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Imran Asif - HybrisMobile: +91-7795679925Email:

Experience Summary: Senior Developer with 5+ years of IT experience in developing Java Web Applications, and 2+ years of Hybris Implementation experience. Hybris professional with experience in installation, configuration, data modelling, and customization of Hybris B2B Accelarators, PCM, WCMS, Commerce Having 3 years of experience with Integration with GDS systems for online travel with Airline providers. Working experience in Airline Travel domain. Experienced in designing and developing business applications in Spring MVC, Hibernate, JDBC, JSF Framework Rich experience in working with customers and onsite teams for effective project delivery. Effective experience with Agile Development Delivery model for 2 years.

Technical Skills:Operating SystemsWindows, Linux

Platforms & ProductsHybris 4.5.12, 5.4, 5.7, 6.1

FrameworksSpring 2.5 and 4.0, Hibernate 3.1, JSF 2.0

DatabasesOracle, MySQL

Enterprise Technologies & LanguagesJava, JSP, Xml, Html, JSON

CVS toolsSVN, Git.

Developer ToolsEclipse, Spring Tool Suite

Application ServerJBoss 5.0

Web ServerTomcat 5.x, 6.0

Agile toolsRallyDev, Kan-Ban, JIRA

Relevant Experience:1) Client: Working as Senior Hybris Consultant for SAP India

About the Project: JAFRA currently has a presence in 17 countries throughout Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia. Over 600,000 independent Consultants generate sales in excess of half a billion US dollars, marketing the JAFRA brand of skin care, fragrance, color cosmetics and toiletries.The requirement was as part of the Jafra ACE programs to become online with the capabilities to allow the new members join the JAFRA team online, buy/sell the JAFRA product online through there JAFRA B2B network of consultantsProject: JAFRA Lighthouse - Indonesia

Key TechnologiesHybris, B2B Accelerators, WCMS, Hybris-SAP/ECC integration ( RFC calls)

RoleSenior Hybris Developer

DurationApril 16 December 2016

Key Deliverables Create and Setup a sophisticated customer registration process for Hybris B2B flow, which is not available OOTB. Implementation of Rich Web Order functionality for B2B Business using the Hybris OOTB Web Order flow, with customizations as per business requirements. Integration of Hybris customer creation with SAP-ECC systems using the RFC calls. Customizing the Email generation using the existing Email flow in Hybris. Analyzed and implemented the complete UI-to-Backend interaction logic in B2B accelerators for the custom requirements. Implemented method caching for efficient DB transactions. Implemented the SAP-RFC calls in Hybris to generate the SAP-Invoice from the SAP-ECC/WRICEF system as the PDF for Hybris B2B Customers Merging and reviewing the team members code. Co-ordination with Onsite SAP-USA team for UAT testing. Leaded the UAT and Go-Live with Support at the customer location for the site for project in both Phase 1 (Registration) and Phase 2 (Web Order) implementations. Currently working for the requirements on different Geographies, and to working with third party integration for Promotions and Deals with VISTEX.

2) Client: TUI, UK

About the Project: TUI Group is the worlds number one tourism business consisting of strong tour operators, 1,800 travel agencies and leading online portals. The project requirement was to develop a set of Responsive Pages using the accelerator module of Hybris for further migration of the website to use Hybris B2C accelerators.

Project: Product Explorer

Key TechnologiesHybris 5.4.1, B2C Accelerators, WCMS, Live Edit, Product Variants, Vouchers, Warehouse management.

RoleSenior Hybris Developer

DurationNov 15 Mar 16

Key Deliverables Prepared Analysis and Technical Design documentation Customized CMSCOCKPIT for Component, Page and Content Search. Customized media component with Videos integration with BrightCove video platform. Customized, and Implemented rich media components involving Image Galleries, Carousels as per business needs. Analyzed and implemented the complete UI-to-Backend interaction logic in B2C accelerators for the custom requirements. Implemented method caching for efficient DB transactions. Proposed the solution design and drafted the detailed design for the assign Sprint User-Stories Merging and reviewing the team members code. After the completion of the project the pages and functionalities developed are

