,

    6amboo craft 4atsoi, 6amboo shoot8 6ishenpur=


    # .he diagnostic study of the following cluster for the state has been completed and the clusters has

    been implemented=

    i# +khrey !arpet Making !luster

    /# .he following are the other cluster proposals received till now=

    i# 0andmade paper with bamboo 8 Assam in:ey

    ii# 6room 6inding 8 Malbasey, Iest Sikkim

    iii# 2ood 4rocessing (*inger and turmeric powder) 8 akdong .intek

    D! 4 a g e I I E " N o r t # E $ s t e r n

    S t $ t e s

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]
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    .he other potential sectors in the state that have been identied to be taken up as clusters are ginger 5

    turmeric processing, broom making, handicrafts and handmade paper


    $n /D, $$E was assigned the role of a technical agency in assisting the development of a large number

    of clusters in the eastern and north eastern region of the country under the scheme called the Scheme of

    2und for egeneration of .raditional $ndustries (S2-.$) sponsored by the Ministry of Micro, Small and

    Medium Enterprises, *overnment of $ndia#

    .he >hadi and

  • 8/10/2019 IIE Details


    # 6aktwang Iood !arpentry cluster# 4rachurHya 4hukan

    # 6hairabi 6amboo cluster 4rachurHya 4hukan

    /# +khrey !arpet Making cluster 4urabi Saikia

    3# >a:iranga 0andloom 60 akhi Anand

    Project: C$ne 3 4$m5oo Cluster" Dim$pur#

    $t is in the conte%t of availability of cane and bamboo, local skill and the possibility of developing a

    cluster for the same that &! MSME (Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, *overnment of

    $ndia) mandated the $ndian $nstitute of Entrepreneurship ($$E), *uwahati to develop a cluster in cane and

    bamboo products#


    At the start of the endeavor there were only eighteen volunteers ready to join the network and form a

    part of the cluster but eventually the membership steadily increased and stood at eighty-two (with 11

    female actors and two (2) exporters).

    Before intervention by IIE, there was only one unit which eported trays to !orocco worth of "# $ %&&&.

    'he other units lacked eport oriented products. ost intervention, !s )esmina *eliang, one of the cluster

    actors was successful in bagging an eport order of +s. lakhs for her cane and bamboo furniture in

    -&&/&% which has gone upto "#$0%,&&& in -&&/&1. Besides, the cluster artisans registered sales at II'2

    at 3elhi 4+s -,0,&&& (Appro56, 7E32i 8aat at 9uwahati 4+s 0,,&&& (Appro56, Bam 2est at :erala 4+s

    %,&&& (Appro56, Ehibition at "daipur 4+s 1&,&&& (Appro56 and 7E Epo at 3elhi 40,1,&&& (Appro56.

    2or e;ective skill building, the cluster actors visited the +egional +esearch uarters including II' Bombay had come by way

    of technical epertise and support. 'he epertise of ?IBA+' was hired to introduce new technology into

    the cluster. A number of projects were sanctioned by commercial banks and 7E32i for new and eisting

    cluster actors.

    T#e cluster #$s success1ully $c#ieve. t#e 1ollo6in2:

    @! 4 a g e I I E " N o r t # E $ s t e r n

    S t $ t e s

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    i# .he Special 4urpose &as, &esigner, $$.8*

    Project: Imp#$l E$st *$n.loom Cluster

    .he $mphal East 0andloom !luster implemented in the year /D by the $ndian $nstitute of

    Entrepreneurship, *uwahati has been sponsored by the &evelopment !ommissioner, 0andloom, Ministry

    of .e%tiles, *overnment of $ndia# $t is a three8year proHect that is e%pected to benet L, weavers of

    Iangkhei, >ongba, >hundrakpam, >hurai, >ong pal and .angkhul Avenue in $mphal East# .he

    geographical coverage is primarily based on legacy, viability, closes pro%imity to marketKs, and

    concentration of skilled manpower#

    B! 4 a g e I I E " N o r t # E $ s t e r n

    S t $ t e s

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    $$E through its interventions has so far been successful in sensitising the weavers on issues relating to

    development of handloom products, has formed the !luster &evelopment !o8ordination !ommittee

    comprising of representatives from various government departments and stakeholders in the cluster and

    also has established a 6usiness $nformation !entre for better coordination among the cluster actors#

    6esides, since initiation $$E has also successfully established !redit linkage facility between the cluster

    rms and banks# A yarn bank has also come up to meet the inade7uacy in availability of raw material#


    .IIE has a three year eperience in Integrated 8andloom ?luster 3evelopment rogramme of the

    3evelopment ?ommissioner 8andloom, !inistry of 'etiles, 9overnment of India in Imphal East district

    of !anipur. 'he ?luster was formally launched on @&th !ay, -&&% under the mandate of 3?/8andloom

    and started operating since #eptember, -&&%.

