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  2. 2. Vaccine Carring
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  10. 10. VVMVaccine Vial Monitor
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  13. 13. Waste Management
  14. 14. Safe disposal of Immunization WasteUnsafe disposal of immunization wastemay be danger to the health as well asenvironmentIn this regard we have to followCPCB Guideline to prevent bio-hazard
  15. 15. Immunization waste disposal(CPCB Guidelines) Cut hub of the needle fromthe syringe with hub cutter &keep broken vials andampoules (sharps) inside hub-cutter Store cut plastic syringe andempty discarded vials in redbag Store uninfected waste(syringe wrappers, needlecap) in black bag. All waste generated is to bereturned back at the end ofsession, to the health facility,for disinfection and properdisposalcut fromhereHubNeedle
  16. 16. Immunization waste disposal(CPCB Guidelines) Waste from hub cutterand red bag isdisinfected beforedisposal. ONLY sharp waste fromhub cutter is disposed insharp disposal pit . Cut syringes andunbroken vials aredisinfected and sent forrecycling Waste is not to be storedat facility for long andshould be disposedperiodically.Disinfect in 1%hypochlorite solution(for 30 minutes)Recycle Municipal wasteDispose in safety pit
  17. 17. Design of the PIT/Tank for Disposal ofTreated Needles and Broken VialsThe treated needles/broken vials should be disposedin a circular or rectangular pit as shown below. Sucha rectangular or circular pit can be dug and linedwith brick, masonry or concrete rings. The pitshould be covered with a heavy concrete slab,which is penetrated by a galvanized steel pipeprojecting for about 1 meter above the slab, with aninternal diameter of up to 50 millimeters or 1.5times the length of vials, whichever is more.
  18. 18. The top opening of the steel pipe shallhave a provision of locking after thetreated waste sharps has been disposedin. when the pit is full it can be sealedcompletely, after another has beenprepared. For high water table regionswhere water table is less than 6 metersbeneath bottom of the pit, a tank withabove mentioned arrangements shall bemade above the grounds
  19. 19. Design of the Waste Disposal Pit
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