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Institute of French · PDF file · 2015-11-05• Diplôme universitaire d’études françaises –B2 level ... - Anyone who wishes to justify its French language level. Test valid

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Text of Institute of French · PDF file · 2015-11-05• Diplôme universitaire...

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    Institute of French Language

    Studies Handbook


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    Welcoming words p.3

    Institute of French Language .............. p.3

    Administrative registration . p.4

    Staff members information p.5

    2015/2016 academic calendar ... p.6


    Diplme universitaire dtudes franaises A1 consolidation (DUEF A1)

    Diplme universitaire dtudes franaises A2 level (DUEF A2)

    Diplme universitaire dtudes franaises B1 level (DUEF B1)

    Diplme universitaire dtudes franaises B2 level (DUEF B2)

    Diplme universitaire dtudes franaises C1 level (DUEF C1)

    Diplme universitaire dtudes franaises C2 level (DUEF C2)

    New technologies tutoring

    p.7 p.8







    Options .. p.27

    Workshops .. p.29

    Learning assessments p.30

    Facilities and activities on campus p.32

    University restaurants ... p.33

    Wireless access points p.33

    Campus map p.35

    Useful addresses ... p.36

    Bookshops .. p.36


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    elcoming words

    All the team of the French Institute (IDF Institut de franais) is glad to welcome you at

    the University of Orleans. We hope that you will feel all right in your new French environment and also that

    you will progress quickly in assimilating our language. We are here to help you to.

    The Institute is addressed to different public and has 3 main missions: Help yourself to improve your knowledge of French language and culture thanks to general

    French courses, Help yourself to attend or to pass the university studies corresponding to your specialty and to

    your level of studies, Establish officially your French language level thanks national exams (TCF, DELF /DALF).

    You can rely on the teachers and on the administrative staff members who are working for you. But do

    not forget the golden rules for a good learning of the French language:

    1- attending and taking part to the courses and to the other activities proposed. You will profit of a number of compulsory courses, but you will also be able to attend optional courses, workshops,

    cultural excursions.

    2- a regular, deep and personal investment in doing your homeworks. You are the main actor of your success.

    3- an immersion in the country. You have the opportunity to be welcome in the heart of a real university campus; these are the best conditions to meet other students, chat (in French!) with them or share some activities.

    Finally, the IDF is an exchange place where many people came from all over the world to meet and help

    each other: everyone has got his/her place while respecting others. So, good work and enjoy your

    university semester!

    nstitute of French Language (IDF) The Institute of French Language (IDF) is a common department of the University of Orleans created in July 2007. Its mission is to participate and

    collaborate on the international policy of the Orleans University through several courses of French as a Foreign Language (F.L.E) taught to a non-francophone or

    allophone foreigner public. In 2008, the Institute has been accredited with the label Qualit Franais Langue Etrangre (Quality of French as a Foreign Language) delivered by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of

    Culture and Communication.

    The students benefit from the various University facilities, including the multimedia lab and the university libraries, which will facilitate their personal work, along with the athletic facilities and university restaurants.

    The French Institute allows students to live among French students and to participate to the campus associative and cultural life which will make your stay in the Orleans University really pleasant and convenient.



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    The IDF is also an accredited center where to take national French language knowledge examinations.

    Name Level Public Validity Date

    TCF - DAP From A1

    to C2

    - Students wishing to enroll themselves in 1st of Bachelor in a French University.

    Test valid for

    2 years



    TCF From A1

    to C2

    - Students wishing to enroll themselves in 2nd and 3rd year of Bachelor or in 1st year

    of Master in a French University.

    - Anyone who wishes to justify its French language level.

    Test valid for

    2 years



    DELF A2 , B1

    and B2

    - All publics - Adults in university or professional






    DALF C1

    - All publics - Adults in university or professional






    dministrative registration

    You will not be able to get your student card until your registration is not definitive. At your arrival, the IDF

    administrative staff will distribute you a form to complete to which one you will have to add:

    What do you need for your registration ?

    A Level original Diploma or its equivalent with its official and certified translation in French

    Your Identity Card and a copy of your Passport, a valid student Visa or your OFPRA card (and not

    the receipt) for political refugees

    2 valid photographs ID

    Means of payment: cash or cheques in Euros made out to lAgent Comptable de lUniversit

    dOrlans to cover the tuition fees

    A copy of your Civil Liability Insurance


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    taff members information


    Director: Jean-Louis ROUG (room 222) @: [email protected]

    Deputy-Director: Catherine BRUMELOT (room 020-2) @: [email protected]

    Teacher liaison: Dominique BRUNOT (room 020-2) @: [email protected]


    Administrative Manager: Anglique DUVAL (room 020-1) @: [email protected]

    Administrative Officers (room 026-2)

    - Schooling services: Nadine HEBEL @: [email protected] - Support courses/Specific program: Anne-Claire MAUNY @: [email protected]


    Room 20-2: Catherine BRUMELOT @: [email protected] Dominique BRUNOT @: [email protected]

    Room 26-1: Sylwia DE STAMPA @: [email protected]

    Sophie MARTINET @: [email protected]

    Patricia PETITDEMANGE @:[email protected]

    Room 26-3: Ralida FERRAS @: [email protected]

    Agns PUECH @: [email protected]

    Room 26-4 : Michel DURAND @: [email protected]

    Vronique GUESBAYA @: [email protected]

    Room 219: Sonia MARTEAU : [email protected]


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    015-2016 Calendar

    Semester 1 (from September to December)

    Semester 2 (from January to May)

    PLACEMENT TEST 5 January 2016

    COMPULSORY For all new students

    INTEGRATION DAYS 6 and 7 January 2016


    PROFESSORS 8 January 2016

    CLASSES BEGIN 11 January 2016

    CLASSES END 4 May 2016


    6 to 21February 2016

    (Winter holidays)

    9 to 17 April 2016

    (Spring holidays)

    2PLACEMENT TEST 1 September 2015

    COMPULSORY for all the students

    INTEGRATION DAYS 2 to 5 September 2015


    PROFESSORS 4 September 2015

    CLASSES BEGIN 7 Septembre 2015

    CLASSES END 18 December 2015


    24 October to 1st November

    2015 (All Saint holidays)

    19 December to 3rd January 2016

    (Christmas holidays)

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    ourses The level of the courses offered at the Institute of French (IDF) is determined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

    General presentation At the start of the academic year (or the start of the term), students sit an initial assessment test. This test determines the course level at which the student will start. The IDF offers six courses corresponding to the six CEFR levels1. These term-long courses are validated by diplomas known as DUEF (Diplmes Universitaires dEtudes Franaises), in line with the framework drawn

    up by ADCUEFE, the professional association governing most university centres offering French as a Foreign Language (FLE) to foreign students, of which the University of Orlans is a member. These diplomas are therefore recognised by most French universities as certification of the language level required to enrol in their courses. They may be awarded at the end of each term based on successful performance in the examination (continuous assessment + final assessment).

    If the student is not successful in these examinations, he/she may continue the same course in the next term. Each term consists of 12 weeks of lessons.

    Diploma Number of hours per term Number of hours per week

    DUEF A1 228 19

    DUEF A2* 240 20

    DUEF B1* 234 19.5

    DUEF B2** 228 19

    DUEF C1** 228 19

    DUEF C2** 228 19

    * Choice of one option: The French-speaking world / History of art and literature / Language games

    ** Choice of two options: The French-speaking world / History of art and literature / Business French / Preparation for university studies / Introduction to legal and economic studies

    Each course consists of 19-20 hours of lessons per week, divided into termly Teaching Units (TU), coveri

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