    #ince its inception, 0& #89s have been formed in the cluster covering -,&& weavers. A total direct sale

    of +s. 1&.&& lakhs approimately have been generated by the cluster artisans so far by participating in

    various marketing events. In addition, the artisans have been able to generate orders worth +s. --.@0

    lakhs by participating in buyer seller meets and ehibitions in !umbai, ?hennai, 3ehradun, 3elhi and


    2or e;ective skill building, steps have been taken in design intervention with 0& new designs being

    introduced, organising dyeing workshops, organising eposure visits etc. Besides, training in improved

    looms like jac>uard mounted looms have been imparted to the cluster artisans. eavers, marketer=s and

    dyers were taken to #hantipur and Burdwan cluster for adoption of better weaving techni>ues.

    'he principal agencies which have contributed towards the success of the cluster also amplify the >uality

    of collaboration achieved. 0&& weavers under a cooperative society have received loans under 338.

    C& #89sD have achieved nancial linkages. 1- weavers have been covered for health insurance under

    the elfare scheme of 3? 8andloom. Another && weavers have been covered under the

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    rincipal Agencies contributing to the success of the scheme in 3imapur

    "entral #oernment $gencies

    3? (8andloom5, !inistry of 'etiles

    7ational 8andloom 3evelopment ?orporation (783?5

    %tate #oernment

    eaversD #ervice ?entre, Imphal

    3I, 9overnment of !anipur

    3epartment of 8andlooms

    !uthua !useum

    !anipur "niversity

    Project 4' Science 3 Tec#nolo2y Entrepreneurs#ip

    Development /STED0A4OT T*E PROJECT

    Science and .echnology Entrepreneurship &evelopment (S.E&) proHect is a proHect under the Science and

    .echnology Entrepreneurship &evelopment Scheme launched in B@L by the 'A.$+'A S!$E'!E A'&

    .E!0'++*1 E'.E4E'E-S0$4 &E

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    Project Te$m:Giten !handra >alita, 4roHect &irector

    Mohan !handra &as, 4roHect !oordinator

    Munindra >alita, 4roHect Assistant

    ('At the instance of performance of the rst proHect in 6ongaigaon district, $$E was awarded with the

    second S.E& 4roHect to be implemented in *oalpara district of Assam# .he activity of S.E& 4roHect in

    *oalpara district started on Dth August, /B# .he proHect is to be completed by March /3#

    Project O& +e$r>( +e$r>9 +e$r>@ A..ition$l Tot$l

    A -nits *rounded B @ & @9 &B (&

    6 'o of Gob *enerated BD 3L (& &@9 @ ;&

    ! -nits *rounded on oan L ?? 9; 9& > &B&

    & -nits *rounded on own investment (9 &( > B9

    E .raining 4rogrammes organi:ed 8 8B 9

    /! 4 a g e I I E " N o r t # E $ s t e r n

    S t $ t e s

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    2 .otal .rained 6eneciaries 3 3 9B (B; > &9B

    * +ther meetings ? 9 8 &@

    Anne=ure: II: Ac#ievements in Go$lp$r$

    SR Activities +e$r>&







    A 'o of !andidates egistered under 4roHect 3? 3L 3@L @/

    6 .raining 4rogrammes organi:ed L ? /D

    ! 'o of !andidates trained up in various trainings /B/ 33L D @/

    & +ther meetings 3

    E .otal numbers of units promoted ? LB ? ?

    2 'o of Hobs generated by the entrepreneurs D3 ?B //3 DL

    * 'o of proHects sanctioned by banks K Micro credit 3 B /

    0 'o of units set up with own investment ? D // L

    Anne=ure III: Ac#ievements in ,$mrup



    Activities +e$r>& /(8&8>&&0 +e$r>( /(8&&>&(0

    A 'o of !andidates egistered under 4roHects / D

    6 .raining programmes organi:ed L

    ! 'o of !andidates trained up in various trainings / D

    & +ther meetings organi:ed 3

    E 'o of units grounded by Entrepreneurs @ @D

    2 'o of Gobs generated by the entrepreneurs ? 3

    * 'o of proHects sanctioned by banks loan @ 3

    0 'o of units set up with own investment L/

    Anne=ure I7: Types o1 nits Promote. n.er STED Projects

    SL'N N$me o1 t#e pro.uct SL' No N$me o1 t#e pro.uct

    3! 4 a g e I I E " N o r t # E $ s t e r n

    S t $ t e s

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    4henyl Making /B 6etel 'ut processing