2) Client: TUI, UK

About the Project: TUI Group is the worlds number one tourism business consisting of strong tour operators, 1,800 travel agencies.They have 2 holidays brands Thomson and First Choice. Both the sites maintaining separate Content Catalogs for Desktop and Mobile devices, and was not responsive. We wanted to merge the content in single catalog to serve all the devices responsively. And replace the legacy page with Hybris responsive pages for the sites.ProjectSite Replacement

Key TechnologiesHYBRIS 4.5.12, Content catalog, WCMS cockpit, Page and Components creation

RoleHybris Developer

DurationJune 15 - October 15

Key Deliverables: Proposed the solution options for achieving a single content catalog which is responsive for each Website. Analyzed the Desktop / Mobile Content for merge with minimal effort and effect to the current functionalities. Created the complete WCMS Types hierarchy of Reusable page templates with Page Component level hierarchy using WCMS cockpits to replace legacy pages of the site. Customized the HMC search results presentation. Customized business logic using Interceptors, Service layer, DAO layers of hybris application. Implemented the application using Spring MVC framework. Involved in development of JSP pages and Controller classes. Interaction with client for requirement gathering and project updates. The sites which are now responsive after this project are and

3) Client: Intrepid Travel, Australia

About the Project: Peak Travel is an adventure tour operator, which holds many tour brands like Intrepid, Geckos, Peregrine etc. They had an existing B2B platform on. NET technologies maintained to holding all the data which acts as a source of all tour details over the year. The project was to migrate the existing B2B functionality with the Out-of-the-Box solution provided by hybris.Project :Intrepid PIM

Key TechnologiesHYBRIS 5.4, Product Cockpit, HMC, IMPEX, ZK Framework, Java, ANT, JIRA, GitHub

RoleHybris Developer

DurationJan 15 May 15

Key Deliverables Built the initial model and mapped the current structure of old system to Hybris types or entities using the Items.xml configurations. Built the platform to import the external data from the existing system to Hybris through .csv feeds using the Impex functionality Configured and customized the Hybris PIM module i.e Product cockpit for the requirement with easy, medium, and complex configurations: Validations though constraints, interceptors. Customizing sections on ZK framework. Customized editors, UI screen for Project specific data representation Worked with HAC, HMC modules.

4) Client: International Travel House, ITC group

About the Project: ITH SMART is the front end for all B2B/corporate sales and B2C sales of ITH, travel partner of ITC. Currently ITH uses different booking systems for Air, Leisure travel, Car, Insurance, Hotel and Rail booking and services. ITH SMART provides a single interface for all the bookings or booking requests enabling user to cross sell. It also creates bookings/requests on respective backend systems for corporates.

Project :ITH SMART

Key TechnologiesJava, Spring 2.5 , Hibernate 3.3, JSF 2.0, Oracle 10g, Maven, Junit, Jboss 5.0

RoleSenior System Analyst

DurationDecember 11 December 14

Key Deliverables

i. EDocket Services: This module is the search, track, status update module for all the transaction done for users. Hibernate Detached criteria was used to filter the results on desired criteria.ii. User Management The system was a privilege based transnational system, where the ITH users were given the privileges based on roles. The module provided functionalists of Creating a user, Assigning Roles, Change, Forgot Password functions. The Role to Privilege based mapping were used in DB to define restrictions and permissions for users.iii. Travel Insurance Integrated with the third party vendor Bajaj Allianz for the different corporate Travel Insurance policies. Involved the OTA message transactions by Invoking the exposed Webservice. Provided online issue of Policy, and offline framework to Extend and Cancel the Issued policies.iv. Galileo Implemented the Split PNR functionality used where multiple pax booking can be broken to pieces. And thedesired splitted booking can be cancelled or updated. SSRs like meal and seat preference during or after Booking was Implemented. Changes to enhance and represent Stop-Overs for Galileo, Amadeus, LCCs were done. Bug Fixes for End-to-End Galileo transaction with OTA Flight messages.v. Amadeus Integrated the GDS systems for the Search, Pricing, Booking using the Flight Messages for the webservice exposed. Added the Stop-Over enhancement and Payment Transaction for Corporates. Associated with Split PNR changes