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1. Richard Ehrlickman President, IPOfferings Vice President, General Patent Member of GPC Group of Companies 2. 2 IP Consulting - Strategy & Transactions IP Brokerage - Selling & Acquisition Patent & Technology Licensing M&A IP Due Diligence We Help You Monetize Your IP Assets. Offerings IPOfferings 3. 3 IP Consulting Services Assessment of IP Assets IP Strategy Recommendations and Implementation M&A and Equity Investment Due Diligence IP Transaction Services and Support Brokerage LicensingIPOfferings LLC 4. 4 IP Brokerage Sell Side Representation Selling Patents or Patent Portfolios to Strategic Buyers Financial Buyers Patent Aggregators Buy Side Representation Acquiring Patents or Patent Portfolios for Strategic Buyers Financial Buyers (PEGs and Hedge Funds) Patent Aggregators Anonymous Buyers IPOfferings 5. 5 Patent Brokerage - Selling Selling Patents Methodology Evaluation & Valuation of Patents and Patent Portfolios Determine Prospects for Acquiring Patent Licensing Candidates (Possible Evidence of Use) Develop Marketing Strategy & Collateral Execute Marketing Campaign to Target Prospects Negotiate Agreement & Close Sale IPOfferings LLC 6. 6 Acquisition Brokerage Methodology Identify Patents Based upon Company, Strategy, Product, or Technology Identify Patent Owners Based on Acquisition Requirements Prioritize Patents for Acquisition Evaluate & Value Contact Patent Owners and Commence Negotiations Acquire Patents (anonymously if required) IPOfferings LLC 7. 7 Patent & Technology LicensingStrategies and Programs Customized to the needs of our Clients Implement and / or Support a Licensing Program Identifythe Best Available Licensing Opportunities IPOfferings 8. 8 Patent Licensing & EnforcementGeneral Patent Corporation (GPC) is the Premier Patent Enforcement and IP Management Firm in the US General Patent Corporation balances the scales of justice by enabling individual inventors to exercise their rights Contingency Fee Basis We Create Wealth from your Wealth of Ideas. IPOfferings LLC 9. 9 Patent Licensing Campaign Evaluate the Patent or Portfolio Assess Revenue Markets Match Claims to Infringers Reverse Engineer Products Determine Essential (Star) Patents Assess Adversely Held Patents Business / Financial Analysis Initiate Patent Enforcement & Licensing Program Monetize IP Assets IPOfferings LLC 10. 10 Technology Licensing Campaign Comprehensive Assessment of IP Assets & Revenue Potential Opportunity Identification / Targeting Market Analysis Define Active Campaign for Marketing IP Assets Prioritize & Profile Targets Corporate Overview Target Activity and Products Other Relevant Information Summarize and Rank Potential Recommend Action Plan IPOfferings LLC 11. 11 Technology Licensing Campaign Develop Licensing Plan & Required Materials for Intended Target (s) Define Implementation Plan Define Alternative Deal Scenarios Prepare Presentations & Materials For Calls/Meetings Implement the Transaction Action Plan Contact Targets and Arrange Calls / Meetings Support Due Diligence Process Lead Negotiations Sign MOU or LOI Close Agreements and Capitalize on IP AssetsIPOfferings LLC 12. 12 M&A and Equity Investment Due Diligence Intellectual Property Assets - Identification IP Assets - Evaluation Internal Usage Industry Usage Licensing Opportunities Valuation Financial Assessment Royalty Rate Support IP Monetization Brokerage LicenseIPOfferings LLC 13. 13 Compensation Structures For Brokerage & Consulting Success Fee % Program Fee plus Success Fee % Hourly Rate or Fixed Price IPOfferings LLC 14. 14 Summary Proven Expertise in IP Brokerage, Consulting, and Management Extensive Relationships with Many Patent Buyers We Help You Monetize Your IP Assets. IPOfferings LLC 15. 15 Contact Richard Ehrlickman President Email: [email protected] Website: Cell: 845-558-8300 Office: 845-368-4000 x 113 IPOfferings LLC IPOfferings LLC IPOfferings LLC 2010

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