    / System of ice $ntensication System (S$) 3 ubber 4lantation

    3 .urmeric packaging 3 !oncrete unit

    Shoe making 3/ 6ee >eeping

    L Areca8nut leaf plate Making 33 Silk earing K eelingK Spinning and

    Silk products making

    D 6amboo products (6amboo $ncense sticks) 3 2loriculture

    ? Iood oil 3L 2ish ice !omposite 2arm

    @ Milk 5 Milk 4roducts 3D Silk eeling and Spinning

    B *arments Making 3? 4oultryK 4iggery

    .e%tile &esigning 3@ 0andicraft 4roducts

    Ieaving with $mproved loom 3B Gewellery

    / &.4 !entre Electronic item repairing

    3 !halk 4encil 6i !ycle repairing

    2ood processing / Oero%

    L ubber late% 4rocessing 3 estaurant,K 2ast food

    D #ital patidiversied product 4ower tillerK .ractor service

    ? Gute diversied product L 6attery Service

    @ Master oil processing D .ruck service

    B Spice grinding 5 4ackaging ? .empo Service

    / 0andicraft product from Iater 0yacinth @ .#

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  • 8/10/2019 IIE Details


    Anne=ure 7: Tec#nolo2y Input Provi.e. to t#e nits



    N$me o1 t#e pro.uct Tec#nolo2y R3D Or2$ni$tion

    4henyl Making Puality Standardi:ation 4olytechnic, 6ongaigaon

    / Mustered !ultivation 0igh 6reed Agriculture -niversity

    3 2ishery 0igh 6reed 2ishery &epartment

    Areca8nut leaf plate Eco friendly new product .echnology transferred from &hriti

    ('*+),6arpeta dist#

    L 4oultry 0igh 6read

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    ? Agri 2arm(4otato) 0igh 4roductivity >rishi endra (>)

    @ ice Mill Mini Modern ice research $nstitute#

    B 6ee >eeping 0igh 4roductivity >

    /L ubber 4rocess ubber 6oard

    /D Sital 4ati &iversied product Market 6ase

    /? Iater 0yacinth 4rocess Mother Art

    PROJECT C: Rur$l In.ustries Pro2r$mme


    As an alternative solution to meet the rural unemployment problem, the Small $ndustries &evelopment

    6ank of $ndia (S$&6$) lunched a pilot proHect called Qural $ndustries 4rogrammeR ($4) in 'ovember BB3#

    $nitially it was implemented in three industrially backward districts of Anantapur, >arimnagar and

    4rakashan in Andhra 4radesh# .o implement the programme, the Andhra 4radesh $ndustrial and .echnical

    !onsultancy +rgani:ation (A4$.!+) was called in# Since then, $4 today is being implemented across D/

    districts of / states through 3/ implementing agencies promoting around ,@ enterprises including

    /,3L units#


    .he rst ural $ndustries 4rogramme ($4) was launched by $$E in the 'agaon &istrict of Assam in the

    year BBD with support from S$&6$# Iith the obHective to promote units, $$E trained and enrolled /L

    ?! 4 a g e I I E " N o r t # E $ s t e r n

    S t $ t e s

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  • 8/10/2019 IIE Details


    4rovide guidance for technology backup to entrepreneurs wherever necessary

    Assist the entrepreneurs in implementing 4roHects through handholding and continuous


    Assist the entrepreneurs in establishing marketing linkages wherever necessary

    Monitoring and follow up of $4 proHects nanced by bankersKown


    .he target group would be the local unemployed youth (rural and semi urban) who may or may not

    possess necessary skill to launch a business unit but have the necessary desire and attitude for taking up

    such ventures# Apart from that, the e%isting business units will also be included under the programme for

    up gradation#


    2or smooth implementation of the $4 programme, there is a proHect implementation committee (4$!)

    under the chairmanship of &eputy !ommissioner in each &istrict#

    .he $4 proHect is being coordinated by Shri 6iraH &as , Associate 2aculty Member, $$E#

    T#e RIP con.ucte. 5y IIE $s on Implementin2 A2ency $re $s 1ollo6s:

    Sr $4 1ear of aunching

    and !onclusion



    6ank Self emarks

    $4 in i86hoi &istrict of Meghalaya /D and completed -nits

    as on date

    @3 /@ !ompleted



    / $4 in &imapur &istrict of 'agaland /? and continuing -nits

    as on date

    B !ompleted



    3 $4 in !hamphai &istrict of Mi:oram /B and completed ?L L? @ !ompleted



    B! 4 a g e I I E " N o r t # E $ s t e r n

    S t $ t e s