Independent Essay Writing for TOEFL 托福寫作—整合寫作

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  • Independent Essay Writing for TOEFL

    Vincent Lee

    18:40 20:30

    (11/18 12/236 weeks total)

    1. The Official Guide to the New TOEFL IBT. International ed. New York: McGraw-Hill,

    2006. Print.

    2. Sharpe, Pamela J. Barron's TOEFL IBT: Internet-based Test. 14th Ed. ; Audio ed.

    Hauppauge, NY: Barron's, 2013. Print.

    The goal of this course is to prepare students for the Integrated Essay task for the

    Writing section of the TOEFL exam. The course will cover the two main types of Integrated

    Essay prompts Synthesis of Opposing Ideas and Synthesis of Supporting Ideas. In

    addition, the course will also teach how to apply general academic skills (including but not

    limited to outlining, note-taking, and paraphrasing) to the exam tasks. For optimal learning

    results, this course will require students to participate in class discussion and perform weekly

    practice exams.

  • Week 1 Introduction to the Integrated Essay Rubric

    Week 2 Reading & Note-Taking Strategies

    Week 3 Listening & Note-Taking Strategies

    Week 4 Parallelism & Paraphrasing

    Week 5 Paraphrasing

    Week 6 Course Review